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Temporal Cataclysm

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ruko, Sep 21, 2014.

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  1. I won't bother going through the details of what Pokemon is because at this point you should already know.

    2 years after the discovery of Mega Evolution by a recruit in the Kalos region, a great rift appeared in the ocean separating Sinnoh from the other lands. Then, more appeared in the other oceans. Soon after, rifts started appearing on land. First, Kanto and Johto were split clean in half, right down the middle where the pokemon league formerly sat. While it is not possible to say exactly what happened, rumours of glassy mirrors appearing across the Sinnoh region have begun to spring up. Experts have concluded that somehow Dialga and Palkia have found their way into the Distortion World and are in the process of destroying it in their battle with Giratina.

    Not long after this, aqua blue versions of the Auroras appeared above almost the entire world simultaneously. Strange events followed, as objects from the distant past and the distant future merged in the present world. Prehistoric pokemon became regular occurrence in some areas, living alongside pokemon that no one had ever seen before and that would not normally be discovered for many thousands of years. Many pre-existing pokemon were interfered with too. Some evolution chains gained extras, with rare occasions resulting in up to 5 possible evolved states. A new type of pokemon evolution even came into existence, and worked similarly to Mega Evolution. It was named "Awakening" because after a pokemon undergoes the process, it gains significant power, as if it unlocks its full potential. The change is irreversible but can effect any pokemon, assuming the appropriate conditions are met. Some particularly strong Awakened forms were even able to match legendaries in strength.

    4 months have now passed since the merging of time periods - the Temporal Cataclysm - occurred. Several towns have begun to be afflicted by the same issue that happened to the Sinnoh town when Dialga, Palkia and Darkrai decided to fight. (I forget the name). The players of this RP are in such a town, and it is up to them to find a way out and, being the main characters, find a way to put an end to the Cataclysm.

    I have no real rules for this RP, other than follow Iwaku's rules, and no rediculous OP moves in battle. Your character may be anyone they like and have any pokemon, within some grounds, and you may make your own pokemon too. Time period is irrelevant, given people are popping up from all over the place. No awakened forms yet, limiting to 1 mega per person. I'd appreciate it if you could check the current characters too. I dont want 8 legendary trainer-gods. Try to be balanced if you can. As for character sheets: Use as much or as little detail as you like. The only things i demand are an image or appearance description, a name, and a list of party pokemon. If you create your own pokemon, then go into details about evolution chains, moves it might learn, abilities it might have, potential battle styles etc.
  2. I'll post my character sheet tonight if not sometime tomorrow. This plot is very interesting, I like it!
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