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    Temptation, it is a sin dwelling within us all. But if you're anything like me, you're not afraid to show such desires. You could say, I am the very embodiment of these needs. But if you want the truth I am merely a writer who has come here with a few goals set in mind. Fame, because I mean come on, who doesn't want an epic reputation and to be known across the community. Fun, because simply being at the top doesn't really matter, it's how you got there, the things you did to earn it and the faces you met along the way. Fortune, everything has some sort of value and having a lot of worth is well, worth it all. I call these dreams the three F's and they're all important for various reasons. Fun is of course the most important; so long as we're all having fun there's no reason to stop. My definition of fortune however isn't the same as what usually first comes to mind. There may be a way to make money from doing the things I do on here, but that's not what I strive for. My fortune is the experiences themselves. In other words, posts, friends, ect is my form of wealth in roleplay. I like to have a lot of friends and plenty of roleplay with them. So long as I am surrounded by fellow writers and we're having fun roleplaying together then I consider my life rich. Fame is the last and, though least important, still something I strive to achieve. To put things simply, I don't like being a nobody. I enjoy being known through out the community and in some ways be a "role model" I know it may sound arrogant, but having your name being known and being admired and loved by others is heart warming. Having [SIZE=3]said that, [/SIZE] I can't wait to get started and see what all Iwaku has to offer. [SIZE=3]Feel free to look at my profile to learn some more about me or just message me if there's s[SIZE=3]omething you want to know. I'm pret[SIZE=3]ty easy to get along with and flexible in roleplay. Also, [SIZE=3]since this is an introduction of myself and it's quite important, [SIZE=3]you can call me Temp, Tem[SIZE=3]pi, or[SIZE=3] just make a new nickname for me if you want. And if none of that suit[SIZE=3]s you, just call me by my real life name, Joseph.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

  2. Fame, fun, and fortune huh. >:3 Welcome to our community, Tempers!
  3. Thank you Diana. Lovely name, and lovely nickname as well. I've had this username on some other sites in the past and Tempers is a new one believe it or not, lol.
  4. Welcome to the world Temp! * The neko girl said with a great big smile on her face. *
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    Why thank you lovely little cat girl :3
  6. AWWWW THATS SOOO CUTE!!!! ~ plays with the kitty in the picture. ~
  7. I'm gonna be totally honest.. I didn't read your intro >.< I saw italics and a paragraph and thought, "Errrr... how about no." Anywho, welcome to Iwaku! I do like that there picture you posts though. Well, those couple pictures -nods-



    What your name reminds me of!