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  1. I don't consider myself an artist, but I like to draw my own characters and occasionally get in a bit of a drawing mood. So, if you're interested, just fill out the form and post it. :)

    A Few Things to Note
    1. I'll likely be slower to fill out requests than usual, but will try to post daily progress updates.
    2. I won't be coloring this time around.
    3. Feel free to ask me to fix anything. I'll generally ask when I post progress sketches what you'd like me to adjust.
    4. Please feel free to color and edit the sketches I do for you in compensation for my lack of ability.
    5. My apologies for any mistakes and short-comings. ;-;

    Distinguishing Features: (Thin lips, hook nose, freckles, buck-teeth, etc.)
    Build: (height, weight, muscle tone, fat, slender, etc.)
    Ethnicity: (or species if it applies)
    Pose: (reference images are immensely helpful, but not required)


    Brief Personality and/or History:
    Music: (Link to an album you'd like me to consider listening to while drawing your character)
    Filled Requests

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Name: Matthias Wolfgang Nikolai Cartwright
    Age: 16
    Distinguishing Features: Dimple in right cheek, partially visible with resting face, largely visible when smiling/frowning. He has green eyes with flecks of blue in them.
    Build: About 5'9" and 145 lbs. Partially toned muscle, fit but not exceedingly so. Is in between the ectomorph and mesomorph body types.
    Ethnicity: Irish (Caucasian)
    Gender: Male
    Hairstyle: Hair color: About this shade of red. Hair length: Medium length for a guy, about this long. Hair style: Curly! A little bit more wavy than the image I linked for the length. The style is pretty much the same as in that picture too, a little shorter in the back, but otherwise the same.
    Clothing: Casual jeans and shirt with tennis shoes. Something like this. I would rather the sweater, if you do a sweater, not be that color...
    Pose: Any of these three poses will do! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Expression: Here ya go. [​IMG]


    Brief Personality and/or History: Charming, arrogant, and clever would be three words to describe his personality. He usually wears a cheeky grin on his face, and has a twinkle in his eye.

    Thank you so much! You would not believe how hard it is to find drawings of guys with curly red hair. I have come to the conclusion that it's best to just get him drawn by someone. Thanks again! ♥
  3. @Umbra

    Currently working on it! I'll see what I can do. You'll just have to tell me if I get the hair too curly or not curly enough when I post it.
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  4. He looks more mischievous than charming and arrogant, my apologies for that. Hair to your liking, or more or less curly?

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  5. Oh wow, I love your style. :o I have a character in mind but I'm a little busy with class at the moment; is it okay if I reserve a spot and post the bio later today?
  6. @Moogle-Girl

    Yeah, no problem. And thank you for the compliment!
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  7. Hair is absolutely perfect! Thanks so much! He does look a little more mischievous, I think you might be able to fix some of that just by lightening his eyebrows a tad.

    Thank you so much for drawing him!! You are much more of an artist than I am, so keep up the amazing work!
  8. Do let me know if you need any more details. :3

    Name: Nicholas Vaughn
    Age: 47
    Distinguishing Features: Salt and pepper facial hair (ducktail style beard), large round nose, leather eyepatch over left eye, heavily stained teeth with some missing.
    Build: Just over six feet tall and built like a truck: broad shoulders, tree trunk legs.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian, but tanned from frequent sun exposure.
    Gender: Male.
    Hairstyle: Short ponytail. Black with some white flecks.
    Clothing: Baggy mountain climbing clothes.
    Pose: Arms crossed, standing tall and proud.
    Expression: Big smile. :D

    Personality: Slow-moving, but very loud and jubilant. No sense of personal space. He's always cracking jokes, especially bad ones, and laughs a little too loud at his own stuff. He can be very opinionated, but he'll rarely do more than complain to people out of fear of rocking the boat; that said he loves adventure and is always fighting his old age. His motto: "Always be prepared."
  9. @Umbra Thank you, and you're most welcome! I think the angle of his brow might be adding to that mischievous look as well. I'll see if I can touch it up when I put some flat color layers over the sketch. Any color in particular for his sweater?

    @Moogle-Girl I'll have to brush up a pinch on my muscular anatomy, but he should be fun to draw! I'll get to work sketching him after touching up Umbra's request.
  10. @Vermiciro I was thinking maybe a maroon or purple shade for the sweater? I think I'm leaning more towards a maroon color. Oh, and if it's still possible, could you make his nose a little less curved down and little more upturned? Just slightly. Thank you! I hope I'm not being too nitty gritty.

    You're welcome! And as before, keep up the amazing work! :3
  11. Nah, adjusting facial features doesn't take too much in PS. Final product is only flat color over a pencil sketch, but here are links to both. (x) (x) If you want to clean and color it yourself, or have another, please feel free.
    Nose okay, or want me to snub it more?
    Matthias 2.0

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  12. @Moogle-Girl Here's the result! Need anything tweaked? Bigger nose, longer beard, etc?

    Nicholas Vaughn
  13. Oh my godddddddd that's amazing. Maybe a little more on the mustache? :o
  14. Reserve me a spot please your artwork is wonderful! V.V I'll get the form done as soon as possible.
  15. @Vermiciro Thank you so much!! It's absolutely beautiful. :3 Nose is great, thanks for tweaking that for me!
  16. @Moogle-Girl Sure thing. I'll fill it in a bit more, maybe give it some curve on the sides.

    @dreamthief Consider the third spot yours.

    @Umbra Your most welcome! Thanks for giving me something to draw. I can always use the practice.
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  17. Excellent, thank you so much. :D
  18. How about this? Better? Worse? Also! Please feel free to have another person more competent with PS outline and color it for you if you'd like; I am far from acclimated to the program and my tablet to provide you adequate service. :\

    Nicholas Vaughn 2.0
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  19. PERFECT. Thank you so so much! :D If I use it I'll be sure to credit you!
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  20. *cracks knuckles* here goes nothing >.>

    Name: Adestriel
    Age: Thirty seven
    Distinguishing Features: *Shakes you* I just don't know >:0 David Gandy's face claim fits him perfectly. Prominent jawline, sharp on the eyes as if he'd always judging you because he's better than you and he knows it.
    Build: 6'4, slender but toned, I'm thinking more of an Adam Levine yoga body type deal.
    Ethnicity: English/Scottish/Sexy *wink wink*
    Gender: Male
    Hairstyle: Same as in the picture except slightly more dishuffled like he just woke up or had sex. Dark pink hair for all hair on his hot bod.
    Clothing: Same shirt maybe with some sexual innuendo on it or picture. Animated penguins along the waistband and ankles of sweatpants in picture but same color and style.
    Pose: v-shown below-v With a candy/cookie or some sort of sweets in his left hand and not a watch but some colorful bracelets on his other hand.
    Expression: A "I'm going to fuck you so hard right now you won't be able to walk" expression as well as that "You're mine" look.
    Brief Personality and/or History: A cocky greater demon that although hes powerful tries to get out of all responsibilities and reek havoc especially on those he loves. He never admits he's wrong no matter what the consequences. He's very old dating back before the time of God although has only had two lovers that have meant something to him, once of which died early on and the other stays with him till this day. Although he loves the man to no end he must see him in pain both physically and mentally. He constantly abuses his lover until he close to death before tending to his wounds. He enjoys sleeping with various others if only to cause distress to his lover though as always patches it up in the nick of time. He enjoys taboo, bestiality, incest, rape, pedophilia and amongst his many children only takes an interest in them when they do shit like that. After about a thousand years with being 'steady' with his lover he has now calmed down and has stopped his tormenting and cheating ways. He has become even more lazier now and can only be moved by his husbands wishes and commands. Some say it's his old age getting to him some say he's tried everything about once and that's all he needed. Although he can change form, shape and age he uses the form below, along with the changes I've mentioned of course.
    Music: Not a playlist but it sums him up as do most Artic monkey songs
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