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  1. Hey guys terra is my main charecter whom is fifteen, my real age is nineteen I created my main charecter on sep 1998 whenni thought of a the word earths gate. Terra means earth by the way.
    Well if ya want to talk just throw me a pm and ask me anythin
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  2. Welcome to the world of Iwaku, and I hope you enjoy it Terra, I only came here because the Roleplayerguild is offline right now, that was my first Rp site I was on. Names Eageni and it is a pleasure to meet you Terra, well I hope we will become great friends throughout the RP world of Iwaku.
  3. Hi there Terragate! :D We're glad to have you! Welcome to the communuuuunity!
  4. Hi! Welcome to the community! If you're ever lost or bored, you can PM me! You can also check out the Content Boards for fun and useful exercises that help to improve your writing skills and stretch your creativity! I'm positively addicted, so you'll probably run into me there :P