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  1. If you're going to see Terminator: Genisys any time soon, keep this in mind;

    Maybe spoilers? (open)

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  2. I think everybody expects crazy time-travel stuff from the Terminator at this point.
  3. Yes, but that's not the only reason to keep that clip in mind ;)
  4. Kyle Reese must die.
    I may be mistaken, but I believe that is a constant no matter what other variables may change.
    Kyle Reese, must die.
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  5. God they've butchered the timeline established within Terminator 1 and 2 so fuckin much that I'm just done with the sequels now.

    As far as I'm concered, the sequels after 2 are Non-canon.
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  7. Gonna make a drinking game out of it. That will work just as well.
  8. Me and Tegan worked out that Terminator and Titanic are part of a shared universe.

    At the start of Titanic, Jack doesn't have any currency from the current time period. He needs to gamble to get on the ship. Also, he repeatedly makes references to landmarks that haven't yet been built in 1912.

    We believe that he is a Resistance Fighter from the future, sent back to save Rose from drowning herself, because she is the great-grandmother of John Connor.

    The machines tried to kill Rose in 1912, by sending a Liquid Metal Terminator to take the form of a stealth iceberg that would sink the ship.

    They almost succeeded.

    John's message to his great grandmother Rose? My heart will go on. A veiled reference to the climax of Terminator Salvation, in which John receives a new heart from whatshisnuts.
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  9. You lost me at iceberg terminator.
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  10. Depending on which real life time travel theory you go by it actually works fine.

    If you go off of the theory that when you go back and change things you are actually creating a separate 'branch' it doesn't wipe out the other timelines. They actually very vaguely mention this at one point in the new movie and it is the only way a lot of the stuff in any of the movies has a chance of working.
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  11. Is the point of the Terminator films to retcon the films before it?
  12. I haven't seen a Terminator film since 3. I thought Salvation looked turbo silly (plus Christian Bale's infamous PMS fest really wasn't endearing), and then this one just looked like they should have let the franchise die a long time ago. Also, spoiling your big ass plot twist in the trailer is a super cinema sin that there's literally no point in watching the movie, and I can't say I care to see how they resolve it.

    Does Sarah Connor state like 17 titles every time she introduces herself? Khaleesi, plz.
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  13. The point of the Terminator films is murderous robots. If you're looking for more from the franchise than that, you're going to be sorely disappointed. :ferret:
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  14. It was meh.
  15. This. I haven't seen the movie, but this. We have to stop applying the same level of criticism to every movie. Some are meant to make you think, some are meant to make you feel something, and others are mean to please the dumb kid inside us all.

    It's the reason I think Pacific Rim was one of the greatest movies in the last few years, it was fun, exciting, and was a homage to the old monster movies (also it's portrayal of characters and nationalities was like a live-action anime). People who try picking these type of movies apart and questioning every bit of logic are missing the point and need to relax.
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  16. Some of us were simply annoyed by the america-superior shitfest that squandered the cooler designs and worfed the more unique looking charachters for the sake of Amarican-Brand souless pretty boy and "Totally not the chick from Mirrors Edge.".

    Idris was the saving grace.
  17. I liked it, Terminator Genisys was a very enjoyable movie.
  18. I second this. For what it was, it was very enjoyable.
  19. Saw this movie the other day. It was good and actually worth the 3D.

    spoiler (open)
    Hehe I love you, Pops.
  20. I think you're selling Cameron a little short there. The first two films were anything but an elaborate slasher fic. You had a love story followed by a revenge story, interlaced with themes of parenthood and extinction. Reducing it to "cool robots fuckin' shit up" is what ruined the third and fourth installment. They dropped the emotional ball.

    Terminator didn't become a massive franchise because of Arnold or because the robots were "exceptionally cool" (although they were). It was the concept and how the characters carried it through.

    *slaps a Debate tag on the thread and gets out his jar of goose fat*
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