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  1. About Me as a RPer
    The only genres I stay away from completely are anime and furry. Regarding post length, I'm really rather flexible. I generally write as much as my partner. I'm typically able to post multiple times a day. I love modern and fandom settings best. I'm good with playing multiple characters when the plot calls for it. I enjoy playing and playing opposite LGBT+ characters.​

    - Be dedicated. I expect my partner to put in as much as I do.
    - Let me know when you can't be active.
    - Write all roleplay posts in third person and past tense.​

    Long Distance Relationship
    Time Travel
    Foster Care
    Arranged Marriage
    Boarding School
    Summer Camp
    Starting a Family
    Super Humans
    Step Family
    Rekindled Romance
    Alien Hunters
    Long Lost Parent/Sibling​

    Band Member x Band Member
    Jock x Geek
    Criminal x Cop
    Writer x Character
    Open x Closeted
    Crime Boss x FBI Agent
    Professor x Student
    Professor x Professor
    Roommate x Roommate
    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Assassin x Target
    Neighbor x Neighbor
    Teacher x Teacher
    Teacher x Student
    Principal x Teacher
    Single Parent x Teacher​

    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter
    Dragon Age
    Lost Girl
    The Middle
    Red Band Society
    Orange Is the New Black

    Dragon Keepers

    It's been thousands of years since dragons freely roamed the skies. Since their grounding, an order of humans has seen to all the needs of the dragons and has assisted in keeping the dragons hidden. Nowadays, being a dragon keeper is essentially like being an underpaid babysitter. The demands of dragons get more and more ridiculous by the hour. The creatures are getting restless and are planning a revolution of sorts. It's up to the dragon keepers to maintain the peace. Much is at risk. There are good reasons why the dragons went into hiding in the first place, but they seem to have forgotten.

    Girl Next Door

    After her parents invite the whole street over for a backyard BBQ, a teenager becomes the latest obsession of a married couple who reside in the next house over.​

    Final Notes
    This thread is a work in progress, and I will be updating it often. If interested, PM me or reply here. Either is perfectly fine.​

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.