Terra-Deep (Dystopia/Apocalyptic)

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  1. In 2010, the second Cold War Started, this time between North Korea, the US, and Russia. In preparation for M.A.D*, underground cities were built in locations to protect the citizens of the US, and rightly so. In 2020, the first bombs were dropped on the East coast. People flocked to one of the cities underneath the Appalachian Mountains, named Terra-Deep.
    These cities were connected thru subways, though others had more, Terra-Deep was connected to two cities; Sunset Springs and City of the Great Lakes. The latter of the two was flooded by said greatlakes, and the railroad was walled off and restricted.
    Sunset Springs was successful for a while, but in 2043, an earthquake caused the subway between the two to collapse. Although contact was attempted, no one has been too or from Sunset Springs since.
    Over the years the city has slowly been corrupted. Rising gangs and smugglers threaten the city and its military police, the Iron Battalion, which has its share on mistreating the people. A more immediate danger is the mutant creatures that tunnel through the Earth around the city, and the others that live in the subway and maintenance tunnels around the city. A hellish place like this doesnt seem promising to people, so are you whiling to try and stick it out in the city, or try your chances on Earth?
  2. Was it you that started a different RP called Terra Deep? I remember it being decent for a while.

    Anyway, interested.
  3. Mind if I re-use my original character?
  4. I would be interested in this.
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