Ten Years From Now

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When I was a kid, we had to write down what we predicted the world would be like in the year 2000... that was about 10 years away at the time. XD Alas, none of my predictions as a kid came true...

What do YOU think the world is going to be like 10 years from now? What do you think your LIFE is going to be like?
10 years from now...I'll be 29. Dayum. XD

I expect I'll be married and have a good paying job because I'll have obtained my college degree some years prior. I'll probably even have a child because I've been hoping to have one a little while after college--like age 25 or so--so I'm still hip, young and awesome when my kiddo is going to school.

I wonder where I'll be living. o_o; We've talked about moving back to Olympia to be closer to family. They demand it, actually, so they can smother our future kids with love while we're busy with other things. But I hate Olympia, so I was thinking somewhere like Lakewood, else just stay here in beautiful Bellingham.

As for the world itself...I honestly can't see any change. I can hope for a stronger, smarter economic system and a president that doesn't make me so skeptical. xP But really, I see nothing changing here. Some more environmentally friendly vehicles would be nice, though! And more greenery... But that's what I'm going to college for. I'll make some kind of difference for our dear habitats. ^_^
I hope to be married to the love of my life with a kid and another one on the way, living in a 2-story house and living the dream.

I know I'll have been a cop for several years. I'll be a Detective at this point, definitely. I'll have made motorcycle riding a hobby, and go out riding every weekend. I'll have a hand full of solid-good friends that I go drinking with on occasion.

Either way, I'll be happy, but if we combine both the hope and the know, I'll be living my perfect existence.

The world will still suck, though. We'll probably be closer to World War III...

Or maybe none of that will happen, and the Zombie Apocalypse will have happened?! 8D
I actually had to do the same thing as Diana when I was in 6th grade, my predictions were wrong.

10 years I predict to be living in another state and hopefully owning my own home, other than that I'm not sure.

Ten years from now, I will be like what, your age? HAHA kidding :)
I'll be in my twenties, married with kids <3 and lovelyloveable husbaaand <3 hopefullyy :D
I want to be in the futureee :D like with flying cars and pop-up interfaces to do stuff and go shopping for clothes.
ROFL, probably not, but you know what I mean.
I want to see how far technology can go and how far I can go as a person.

I hope to be someone great, someone who does SOMETHING, even if it's like giving water to thirsty people or cooking for the homeless.
I want to look back ten years and be like, Yeah <3 what a fulfilling life, you know?
Pretty much the same things I do now but living outside of home. Married, eh. Not sure on that one.
I hope to be in college or be done with college, with a decent job, some form of transportation, with a girlfriend (who actually has common sense =_=')
Most likely in another ten years I'll have stopped being so flakey and have finally settled down with a guy with a good head on his shoulders and a large heart to match. I'll have two children at this point and have my own side business that by that point should allow me to leave my 'day' job.

I think the world will see more tragedies, but I hope that with the power shifting away from the older generations where wealth seemed the name of the game, that these tragedies will not be completely pointless and the lessons will be learned by us to make decisions about what is best for all, and not what is best for 'me & mine'. I think Chinese will be the second most common language class for HS seniors in the US followed by Spanish, which will be more common on the street in the northern cities like it is already in the southern ones. I also think one of the current 1st world nations will fall. Maybe not USSR bad, but I think there is a greater chance for the power in the world to shift enough to watch one of the giants crumble.
I'll give you cynical me first; I'll be 31, divorced with four kids that don't really know me. The divorce will be bitter and I'll still be smoking :D

Optimist: 31, still married, playing music and teaching english (shocker) My oldest will be 20 (and at Harvard) and my youngest 10. I'll still be smoking. :D
If you'll be 31, how do you have a 20 year old kid?

I'll be one of the oldest whose posted here so far with a thriving medical practice. I'll be benching 300 lb. and still running 10 miles three times a week. I'll still be a competent boxer and avid scuba diver. I'll have been certified to fly single engine fixed-wing aircraft. I'll be traveling the world doing international medical missions to the countries needing it most. I'll be bringing my wife, also a physician, for the ride. Hopefully I'll have 3 kids in the mix, fulfilling each of the positions in the Power Trio: A Kirk-type, a Spock-type, and a McCoy-type. Or Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.
that's easy. he had his first at age 11, trust me kestral is just that manly.

I'll be 31, I think I'll be married by then. At leats I hope so. I should either be traveling to far off places to tell people what my boss just said in their native language, or beating down lawbreakers. Either way sounds fun.
...I think the optimism is hurting Asmo.
I wanted to be superman ten years ago.

Now all I have left is silly vigilantism and stalking black women.
I wanted to be superman ten years ago.

Now all I have left is silly vigilantism and stalking black women.

So we'll go with Dead of an overdose on the side of the road?

@Raz: My wife is ten years my senior. She had children before me... :D