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  1. Wow guys, you really delivered in House questions! I think we got enough info there for a whole lot of building and room-related templates! While the monkeys crunch those out backstage, why don't you all put your brain tanks towards
    A Forest!
    Forests are more than trees and dirt; think of various forests you've encountered both in real life and in fiction and what makes them different from each other.
  2. What is the dominant indigenous tree types?
    What are the dominant invasion/foreign tree types?
    What climate type would this forest be classified as?
    What are the plant types in this forest?
    What are the animal types in this forest?
    Is this forest inhabited by man/sentient race?
    Is this forest explored/unexplored?
    Who "owns" this forest"?

    That's all I can think of right now off the top of my head. O_O
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  3. How dense is this forest?
    How dense is the forest's canopy?
    Is this forest especially dangerous to pass through?
    If yes, for what reason?
    Is the forest floor dry, earthy, swampy, soft?
    What kind of resources are taken from this forest?
    Are there any mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, or other exceptional natural formations in this forest?
    Is this forest natural, or planted/transplanted?
    Do people replant cut trees from this forest?
    Is this forest home to any religious, cultural, or historic sites/stories?
    Are there any myths/legends about this forest?
    Are there any enchantments on this forest?
  4. Where is the forest located?
    What kind of a forest is it? Deciduous, Coniferous, Mixed, Swamp, Old Growth, Magic/Enchanted, Haunted, Evil?
    What "feel" do you get in these woods? Serene, the chills, confusion, fear, safety?
    What do you hear in these woods? Silence (no animals), howls (predators), birds (exotic or temperate)?
    What kinds of trees are in the woods? What does their bark look like?
    Do the trees keep secrets?
    How old is the forest?
    How big is the forest?
    Has it ever been fully explored?
    Are the woods dangerous?
    What is the soil like? Is it poor like in a rainforest? Or rich like in a temperate forest?
    What about a Kelp Forest? There are forests under water too!
    What are the top predators in the forest? Bears? Wolves? Vampires?
    Do people live here?
    Do non-human persons live here?
    What is the forest called? Who named it? Why is it named this?
    What season is the forest currently in as you'e describing it?
    Are there any legends about the forest? If so, are they good or bad?
    Is there a guardian of these woods? Can you anger this guardian?
    Is it safe to go out in the woods tonight?
    Has anyone ever entered these woods and lived to tell the tale?
    How deep to the roots of these trees go?
    Were there any major forest fires in the history of these woods? Were there lives lost? Do the woods remember?
    Do the trees whisper behind your back?
    Is there one tree to rule them all? A mother tree, like grandmother willow?
    What about the undergrowth? What kind of plants are in these woods? Are they toxic? Do they glow?
    Are there footprints all over the place? Or is it hard to find signs of life among the wooden ancients?
    Are there major rivers or lakes within this forest?
    Is there a secret grove somewhere in here? Is it magical? Is it worth venturing into the woods for?
    Is there a civilization build out of the woods themselves? Elves, brownies, faeries?
    Why are you in these woods?
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  5. What does the forest smell like? Brackish swamp, earthy loam, sweet pine, intoxicating blooms?
    Is it old or young?
    Do fruits or nuts grow here? What kind?
    Are there any roads through it?
    Is there a village of any sort? Solitary huts? Creepy witch's abodes? Grandmother's house?
    What kinds of insects are there? Any deadly ones?
    What colours and shapes are the leaves?
    What colours and patterns are in the bark?
    What colours and shapes are the flowers?
    Are the plants able to move? Do they snare wanderers?
    Is the air clear? Foggy? Heavy? Musty?
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  6. @Malkuthe Highwind @Lstorm you've both expressed interest in what kind of stuff the Guild needs these days; voila! There's this thread, too

    Are the trees sentient?
    What animals live in the canopy?
    What animals live in the understory?
    What animals live on the forest floor?
    What changes between seasons in this forest?
    What edible plants grow in this forest?
    Is hunting permitted here?
    Is fishing permitted here?
    Is clear-cutting any area permitted?
    Is this forest property of any private person or governing body?
  7. What poisonous plants grow in the forest?
    What type of undergrowth does the forest acquire?
    Has there every been a forest fire? And/or Natural Event?
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