INTEREST CHECK Ten Years After the World Ended.

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  1. This is a Rp based ten years after the world ended. I have a lot of info, just not sure on how to go about making it into a great Rp and making it make sense. I've been dying to try this in a Rp. So please, anyone? I will give full credit to those who help. Also, I will make someone a GM along with me, full GM, not a Co-GM. Although, I could also have a co-GM if I have more than one who helps more than others.

    So, here is the basic of what I have. Come comment, give advise, or something.

    Twenty years ago.
    Scientist made some remarkable discoveries with genetics and the ability to perfect the babies we gave birth to.
    Ten years ago the goverments of the world made a hard decision, earth or people.

    The rp takes place ten years after the world ends. By a virus and bombing parts of the world. Bombing cause earthquakes, tital waves, etc.

    The United Nations are behind the world ending. The world was running out of resoures and everyone was constantly putting a hand out to them for aid, food, and money. The UN had been warning people about global warming and the ice melting and the ocean becoming acidic. 2012 Greenland's ice and snow melted in a week. Earth started to enter a drought, by manmade pushing it to far.
    The same time that was happening, a conference was held in Rio about the environment. Canada, the US, and China admitting they had no intention of slowing their pollution to the recommended level.

    The UN had a back up plan for worse case scenario. A plague. It had a vaccine, making it easy to spread and to control.
    Problem was It mutated.

    I have more but it is more bits and pieces lol.
    There's breeder farms, work farms, and such. People to watch out for, such as, hunters who capture and others. Most of this the characters won't know about until later on as the rp goes. Like how the breeder farms are really like, who excatly was behind the world ending, what genetic babies are and how the are. Or the plan on how the world will be re made.

    They've been breeding since early 2000's. There's mainly ghost towns but there's still a few towns that are lived in. Cities are for higher up people, chosen people. Also the cities are rubble and destroyed. When the UN rebuilt in six of them but not the whole city. Just a part of it, making it look new like before.

    Infected: high pitch moaning, maddness, smells horrible like rotting sickness, they look disgusting and diseased, closest thing to zombies but they're not actulually dead, they live with the sickness that wouldn't be considered as suvival. Skin covered in sores, open and scabbed over. Hair falling out where sores took over scalp. Cry tears of blood. Contagious but don't seem to die no matter how sick their bodies get, attacks anything that move, hunger is great, have no sense.

    Any takers? Is it to complicated? Is it doable?
  2. I like it. I'm willing to join.
  3. I could probably get into it
  4. XD Yay! Let's hope more likes it as well.
  5. Hmm, if there is anyone that likes it. Maybe I was wrong on this one too.
  6. Oh gosh... I hate being rude and rejecting awesome Rp invites... *grits teeth* I will try, moon, I will try.

    Question: What would the main role of our characters be?
  7. Hmm. Well, see there could be different ones but my original one was survivors that wasn't in on the plan or who was and then went against the plan and was with the ones who didn't know, that tries to stop the government.

    Glad someone finds interested in it. I've been excited on doing this one but started having doubts. I've got more info in bits and pieces that probably won't make sense if I just copied and paste how I've wrote it up but I'm not good at writting it any other way :/
  8. Anyway we all end up at one of the two main camps to meet, If we don't first start out from the camps, and then try stopping what the government is doing. Which would be breeding people, killing people, and that kind of things.
  9. Hmm maybe l, we need to recruit some people... o.O
  10. i'd love to join...just let me know what you need me to do! :)
  11. Could I join in the fun?
  12. Yay! xD Well, right now I've just got to find a good writer or someone who can take info I have and make it make sense for a plot or whatever for the Rp before anyone can actually join :/

    I've had this whole idea and info for a while and have been trying on my own to do it that I'm just blah on how to do it myself. Lol.

  13. Of course. Everyone is welcome!! :D
  14. I take it Chaos is a recruit? ;) A pleasure, sir.

    Another Question: And what kind of complications would we come across that stop up from achieving this goal of peace?

    Jot Note the Ideas! Messy, crazy and all!
  15. Would like to give this a shot. Would this be a jump-in rp or would we need character sheets for this?
    I have tons of questions! :D
  16. Well, the infected, hunters/military(those who catpures survivors), bandits few to look out for. Towns that have people living in -very little- are another cause those people may trade you in for something in rerurn for themselves - also hunters tend to dress in disguise to capture vitamins.

    There's a lot.

    Food, water, a safe place..hiding from enemies. Plus, trust issues even if it are from people like your character...

    Basically, anything could be complications that you could think of after ten years.
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  17. We'd make character sheets and make another thread once everything or most everything is explained. Like I said, I have tons of info for this. It probably needs a little work and flushing out or whatever so there are no gaps and everyone understands the whole.

    Also, why I mentioned anyone who can help me make it Better and what not will have the position of GM along with me. Because it needs some work but I need new eyes on the info I have that I haven't shared yet. Just waiting for someone(s) to say they're up for the challenge lol.

    Aak a way and I'll do my best to answer and explain.

    If you have any ideas or want to help with addigng things, anyone can do so. I'm welcoming input.
  18. Expect 20 questions! - or more :D

    First off - what are we trying to accomplish?
    (World peace is always good, but that's biting off a huge chunk if we don't have more details.)
    I get that there are baddies out there and I'm sure good guys still exist (or do they?) -
    Maybe you could post your notes and we could all make sense of it :D
  19. The more questions, the better. :D

    Well...hmm. it's not excatly all about getting's just putting an end to the ones who think they well rule the wold more or less. Hard to explain right...

    And it's a lot... I mean A Lot! Lol. It may be too much..
  20. Well, we have to start somewhere :D

    So who are we trying to wipe off the face of the earth? The UN?