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  1. Hi, I like Slice of Life Plots with unusual circumstances. Here are some pairings I am interested in. Kinks can be decided after pairings are chosen. If you are interested PM me please. The Bold Roles are the ones I am interested in RPing.

    Dominant Pairings
    Occultist and Succubus
    Succubus and Virgin Sacrifice
    Futanari Creation and Female Mad Scientist
    Tentacle Creatures and Girl exploring a haunted mansion
    Female Mad Scientist and Female Creation
    Futanari Sister and Younger Sister
    Futanari Friend and Female Friend (BFFs)
    Futanari Waitress and Male/Female One Night Stand

    Submissive Pairings
    Futanari Sister and Older Sister
    Futanari Friend and Male Friend (BFFs)
    Futanari Sex Slave and Female Master
    Futanari Creation and Female Mad Scientist
    Male Friend and Futanari Friend
    Male Bartender and Futanari One Night Stand
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  2. I'm willing to do Tentacle creature and the girl exploring the haunted mansion
  3. Hello there!
    I am definitely interested in a few of your pairings. I like the Occultist/Succubus, Creation/Mad Scientist, and the sisters idea! I like all of them but those definitely catch my eye~
  4. I'm willing to go with Futa friend/Female friend, as well as Succubus/Virgin sacrifice.
  5. Mhm~ You must have an RP that fits your username and avatar, yes~ Gonna send you a PM.
  6. I'm sorry, I've been away. I'll reply to everyone within the hour.
Thread Status:
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