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  1. Anyway, I'd like to welcome both @Solomon Grey and @Pukao to the group! Hope you have a good time here.
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    What the fuck, faggot.

    What. The. Fuck.
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    Yeah, change your god damn title too, god damn you're making me cri-


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    Zeh English of it is a bit too revealing, don't you think?

    Spanish is the new English.
  6. Be thankful you caught your mistake, just like we're thankful you're still around. <3
    This had better not just be teasing, Kim...
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    Come on now....like.....amigo, dude, amigo, dude, amigo...
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    This thread makes m cry ;_;
  9. no it was more me wondering if you still wanted that to happen since it sounded like you wanted me to speed throguh the rest of the beach scene
  10. Hmm, yes that can still happen. Either before they head back to the beach, or when they go back into the water later. Maybe with them splashing each other, and having fun beyond just swimming.

    And yea...I think we could finish up the beach scene, and start having them heading back.
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    This thread is a failure. Just like North Korea.
  12. Since the Dragonborn is a dragon and the dragons are the sons of Akatosh, does that mean the Dragonborn might have been a virgin birth?
  13. bitchslaps Minerva* Song b gone!

    there. xP
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    Nothing in Insanity ever makes sense. o____o; It's better to stay outside the borders of this realm where it is safe and nonscary!
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    But out there is where Diana lurks...lying in wait...like a sandlion hidden beneath the RPs...
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    Dianas are perfectly harmless totally adorable and sweet creatures. :3 They would never harm someone!