Terminator the alternate future


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Alternate future
Because of the development of multiple divergent timelines due to temporal interventions by both sides in the Human-Machine war, a vast array of alternate futures have appeared. Events from each are capable of influencing the others simply by virtue of the fact that every additional time travel event into the past or future instantly establishes yet another set of possibilities, and therefore another course of future events. Multiple reactions to these timelines have been depicted, ranging from the seamless integration of separate future participants in a unique here-and-now, to spontaneous reality shifts, erasing events and consequences from the face of the multiverse in the blink of an eye. Both humanity and Skynet have demonstrated varying ability to maintain awareness of some or all of the divergent, parallel, terminated, and shifting events wrapped up in these multiple timelines. Like Schroedinger's Cat, in the distant future, both Skynet and the Resistance simultaneously lie defeated, stand victorious, or remain locked in ever-shifting combat as the universe seeks to cope with the changes both sides have and continue to make.

This Rp is set in the present where the influence of multiple timelines has spend up the development of various terminator technologies
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