Tenuous Conviction

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  1. A place for me to write, or place art, though it's very likely that it will only seldom be updated with new things.

    Religion (open)

    They come to me with their questions,
    Those earnest eyes afire with biblical blaze.
    I know that he wants a simple answer to his query
    “Do you believe in your savior?”
    More than anything.
    My deliverance did not come in the form of religion;
    It was six feet tall, with black hair
    And a painful cocaine addiction.
    True, the catalyst of my rebirth was love
    But there’s nothing ethereal
    About a teenage drug addict.
    At a time when I was too weak to stand on my own,
    The hand that lifted me was bathed in tears and sin.
    This is my truth.

    Apus (open)

    Incandescent light,
    Luminescent glory,
    I beg you, bathe me
    In a sea of your
    Shining silver blood.

    Coat me in dark night
    Wash me with moonbeams
    Let the stars watch me
    As I breathe the sky’s
    Pale radiance

  2. These are very beautiful, Kitti. I was able to paint a mental picture for each one, especially the Religion piece. :]
  3. Musings Written in Sonnet (unpolished) (open)

    Light of my dawn
    Peace in my dusk
    Winter's not far enough gone
    To yet emerge from your brittle husk
    Shield yourself for another day
    Wait patiently and bide your time
    For I can feel the passing decay
    Yield to spring's hopeful chime
    Soon, you will know the beauty you bring
    No longer will I alone embrace you
    With care, I'll help you take to wing, knowing
    The world will love you anew

    I can be sad you see
    And still be proud of all you'll be.
  4. Un Millier de Miles Loin (open)

    Please tell me that you're happy
    A thousand miles away
    And that underneath this morning sun
    There's a light that shines in your eyes
    Lidded now by sleep
    But dreaming of all the things
    That make you smile

    Rêve de moi
    Une prière silencieuse, je ne peut pas parler
    Rêve de moi ce soir

    Here I will wake
    As nothing, still
    You should know that
    I've always been nothing
    Simply the one standing there in awe
    Underneath the morning sun
    Awash in the glow

    Rêve de moi
    Une prière silencieuse, je ne peut pas parler
    Rêve de moi ce soir
  5. I'm feeling somewhat ... inspired tonight.

    Restless (open)

    I'm alone with all my thoughts
    Which are slipping through my fingers
    Even as I try to pen down what exactly
    Those words which are whispered to me are saying

    My wishes are to drown them out
    These voices which speak in my thoughts
    Whose questions I cannot suppress
    Though they're such trivial things
    Ils aspirent à connaître votre parfum
    Cannot help them from wondering
    Answers that I may never know and
    Sleepless nights bring no comfort
    To those who will stay awake
    Oh, le désir de voir votre sourire
    Forsaken by rest
    There's a numbness to the feeling
    Or an coldness that won't subside
    Something which keeps eyes open
  6. You write beautifully, Kitti! I enjoyed them very much.
  7. Ah, thank you. ^^;
  8. I liked those very much, Kitti. You should keep delving into your creativity, and see what else you come up.
  9. "But oh how I love your freedom..." Tether yourself to me.
    "And oh how I love your pride..." Won't you return?

    I thought of you today
    Rather, I saw glimpses of another life
    Visions that lace the sunlight with broken glass
    Shattered by flowers, who can only consume and make
    Those dappled patches on otherwise golden grass

    There isn't any rain today
    And this time of year, there are no roses
    Instead, the unyielding brown earth
    As well as horror
    Tears that maybe could make those flowers grow

    You can't understand
    Why, you shift phases with the sun
    Whose light gave us life and tries to choke us
    But you also can't see
    I'm looking through memories and I can't find your eyes

    There is darkness inside of me
    Like the flowers
    Or more like that haunting melody
    Something beautiful turned ugly
    Still, I search for what I have lost
  10. Your writing is amazing, Kitti. o_o;
    I love it.
    Now I feel I should delete my poetry thread. >_>;

    Teehee~ Keep up the creativity and your muse of poetry. <3
  11. Thank you, it means a lot to me that you like it~
  12. Stream of Consciousness (open)

    Words that I want to say
    Rest heavy on my tongue
    Granule sugar I cannot swallow
    So sweet, I feel the burn

    There never seems to be
    Enough time to tell you
    Everything I've pent up
    In the end, I stumble a lot

    But you just keep calling
    As though you know the things
    I wish to say to you
    And you're coaxing the words from me
  13. Mon Coeur (open)

    For you, I've stumbled
    Picked myself up
    Only to find myself falling
    Once more, to your arms

    While I was resting here, I was
    Learning to mimic the sounds
    That I felt resonating
    From inside of my head

    Full of tenuous conviction
    I told you everything
    All that I had learned
    Now, a useless sentence

    Things that I wanted to say
    Held close to my heart but finally
    Shared with you
    Now it's nothing more than tears spilt

    Prideful, I let show
    These things I had hidden
    Away from prying eyes
    Divulged to you

    No regrets, only an ache
    But I want you to know
    With each passing breath
    I'm still whispering to you

    Now is not the time
    This is no place
    I'll say it anyway
    Refusing to let you go
  14. Into Smoke (open)

    You hold me entranced in the palm of your hand.
    I love you more than words can begin, but I can't begin.
    If none will accept our love, let us burn together by their hand.
    Let us be buried, our ashes intermixed.

  15. Loveless and her poem inspired me. x_x

    Dancer (open)

    The sky stayed still
    And held its breath
    As she turned slowly
    Heels lifted upward
    Toes firmly in the sand
    Head thrown back
    Tears flowing down
    Leaving stains on satin cheeks
    Pale beneath moonlight
    She glowed ephemeral
    Alone with her sorrow
    While I watched
    Wishing I could know
    The cause of her grief
  16. My Friend (open)

    When you lift me up like this
    Worlds appear for me in your eyes
    Those depths I see promise things
    Futures filled like only wild dreams
    Your arms seduce me with ideas
    Imaginings at another life
    What-ifs and could have beens
    Had I only fallen in love with you

    Cunning and clever as can be
    Within you, I do not see flaw
    Rather it can be said that I
    Adore you, wholly
    Doubtless you are a worthy man
    But you are an idea to me
    Intangible and abstract
    I never saw you
  17. Springtime Afternoon (open)

    On soft green grass
    Fresh and new, full of life
    We made our promises
    Did you forget?

    Let me remind you:
    Under the timid warmth of spring
    You promised we'd grow up intertwined
    Why would you lie?

    Don't say that you never meant to
    Lies are lies, all the same
    I was counting on you
    How could you throw that away?
  18. "My Friend" is a new favourite of mine, Miss Kittu. <3
  19. Thanks, Fluffy, that means lots to me. <3
  20. Le Départ (open)

    Once, I swam alone
    Far out into the sea
    Into the dark waters
    With this, I was content.

    Then there was you
    Who convinced me
    That I was drowning
    And you were my savior.

    Believing, I held on
    For dear life, as we sank
    But then I realized
    You were pulling me under.

    What choice did I have
    I pushed you away
    Kicked and splashed
    Until I regained my bearings.
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