Terminate the Daleks-Terminators Vs. the Dalek Empire

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    The War Against the Machines Just Got a Whole Lot Deadlier
    Out numbered, out gunned and out lived by their machine oppressors, the Resistance is falling apart, with its member count falling by the minuite. Ready to eradicate the final traces of John Connor's army from earth, Skynet readies itself for the final battle, shutting down all other functions and converting almost all its units into fighters. Just when all hoped seemed lost for humanity, a new force enters the field; the Dalek Empire. Noticing the earth's decreased population, the Daleks decide to act against the crippled world, only to be confronted by the Machines. With the Dalek distraction holding out, John Connor desperately prepares his secret weapon: a time machine abandoned by Skynet prior to the Dalek arrival. Knowing the war will swallow up the remains of humanity in a matter of weeks, the Resistance beings forward as many reinforcements to the future its power sources can handle, ready to reclaim the earth. And thats where you come in. Its up to you to end this war. Take out the mechanical threats, regain earth for humanity, or atleast survive for long enough for the forces to destroy each other. But with infiltration units becoming more and more advanced, with both daleks patrolling the skies and machines patrolling the earth and with Dalek plans for bioweapons slowly becoming a reality, survival is easier said easier said than done.

    In this Rp
    This Rp is designed to combine factors from both Doctor Who and Terminator into a post apocalyptic environment. The players will be assigned mission on behalf of the Resistance NPCs, and work towards he final goal of winning the war. The Rp-ers will have to work together to compete a variety of side-quests, all of which shall have multiple outcomes, leading to a variety of different Rp endings. the Rp-er shall have to power to make connections with NPCs, kill anyone they wish (Resistance Members, Scientists) and otherwise to gain information and slowly move up the ranks in the Resistance.

    1) General Iwaku rules apply, don't be doushe blah blah
    2) No godmodding: although the threats you face will be so vast this wont really be an issue, don't make your character perfect
    3) You can make an OC or choose any character from any form of media excluding those who can control metal etc(it counts as Godmodding Etc)
    4) Post semi-frequently, but post length isn't an issue; I'm not a quantity natzi
    5) Survive

    Character Selection
    Appearance:(pictures will be fine)
    Biography:(wikis will be fine)
    Personally Traits:

    Final notes:
    Duos are allowed
    Work as a team; although your own needs may seem more important, teamwork is they key to survival
    Everything is destructible; you can kill who you want to kill, enslave and save whomever you wish, even betray you team to the Daleks; there is no fate but what you make

    If you have anymore questions, feel free to PM me
    Sign up bellow- the Resistance is waiting

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  2. Name: Spider-Man 2099
    Show Spoiler

    Cannon: Spider-Man 2099
    Biography: Miguel O'Hara was a genius technician at Alchemax, an evil corporation. However, after threatening to resign because of some of the inhumane and illegal experiments that Alchemax were conducting, Tyler Stone, the CEO of Alchemax, tricked Miguel into getting addicted to the drug known as Kick-a drug that only Alchemax could provide. However, Miguel decided to build a device to stop his addiction, but unfortunately a jealous co-worker sabotaged in with radioactive Spider-DNA, creating the hero known as Spider-Man 2099!
    Age: 24
    Abilities: Miguel has all of the powers of the original Spider-Man, except for his Spider-Sense. However, he also has:
    Poisonous Fangs,
    Talons at the end of his fingers,
    And his costume enables him to glide for short distances.

    Strengths: Miguel has the proportionate Strength and speed of a spider, and is a genius technician and biochemist.
    Weaknesses: Miguel is only human, despite his powers. Plus, he was once addicted to the Drug known as Kick..
    Personally Traits:
    Miguel can often be quite snarky and sarcastic, often being quite jokey as Miguel O'Hara, but very serious as Spider-Man, in contrast to Peter Parker's duel identity.
  3. *Accepted* *uses drug addiction against him*
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