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  1. It was intoxicating. A rich scent. Humans released a pheromone and they didn't even know it. And they would never know because it could only be detected by creatures like him. Usually it wasn't this strong, but sweat chemically reacts with it which causes the headache Cristiano was experiencing right now. He stroked his temple and stood up slowly. The locker room was deserted. Everyone was in gym class right now where he should be. He seriously considered skipping for the third time this week but he decided against it. You wanted to attend high school again. May as well deal with it. Cristiano took a long drink out of his black bottle and shoved it in his backpack. He pulled his shoulder length hair back into a short ponytail and strode back into gym class as if he had never left.

    And not surprisingly it was. The coach had never noticed he had left and neither had most of the students. A few girls looked as he walked through the double doors but soon turned back to watch another girl fall straight on her butt as she tried to block a shot. Everyone burst into laughter and the girl tried to hide her embarrassment with a smile. Cristiano stood as far back as he could and watched the chaotic basketball match until it was his turn to pair up and play. Gym was by far the class he hated most. Not just because of the scent but because he had to be even more careful than usual not to give himself away. He already knew the consequences of people finding out and he hated the prospect of having to move again.

    It was interesting watching how slow and sloppy humans moved. Even the good ones lacked in strength and speed. But in a little while he would have to match their movements and that was not going to be easy. It never was. The coach blew his whistle and told the teams to sit. "Alright everyone, I'll be back in 5 minutes but the 4 who haven't played need to team up because you're up next," he said. Cristiano made no attempt to talk to anyone. Maybe he'd end up with someone just as bad as that other girl and it would take all the attention off of him. The young man knew that wasn't the case though. These kids loved to watch the foreign guy play sports.
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  2. She was still so nervous. She had never set foot in a mortal school before this term started and she still wasn't quite use to the whole ordeal. There were so many humans around her and they either seemed snooty and aloof or cruel to each other. She was sent here to learn about human behavior and was the first of her kind to observe humans at such a young age, the age when they are molded into who they will become for the rest of their short lives. So far Natalia wasn't too sure this was the right assignment for her.

    She was not extroverted enough even among her own people to start up a conversation with strangers. Here she had been designated "New Girl" and for the most part had been avoided. She assumed it was for the same reason she had yet to initiate any relationships herself; it was all still too new.

    Standing in the corner of the gym she watched as the other students ran around the court chasing after the ball. She had seen others play this sport before but never participated in it herself. Physical interaction with humans was suppose to be kept to a minimum but in this instance she supposed it couldn't be helped. When the coach mentioned that the last four people would have to team up she knew she was to be one of them. Glancing around the gym her bright blue eyes caught sight of a boy she didn't remember seeing play.

    Taking a deep breath and adjusting her gym clothes she walked over to him, nervously twirling her long light blonde braid in her hand. "Um... Hello. I guess we're to be on the same team?" She forced a small smile, trying very hard to seem like another ordinary human girl.
  3. Cristiano saw someone approaching but didn't look up till she spoke. He blinked and nodded. "Yes, I suppose so," he said with a heavy accent. He didn't remember seeing this girl around before, so he assumed they weren't in the same class. Cristiano took his eyes off her and looked over at their opponents. Two boys. Hardly fair for the blonde girl. She looked nervous enough already. Crossing his arms he spoke without looking at her, "I don't play sports so I'm terribly bad. You?" Of course, he was lying but that was his only way of keeping something disastrous from happening--- by playing badly. He hadn't really picked up a ball in years though. The boys looked over at them and yelled, "Don't worry! We'll play fair!" This was followed by snickering. They were planning on doing something mischevious.
  4. Natalia opened her mouth to reply but was cut off by the coach barking orders at them. "Come on you slackers!" He shouted, waving them onto the court. "The sooner you all finish, the sooner we can shower and change out!". She glanced at her team mate who was looking at their competition and sighed walking onto the court, picking a spot near their net. "I'll do my best." She told him as she walked away, praying with all her heart she wouldn't have to touch the ball and give away that she had absolutely zero knowledge of this game.
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