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  1. Hello Survivor! Welcome to Terra-Deep, the last city left on Earth. Built underneath the Appalachian Mountain Range near what was New York!

    Two Hundred years ago, the world was ravaged by nuclear warfare, and those that prepared for it where the ones to survive, and not get mutated! Those people where the ones who moved into Terra-Deep before the nukes hit.

    Now we continue to thrive as the world above us is destroyed!

    The City



    Our wonderful city is run, and owned by the Iron Battalion, our local peacekeeping force! It resembles a very industrial city, equipped with factories run by local business owners. The high you go up the walls of stone, the richer, and higher quality of life, the top being none other than the leader of the Iron Battalion, Richard Stocks.

    If you slump to lower standards and become a terrorist or a threat to the city, you will be imprisoned miles below the city, in the Iron Fort, a prison built to keep troublemakers locked away.

    Becareful traveling on the outskirts of the city, as mutated animals and monsters are more common than in the streets, and they thrive in the abandoned subway tunnels and mine shafts that once littered these mountain ranges.

    Notable Locations

    Iron Fort
    Located miles below Terra-Deep, this fortress is home to the most violent killers, conspirators, and threats to the cities.

    Stock and Sons Railroad
    At one point, Terra-Deep was connected to another city, Sunset Springs, further south near Florida, but burrowing monsters, Earthquakes, and train crashes shut the railroad down, and is rumored the other city along with it.

    Rat Tooth
    The largest bar in the exact center of the city, is home to the criminal cartels, thieves, and rumored those that have been to the surface and back.

    Technology and Weaponry

    Scientific advances have declined over the years, and now no one is even sure there are sciences in the Iron Battalion ranks.
    Its similar to our current real world technology, yet the only clear advancement is robotics. Healthcare has gone to shit, and even a bottle of Advil is a rare find these days.

    All vehicles are gone, expect for the occasional robotic suit, most of the trains were scraped for parts, any cars or motorcycles were either crushed or sold.


    Though most weaponry advancements have gone down the drain, but weapon modifications have expanded. Most of our current weaponry mimics old school guns (sorry folks, not wanting laser guns. ATM ;) )
    Common Weaponry:
    Home made guns an melee weapons
    Hunting Rifles and Shotguns

    Notable People

    Richard Stocks
    "Sorry kiddo, time is money."
    Richard Stocks is the leader of the Iron Battalion and the city. He is a tyrant, keeping guns, food, and medicine to himself up in his mansion. Wont allow people to leave the city, for some odd reason.


    "Where is the rest of it?"
    Though her name is unknown, it appears this female is the leader of the Blood Stone Cartel, and hates Richard Stocks with a passion. She rarely appears inside the city, but when she does a relatively high body count follows.

    Shiny Gem aka James Small
    "Crazy? No not me."
    At one point, Shiny Gem was known as Richard Stocks right hand man, but was infected by a relatively new disease, CCD. Once infected, everything James knew turned upside down, and a once loyal follower to Mister Stocks, Gem hated the man, the city; hell everything that wasn't drugs, sex, and anything else to make him forget his pain.



    CCD, also known as Chronic Crazed Disorder, recently began in the city of Terra-Deep. Its transmuted from blood, either from a mutated animal that carries it, or from someone infected by it.
    Once infected, red sores appear around your eyes and lips, and soon after your eyes start to become bloodshot. After that, the disease starts to mess with your mind and everything you know could be twisted into something new.
    A notable case of this disease is James Small, aka Shiny Gem, and helped him start the biggest gang Terra-Deep has yet seen.

    Notable Foes

    Iron Battalion

    Even the faintest whisper of wanting to travel to the surface can get the Battalion knocking on your door. This police force is supposed to keep monsters out of the city, but they do a better job keeping the citizens in it.

    Blood Stone Cartel

    The largest, and most gruesome cartel in the city, they distribute weapons, drugs, and often kill anyone who stands in their way, including the Battalion.

    Cold Gem Bandits
    A rebellious bandit group run by "Shiny Gem" a now crazed man, that once was a loyal captain in the Iron Battalion.

    The M32X Mining Unit

    This large mining robot, and others like it, were repurposed from mining units, to become protectors for hire. Though rare, they are extremely hard to destroy and strike fear into the hearts of its opponents.

    Mutated Creatures
    Like this bat seen above, animals that survived the blast were often mutated, often growing in size and ferocity.


    People left radiated due to the blast didn't escape the horrors, they lived them. Loosing their free will, and any smarts they had, they become blood thirsty killers, often stronger and faster than their human counterparts.


    Don't be a rude
    Have fun!

    Obey all site rules
    Use common sense
    Let someone know you'll be disappearing in advance if not I will kill your character off! Sorry :/
    Be unique with your character
    Put *Terra-Deep* in your personal note
    I'd love to see interaction with each other, make character connections, and make friends!

    Character Sheet

    Any past or current group-
    Short Bio-
    Personal Note-

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  2. *Reserved for future stuff*
  3. [​IMG]
    Drake Forester
    Any past or current group
    Works for the Iron Battalion
    Loyal, slightly Gullible, and Aggressive
    Short Bio
    HK Assault Rifle
    Night Vision Goggles
    Hand Grenades

    Personal Note
    Doesnt agree with the laws of Terra Deep, but obeys them regardless. Secretly wonders what it is like on surface.
    Captain of an Iron Battalion Squad

    Jet Grey
    Any past or current group
    Has worked with the Blood Stone Cartel, and ties to various gangs.
    Womanizer, Flirty, Greedy, Confident, and Headstrong
    Short Bio
    Armor *Seen Above*
    Ak47 with Flashlight Attachment

    Personal Note
    Afraid of snakes, Enjoys playing the Guitar, Smoking, Drinking, and hates Terra-Deep
    Works as a Smuggler, bringing drugs, guns, and other illegal substances into the city.
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  4. *Picture* (I'll put up pictures later when my phone wants to play nice
    Name-Kira Canal
    Age- 21
    Gender- Female
    Any past or current group- Kira does not associate with many of the groups. She considers herself an independent contractor. She goes where her services are needed. She is a biologist, probably the only one in Terra-Deep, or at least ine of very few.
    Personality-Kira don't like when people get in her way or think that they know how to do her job. She can get snappy, so try to stay on her good side.
    Short Bio-Kira was always facinated by the mutated creatures. She started out observing the more laid back ones. Now she works with almost all of them. As they are now all-new species, she has began naming them and studying them. Her work has saved more lives than the brute force of the Battalion.
    Gear- Gear-a backpack full of charts and notebooks listing species and behaviors.
    Various knives and a few Winchester rifles of varying caliber. She also has s Colt .45 handgun.
    Personal Note- *Terra-Deep*
    Other- Kira is currently working on raising a couple mutated bats as well as a rat and discovering their societal uses.
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  5. [​IMG]
    This is Kira
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  6. Emiliya “Emmy” Louise Carson
    "One was a book theif, the other stole the sky"

    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Current Group:
    Emilia is currently associated with the Blood Stone Cartel

    Emiliya was always a quiet child growing that paired with her petite and graceful nature is probably the factors that shaped her into becoming a “bandit” in Terra-Deep. And quite a good one at that, good enough to catch the eye of the Blood Stone Cartel.

    After years of working for the Cartel and in the Rat Tooth she made herself new persona, or as she like to phrase it “putting her pagent girl face on.” When she's the bubbly, fun, life of the party, people tend to ask less probing questions and settle to just be near her, getting drunk off the beer she served and the intoxicating nature of her energy.

    Though when she's on a heist or off the clock she's the other side of a coin. She's quiet, calm, and more then a bit introverted. Turning to her books or inside her mind to plan a future heist for comfort, which is most likely the reason for her few personal connections thats she's made in the city.

    Emiliya Carson was the fourth child of Else and Robert, though the only child to survive. Mortality rate for infants is very high in Terra-Deep. Her parents ran away to Terra-Deep when they both turned 16, just a few months before the collapse of the tunnel, forever cutting them off from their family in Sunset Springs. They had to start a new life from scratch at all cost, the first few years were rough on the couple until the one day that changed their lives forever. Just a few years after the couple set foot in Terra-Deep Robert had been at the Rat Tooth, the bar in the center of town, looking for any type of work that paid more then the apprentice of a Smither. A fight had broken out between a member of the Blood Stone Cartel and the Iron Battalion. Robert, always seeing opportunity in a situation, threw himself between the two men when he saw the Cartel member pull out a knife. Taking a near fatal blow and saving the corporal, and securing his spot in the Iron Battalion as a Private First Class. The same year Elsa found a job as an English teacher at the small run down school that was still running, though just barely. The family had many happy years and finally when Elsa and Robert were in their early 40’s they were blessed by the birth of a healthy baby girl.

    Though not all fairy tales have a happy ending, in just a few years her father found himself in trouble which would change Emiliya’s life forever. The day my father fell under the direct leadership of ‘Shiny Gem’ his mind became corrupted. Just like ‘Shinys’ had when the disease first started to get the better of him, but nobody knew about the disease then. Her father didn’t notice or didn't want to notice the changes in his leader, and listened ‘Shiny Gem’ as if he was the all mighty ruler himself. Suddenly, almost overnight, ‘Shiny Gem’ left the Battalion to start his own rebel group of “mercenaries” to terror the town. Her father, having full faith in ‘Shiny’s’ word and became his spy, leaking Battalion information the the new rebels.

    Not long after Robert was found guilty of treason and was sentenced to life in Terra-Deeps prison, Iron Fort, deep below the city. Elsa grief at the loss of her husband slowly starts taking away her sanity and turns to the drink to numb her pain. After many years of self medication, something common in Terra-Deep, she passes away leaving Emiliya to care for herself. The year she turned 18 she was caught breaking into the Blood Stone Cartel’s storage rooms trying to steal medicine, one of her favorite things to steal besides books, and chose to work for them or face alternative retribution. Now just 5 years later she is a well known person around Terra-Deeps more seedy crowed and a frequent nuisance to the Iron Battalion who has kept a close, but not close enough, eye on her over the years.

    Personal Note:*Terra-Deep*
    Emilia is addicted to books, and though they are considered no more then kindling to most people in Terra-Deep. If she finds a book in good condition after all this time she will go through great lengths to retrieve it, whether its over trading for it or even using her wicked skills to steal it. She was part of the Blood Stone Cartel for more then her bar maid abilities.

    Relationships: (Open still, PM me with ideas)

    Gear (open)

    Her 'Theif-Sack'
    Leather Gloves
    Needle nose pliers
    Wire snips
    Lockpicking "Keys"
    (Nothing more then a ring of different sized metal tags filed down in specific ways)

    Weaponry (open)

    Soviet M38 Carbine
    American Colt M1911
    US Mark 1 Trench Knife

    Medical Supplies (open)

    Old US Military Field Kit
    Amoxicillin (Antibiotic)
    Tramadol (Narcotic Pain Killers)
    Tetanus Antitoxin (Good for trading, you would be surprised how common tetanus is in Terra-Deep …. not -_-)

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  7. Hopefully we can get one or two more people for it to be perfect! In the mean time, I'll start the IC :)
  8. [​IMG]


    Archaeo "Archie/Ghost" Grimoire



    Past/Current Groups:
    Well, he started off in the Iron Battalion, and really did not like it. So then he disappeared, using his alias Ghost to work a bit with the Cold Gem Bandits, but now he's running his own operation.

    Archie likes to push limits. It's how he gets through life. He's a lighthearted individual, who has what they call an old soul. He's smart beyond his years. His sense of right and wrong is highly defined, though he rarely consults this dictionary. He knows how to take care of himself. He rarely gets himself into situations where he actually risks his life, though in Terra-Deep it happens a bit too often.

    Short Bio:
    Archie had his parents up until he was about seven or eight. Being from a dirt poor family, Archie used to work the streets with a couple of kids from the old neighborhood, pickpocketing and delivering certain substances that were best left unknown at that time. One day he came home and found the house ransacked and devoid of life. No sign of his parents.
    So he took to the street and it took care of him growing up. Soon he got into finding a more stable means of work, and joined the Iron Battalion. Maybe a year after that he bailed out, faking his own death and picking up the alias Ghost. He thought it was hysterical. Soon he happened to slip into Shiny Gem's crew. He found working with them to be kind of fun, though eventually he felt like he needed something more.
    So now he's running solo, pretty much. Sometimes he gets some help from some old friends.

    - A well beaten backpack.
    - Small first aid kit with a blood testing kit that actually works. You have no idea how much trouble he went through to get a hold of that.
    - Rope
    - Swiss Army Knife
    - Guns: Berretta 1201FP, 9mm Browning Hi-Power PARA.

    Personal Note:
    *Terra-Deep* He wants out of this damn town. He'll do anything to get out.

    Only childhood friends call him Archie.
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  9. Looks good! Post up in the IC if you want.
    I'll have one up tonight
  10. @CynderTheDragoness Was thinking of having Drake and his team meet up with Kira before they head into the tunnel. Maybe she accompanies them for more research on the Rat nest they are heading too? Maybe they threaten to take away her work?
  11. Sure. Let's do that.
  12. Ill have a post up tomorrow everyone! Been busy these past few days.
  13. Alright. That's fine. I understand busy. Just remember that Drake is looking for Kira.
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  14. Alright everyone, I put up CCD, a big disease going around the underground waste land.

    Check it out for ideas for the future!

    @AshenAngel @Little.Fox Trying to think of ways to get Ghost to join in with Jet and Emmy. Either of you have ideas?
  15. Well, it would be out of character for Ghost to just walk up and enter some girl's bedroom.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Name - Jerrus Tenner

    Age- 34

    Gender- male

    Any past or current group- formerly bloodstone cartel

    Personality- Jerrus would probably be classified as neutral good. He always tries to do the right thing, but can tend to be quite black-and-white with moral decisions, sometimes seeing things in numbers, not people. This isn't always the case, though - he will often try to do small acts of kindness, helping an orphan child, taking out a gang beating someone up, but he doesn't often resolve situations without violence. His style tends to be either get them from afar, or get so close they barely notice you as they die. Obviously this can't always be applied, so he doesn't mind a small amount of close combat. He has an intense hate of all iron battalion, and would almost always rather kill them than not.

    Short Bio- His parents never had a particular affiliation, being simple traders, often living hand-to-mouth. He himself couldn't help them much, so was often left to his own devices, wandering around, playing with other kids in the street, walking around old ruined or disused buildings. He would often do this alone and manage to find a few things of value. Most of these he gave to his parents to sell. Save for the knife which was his father's, he found most of his equipment this way, though the revolver was stolen.
    His life as he knew it was changed drastically when his parents had made plans for them all to leave the city, but the iron battalion got wind of this, and took them away. He still hopes they're alive today, but knows in his heart that they most likely are dead, rotting in some shallow grave or sewer.
    At first, he lived in various abandoned old buildings he had found before, just stealing what he needed, but eventually he grew old enough to fit into the armour he had found, and to use the weapons properly. He turned out to be a pretty damn decent shot with the rifle, and this coupled with plenty of practice led to him becoming a crack shot of a marksman.
    Initially, he joined the bloodstone cartel, before he realised that, yes, he could fight against the iron battalion, he was also helping people get hurt, hooked on drugs, and other harmful things. He left soon after realising this, leading to Cartel members usually disliking him if they knew him.This, along with using his other weapons whenever he attacked someone, usually Iron Battalion, led to him being pretty damn accomplished at, well, killing people.

    R700 sniper rifle (open)


    Magnum revolver (open)


    Combat knife (open)


    Helmet with night vision

    Body armour (Will stop a medium-calibre bullet, though will obviously throw him back) with light leg and arm protection (Could stop a good slash with a blade, maybe a stab)

    Beaten-up old backpack in which he carries some money, ammunition, and a first-aid kit, along with various supplies he needs.

    Personal Note- Terra Deep may be his home, but he still thinks of leaving, usually until he remembers the people who will never have that luxury under the rule of the iron battalion.

    Other- N/A
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  17. So... does that like count as a message of acceptance? Do I get an entrance post?
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