TERA cuts the subscriptions! (Sort of)

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  1. http://mmohuts.com/news/tera-goes-subscription-free

    So TERA Rising cuts the whole "buy the game, pay monthly" business in favor of a split. Players who have previously bought the game or paid subscription fees, or who choose to do so, will get some special goodies, but from what's said here, they'll be available to non-payers as well (Rather, people who have not bought the game). The main thing is that it seems like the ones who bought it/paid sub fees will get discounts on certain cash shop items, most of which are supposed to be cosmetic. With the fees gone, what do you all think? Is TERA a contender for one of the better F2P games now? Opinions, people!
  2. I actually would have continued to play Tera if all of my friends weren't on World of Warcraft. I'm slowly getting back into the game. (I'm playing a priest atm.) I think it's a wonderful contender because it's a very enjoyable playing experience. I mean I play a healer and unlike other MMO's where you just target their name plate and press a button, I actually have to AIM to get a heal off. That is like... Whoah to me. As far as the game getting more player base... I'm very unsure about that. The game didn't get a ton of advertising and I don't see it advertising as much anymore so who knows?
  3. Well, I'm considering getting it once it goes free, in the hopes of playing a Castanic Slayer, so you know, there's that? ^^;
  4. GW2 costs 60 bucks while Tera is now free. Not exactly up for comparison atm.

    With that said, this thread isn't about GW2, thank you. ^^