Tentative Return ( and rambling about nothing in general )

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  1. hey so first off fuck formatting

    i think I tried to do a post here before

    I forget

    don't care

    Anyway so I'm thinking of possibly coming back here. Possibly. Maybe.

    It's been a while since I've been here last.

    I've changed a lot ( relationship for nearly a year now jesus i can't believe it it does not feel that long what is time even, lost 80lb, have started leaving the closet on trans stuff at work, oh GOT A FUCKING JOB FINALLY working ~40 hour weeks yeah man, started working with docs to get a damned endocrinologist to transition, a steady drift socially leftward ), and undoubtedly this place has too though probably in different ways i'm not even sure how a website would lose 80lb maybe hardware??? anyway


    WAIT, I had a brief stop in the chatroom and then maybe did a thread

    whatever anyway

    so I may be returning??

    but probably not

    but if I do then it'll likely be to try to get enough people to do a RP

    probably not through iwaku itself, but via either Gdocs or Skype

    just use here as like

    a lotus for it ( EDIT: man i must be tired what the fuck lotus for it, i clearly meant locus, which isn't the same as locust fyi )


    just double checked to make sure this is the right subforum

    also this place is invite only now? that's weird

    hopefully that's for the better

    even though no one invited me back

    l o l

    anyway even if I don't this

    writing here feels good

    maybe because it's late and I'm tired was at work for like 9 hours

    had to deal with this really bad customer who tried the other day to pretend to be disabled ( pretended to be both hard of hearing and wheelchair bound in particular ) when he was actually just trying to hide that he was drunk ( to clarify, he was neither hard of hearing NOR wheelchair bound. Turns out he took someone's wheelchair for himself and we had to return it to them ) and when we called him out on it and said we can't sell alcohol to people who were actively drunk he got suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper mad and security had to take him out and he came back today multiple times to cause many problems and make a big scene yay us i guess

    oh also I seem to have a stalker with a crush she's super creepy but hasn't done anything yet so no one's done anything about her either and she's been dismissed as harmless and just part of working downtown

    that didn't feel as good to write

    mostly just made me frustrated with the guy and uncomfortable about the gal

    unwanted attention from a creep is no good, can't imagine having it from multiple creeps

    perk of still presenting male

    transition may change that, but probably mostly in a way that'll make crazy people wanna kill me

    f u c k


    gonna go have something to drink and relax now, I guess.

    Sleep and such.

    Work tomorrow.

    So I probably won't even settle on whether or not I'm joining until Saturday which I somehow have off?

    Tuesdays are my consistent day off.

    okay gonna

    stop now

    and just post this


    that was a lie I actually went back and like

    interjected more rambling into the thing

    and then added this bit after the fact

    but I'm really done now

  2. this means a lot to me thank you
  3. You're welcome.
  4. new site who dis
  5. Well that was... An eventful post to say the least. Possibly welcome back!
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