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  1. :lipsrsealed:


  2. "I know."
  3. "Daddy can be a very difficult person. When he sees someone he cares about holding themselves back, he likes to give them a little push in the right direction. Sometimes it's a little poke, other times it's a kick in the ass, metaphorically speaking. Lucius usually falls into the latter category."
  4. "Why?" Lyra looked terrified, "Im not ready."
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    Bromance thread
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    Zeh English of it is a bit too revealing, don't you think?

    Spanish is the new English.
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    Oh god, don't make me hate America now, man.
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    Come on now....like.....amigo, dude, amigo, dude, amigo...
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    This thread makes m cry ;_;
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    Iwaku lagging like mad today and the c-box not loading up are far more sad.
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    This has got to be good, right? Right?
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    This thread is a failure. Just like North Korea.
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    Despair, as the avatar that you lament over was created by me!
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    WTF? :/ Um why is this sad? I really don't understand.
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    lol who dis fagget
  17. "I'm gonna go talk to mommy."
  18. Lyra frown, "Okay.."
  19. "She still chose Lucius over me and he isn't even here." Lyra mumble, "I've stayed with her in this house forever and the one person I want here, she doesn't allow it."
  20. Lyra nods.