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  1. Somewhere far away in an alternate universe, dragons were existent and they ruled over something similar to the human race. There were also other animals much like what we have on earth. Heck, you may as well say its earth with dragons to rule. Of course, there are no knights and princesses, but modern society. With dragons!

    How to join (open)
    In order to jump-into this RP, all you have to do is fill out this small bit of information.

    all are accepted but make sure that the dragons and humans are balanced. Meaning that there aren't, for example, 10 dragons and 4 humans. it should be more like, 10 dragons and 8 humans. Or 7 dragons and 11 humans.
    If there are a lot of dragons, be a human. If there are a lot of humans, be a dragon.

    have fun!!!
  2. Wings folded onto her back, Lucinda lay, wind blowing on her scales, making a whistling noise almost like chimes. The city beneath her was just as noisy and bustling with life as all the others. She was only here because it was the only month in every three years where a human could have there own dragon to keep. Lucinda had never really wanted to be considered as being "owned", she liked to be free and wild. But, of course, her mother had made her come and wait, or perhaps even search. As reluctant as she was, she had come anyway. Patiently waiting for some curios human to come wandering about. She didn't like to be directly in the city unlike some other dragons she knew, she preferred to stay on the outskirts, or where the population lessened and became the forests or barren desserts that surrounded the cities.
  3. Gollullas landed heavily beside the young dragon sunning herself. "Be careful young one, a human might come and claim you" he rumbled. He sat down and began licking his latest wounds.
  4. " i have no worries about being claimed. I have to accept them first before they can have me. I am completley against it but my mother insists..."
    she lifted her head up into a breeze and closed her eyes in thought.
    "what did you get yourself into this time? Every time I see you, you have some crazy cut or new scar..."
  5. Aria kicked a stone out of her path and continued walking with her destination in mind. She did not feel like being around anyone right now, she needed some well deserved alone time. She made a turn into a familiar bunch of trees where a small dirt path was made. She took a seat at the base of a huge tree who was definitly up there in years and rested her head against the trunk. But as she went to close her eyes she did not hear the usual silence that she was accustomed to... she heard voices. They were not too far away either or they were just really loud. She slowly rose to her feet, being careful to not make a sound as she backed away from the tree. She would just find another place to go. Who knew what kind of crazies hid in the woods. She listened to which directions the voices were coming from and made a move to walk the opposite way.
  6. Today was the day Delynn had been waiting for - the day she could choose her dragon. The girl, with an obvious knack for information and a lust for knowledge, had been studying their species since she was a young girl, learning all about their history, culture, and scientific contributions as if her life depended on it, and now, finally, she could interact with as many as she possibly wanted, one on one, until she found one that was perfect for her. It would be a rather difficult choice, she knew. She imagined all dragons to be quite grand, even the ones with less noble intentions, but she had a mental checklist (not to mention her physical one as well) of the qualities she saw perfect in such a majestic companion, starting with intelligent, and ending with easy to talk to, with hundreds and hundreds of traits in between. What she really wanted, in fact, was a friend that was just like her. But, even being naive for her age, Delynn knew that would be hard to come by.

    Most of the dragons were mingling within the city, but Delynn figured it would be best to search for one that was on the outskirts of it, who maybe enjoyed more alone time. Those who were more introverted were usually better listeners, which was a nice contrast to Delynn's talkative nature - with a dragon that was concerned with what she had to say, she could talk endlessly about things as inconsequential as she wanted, without ever fearing being a pest ever again. Delynn liked that idea. So, that's what she did.

    The forest was a good place to start. She had already made her way down a small path she created for herself in year's past, with how often she traveled through here, being quite the fan of nature herself. It was walks like these that cleared the young girl's head, but, within the busy-ness of a day such as this, it was hard for her to be anything but excited.

    Finally, she reached a section of woods with several towering trees, ones that seemed to be quite old in age in a deep, redwood color, and came across a girl, who was walking toward some noise in the distance with a rather intent look on her face, as if she was determined to discover the source of the noise. Delynn wasn't sure who the girl was, although she seemed to be about her age, but she did seem slightly familiar, and, being of the friendly sorts, she approached her, waving frantically with a wide, almost painful looking grin spread across her chubby, child-like face.

    "Why hello there!" she said, still grinning. "Today's been quite the interesting day so far, huh?"
  7. Aria leant towards the noise ever so slowly when she heard a loud excited voice behind her. She barely had time to put things together when she turned to her side wildly in panic and collided with a solid surface. In the next second she was on the ground on her back looking up at the tree tops. She had run into a tree, just great. She groaned as she sat up, her hand covering her face. She looked up at the girl who had come up behind her and scowled, then her face softened and she sighed then she relaxed. It was not the girls fault. She had just as much of a right to be here as Aria did. She slowly got to her feet trying to steady herself.

    Her hand still over her nose she gave the girl a small smile. "Hello there, pleasure to meet you. I must have did something in a past life to deserve that one huh? Oh that tree got me good." She tilted her head back a bit and took her hand off of her face. There was blood on her hand. Great... a fight with a tree and she had lost.

    "This has made my day even that more interesting. Oh I hope it's not too bad. It doesn't feel broken." She pulled a tissue out of her pocket and looked at the girl. " Is it bad? Oh and if you don't mind my asking, who are you?" She did not know what type of people wandered the forest.
  8. Delynn chuckled. It wasn't particularly funny that her nose was bleeding, but Delynn was the type who enjoyed laughter, and saw it as an easy remedy to awkward or embarrassing situations, so she did little to suppress the giggle that escaped her almost perpetually puckered lips. She shook her head subtly, observing the injury on the girl's face, and reassured, her voice as soft and unusually tremulous as always, "Oh, my! Terribly sorry, terribly sorry!" She gave the girl another glance. "Ah, but it's just a small abrasion. I'll take care of it." She smiled warmly, although, considering her almost inability to do much besides her lips but purse them, the grin appeared as more of a lopsided grimace than anything else. Delynn considered herself cute, but her smile, unquestionably, needed some work.

    Gently, she took the tissue from the girl's hand and carefully wiped the blood clean. It appeared to just be a small cut, likely from the roughness of the bark, so she supposed the stranger would be alright, although it may hurt for a little while longer. Being unbearably clumsy herself, Delynn knew what it was like to walk into things, especially trees. Smirking, she poked the girl's nose before balling the tissue in her palm, shoving it in her skirt pocket to throw away later, and attempted to smile warmly yet again, achieving the same results as earlier.

    "My name is Delynn," she said, curtsying slightly with the edges of her skirt in her hands, almost as if she was royalty of sorts. Delynn was undeniably odd. "I suppose you're looking for your dragon as well? I've been waiting for this day for years. It's almost surreal."
  9. Gollullas sighed. "The other elders...they despise the humans and wish to enslave them all. I am against this idea, so I am 'punished' by them." He growled. "I may be in favour of the human race, young one, but there are some who would claim you without permission, and enslave you as the elders would to them" he rumbled.
  10. The girl chuckled and then proceeded to giggle. It was an incredibly musical sound and it fit her. She had bright red hair and deep green eyes and Aria could not help but to laugh along with her. The girl took the tissue out of her hand and then began to wipe the blood off of her face. Aria stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do. The girl finished then poked her in the nose. Aria hissed in pain and flinched back while the girl smirked again. She frowned and cradled her nose.

    "My name is Delynn." She curtsied and Aria almost did it in return but caught herself at the last moment. She let go of her nose. "Aria, Aria Lavelle." She remembered why she came out here in the first place. "Not actually looking for one I figured if it was mean't to happen then it would, I'm not pushing it or forcing it, what ever happens happens." She came out here to be alone to forget about the commotion of this day, but that was clearly futile. Delynn seemed to be especially fond of this day so Aria would respect it. She must have been out here looking for a dragon. In the woods by herself... Aria could not just leave her by herself now. She sighed and looked away from Delynn. "I'll walk with you, help you find your dragon."
  11. Delynn was incredibly naive. Sixteen wasn't too old - wasn't too young, either - but she had far less social skills than the average girl her age, with the nativity that rivaled a girl of less than twelve, and the physical appearance to match. Although she was intellectually mature, she had much trouble picking up on social cues, especially from people she hardly knew, so she was, in fact, quite oblivious of the fact that Aria wasn't exactly thrilled with her company, and would rather spend time away from the commotion of other people than with a chatterbox like herself. Delynn figured most people liked her, although she had inklings about others, and she found it hard to hold grudges against those who saw her as unappealing. Wholeheartedly, she was just one of those types of people. And, being comfortable in herself and her own abilities, she saw no reason to change that.

    Delynn figured Aria to be excited about today, but just not showing it as much as the average person would. Delynn also figured that most people were just as obsessed with dragon culture as she was, although most found it to be average and unmagical, a mundane part of everyday life that was to be learned like math and history, in small doses and not very engaging. Tell that to Delynn, however, and she would find you raving mad.

    It was very nice, however, for Aria to walk with Delynn until she found her dragon. Not just from Delynn's eyes, but from a general standpoint as well. And Delynn was one of those girls who believed that all it took was one kind gesture to become friends, and once she became friends with someone, that bond was for life. Annoying or endearing, that's the way Delynn thought. And the way she always would.

    Smiling, Delynn giggled slightly, although she wasn't sure why. Awkward laughter usually filled the gaps between her speech. To Aria, she said, "Why, that's very nice of you! I believe the best ones lie on the outskirts of the city. Ones that are more introspective. Maybe you will find your's as well!" She wasn't sure where to look first, so she began walking towards a slightly muffled noise in the distance, believing it to be likely human activity, although she couldn't be so sure. The noise did, however, sound like voices. Unrecognizable ones at that. How exciting!
  12. Aria followed along silently trying to make a mental note of her surroundings. She wasn't sure exactly what she would do or what she was supposed to do if they did come across dragons, but Deylnn seemed like she knew what she was doing so Aria kept quite. As they walked further into the woods the voices grew clearer, she grew wary, slowing her pace ever so slightly.
  13. Although the voices were muffled, Delynn had heard them from what seemed like a mile away. She could barely understand what they were saying, and not even a few words were audible, but as they drew closer to the sound, she began to fathom more distinct tones of voice, and just what exactly the pair was saying. One of the voices, thick and gravely with a deeper tone said, talking to another which seemed to be of a young girl, "...but there are some who would claim you without permission, and enslave you as the elders would to them."

    Instinctively, Delynn stopped in her tracks and shook Aria's arm, her green eyes widening in an exhilarating combination of excitement, nervousness, and just plain fear. Looking around almost frantically for the source of the noise without leaving her spot, she whispered, hoping the voices wouldn't detect her just yet, "Did you hear that?" She smiled slightly, her lips only curling up slightly at the corners, her eyes still wide. "They're talking about elders..." Her smile grew. "I think those are dragons."
  14. Well that was fast. Delynn was shaking Aria's arm in excitement. The voices they had been hearing were dragon voices. Well wasn't it a good thing she did not decide to investigate on her own. She nodded at Delynn, the girl was just oozing excitement. But then she realized something and her heartbeat sped up. But she did not show it, she spoke in a calm voice.

    "Not all Dragons have to accept the bond, what happens then, do we just walk free? Can you bond your self to a Dragon without being aware of it?" That would just br crazy. Oh she hoped it was not one of those "You did not pass, so death to you" situations. What was she to do then. She did not pay attention to any of the teachings about dragons in school. Was it absolute that you had to have one, if you did not what would happen?

    Aria inwardly calmed her self, she probably did not have to worry about it, what was the probability of the first dragons they found, being the ones they had the connection with. But then she looked at Delynn who looked like she wanted this more then anything. Well I hope that at least she gets what she wants. The voices paused for a moment. Did Dragons have heightened senses? They needed a plan before they got too close, before the Dragons knew they were there. Just incase things went bad.
  15. Delynn knew most of what there was to know about dragons, although the topic of their bond with humans was one of the most obscure. She mostly learned of the bonding procedure from the experience of those aligned with a dragon in the past, but truly, the process was unique to each individual person, as well as each individual dragon. Some dragons had hostile ways of dealing with those they rejected. Some had more amiable, or forgiving. Some were incredibly picky, while some went with the first human brave enough to approach them. Dragons, despite their beast like form and imposing stature, were just like humans at their core, and the process was very much equal to them as it was the average guy or girl. Delynn did know, however, that no matter what, you were always to be bound with the right dragon. Only in rare cases did the dragon and its human counterpart not maintain such a strong connection. The story behind it, however, was what was so individual and vague.

    Still smiling, she waited until she was sure the dragons were done talking, then continued, her voice nothing but a tremulous whisper, "It really depends, to be perfectly honest." She shrugged. "I have read about many unique relationships between dragons and humans. And while each have a strong connection in common, the process was quite varied between each individual." She paused, glancing around the forest for a moment, seeing if she could spot the source of the noise, but to no avail. Shoving a bright red strand of hair behind her ear and standing up a little straighter, she continued. "Dragons are much like humans. Rather capricious in their demographic. But...I don't believe it's possible to be bound with a dragon and not know it. I mean...initially, I suppose we're all destined to meet the particular dragon we align ourselves with. As if it's ours already, but we just have to search for it. But, still...that would be a rarity. I suppose you feel it somewhere..." She laid her hand on her chest, smiling warmly. "In here."
  16. "well" She said, bring her head down to rest it along the edge of the ridge she lay on

    "I wouldn't want to enslave them. But, if one thinks they can just come up here and do so to me then they have got another thing coming. He might end up being a mid- morning snack..."
    made use o
    She snapped her jaws at open air and slit her eyes looking down into the forest below. After all, dragons had excellent vision and could see a rodent from almost a mile away though they rarely made use of it.
    " Do you hear... Humans? Why would humans be wandering in the forest? Odd..."
  17. Aria absorbed all the information she was being told. She really should have paid attention in class or did her own research. "How do we go about this? Do we just walk out in the open up to the dragon and say "hey will you be my dragon" or are there flashing lights and singing angels or something?" She did not want to seem too interested in the subject because they were here for Delynn not her. But it was interesting all the same.
  18. Dyzek was already starting to get bored. He was an earth dragon and wanted to enhance his abilities, so he was practicing in the woods. Even though firebreathing looked a lot better, he loved his powers. Summing up his physical characteristics, he could keep under control pretty much everything in the sky and on the earth.

    He laid down a little bit tired and unconsciously sensed the vibrations of the earth. He could feel some creatures near and could tell their sizes due to the magnitude of the vibrations. There were a group of large creatures, probably dragons, that weren't moving much, and another one that seemed to be a couple of humans, aproaching to them. Well, if they really were some humans walking towards some dragons it was definitely something he would like to see. The earth dragon silently approached, and watched the two humans from some trees, knowing that they wouldn't detect him from that distance. He heard a piece of their conversation and apparently they were looking for a dragon to own. That would certainly be interesting.
  19. Delynn chuckled faintly, finding that statement oddly funny enough to laugh at genuinely, but still trying to keep quiet at the same time. Again, it seemed to be different for everyone. Some dragons forced their potential companions to go through trials to win them over, while some responded better to the direct question, as opposed to beating around the bush. Some were amiable, and were just looking for a conversation to determine which human was better suited to them, while some didn't want a human to begin with. All Delynn knew was the experience of others, and different approach suggestions she read about in several dragon guides she'd been studying since she was much younger. She did suppose, however, that the best course of action was to be friendly and discreet about it, without causing too much ruckus, and to introduce themselves as cordial humans just looking for a conversation, much like they would introduce themselves to another person - considering all the dangers, of course, as, even if dragons were just like humans at their core, they could still defeat a mortal with a single swipe of their claw.

    Delynn allowed herself to chuckle again, then shook her head, placing her hand on Aria's shoulder affably, as she was a considerably touch-y sort of person, then lowering it after a second or two. Whispering, she said to her, "No, no, none of that. I've been planning this for the equivalent of centuries." I'm totally not exaggerating here. "It sounds as if there is two of them, yes? Unless of course one is particularly mute, but let's just assume that we are dealing with two dragons, perhaps three. We don't know of the intentions of these dragons, but we can assume they aren't too thrilled about choosing a human if they're choosing to be so secluded from the rest of the city, and they may not want to be bothered." She took a deep breath, choosing her words carefully, then continued. "So, I suppose it is safe to say that we should approach them with 'weapons down', so to speak, and be forthcoming, without saying outright, what our intentions our, and simply try and start a small conversation, led by me, of course, with said creatures to...sort of...wade in, I guess you could say. See if they are amicable. And if not, we slowly back away." She paused, letting her words sink in as she took another deep breath and smiled, satisfied with the explanation she just gave. "Or, we could always run...running would be helpful in a situation like that..."
  20. Aria tensed when Delynn put her hand on her shoulder but she made no move to shake it off. It's not like she did not like people touching her it was just unexpected. She nodded her head as Delynn talked, the girl was like a walking encylopedia, it was rather impressive.

    Delynn mentioned running if things got bad and Aria let her self laugh, and a smile came to her face. "I don't think we'd get far they are dragons."

    They were getting closer to a spot where there was less trees and Aria could barely make out something in the distance. It was obviously the source of the voices. She stopped and pulled Delynn to a stop with her. Pointing to the shapes she kept her voice low. "Look down there..."
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