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  1. Free forum : Tempest of Chaos - Portal

    Tempest of Chaos combines many RPG elements into roleplaying: picking a class, leveling characters and the class you pick and the like.

    We offer people to start on either a steampunk Earth that is ravaged by constant wars, and Solace, a world full of magic and magical creatures: Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, and all other sorts of races.

    The forum was created back in April as a world war 1-2ish type forum, but since then we have done a total 360 and made it into a Fantasy RPG/Multi-World/War forum. The central story focuses around you, the roleplayer as most forums do. It was also created by two people (myself and a real life friend) with plenty of previous forum experience, roleplaying and running sites. The site uses Forumotion, but is slightly edited by myself.

    We also offer the chance of being one of the three deities, which we call Sovereigns. Though this requires specific conditions as well as having their own set of rules they must abide by. Though we won't be too harsh with who can become one.

    Due to real life stuff, me and my friend haven't been able to advertise much. If you wish to check it out, we would greatly appreciate it. We also have a guest section for your questions, comments and concerns near the bottom of the front page.

    We sincerely hope you would consider joining in our roleplay :)
  2. Here is a updated ad I have fleshed out over a few hours. Due to RL situations at the time, I was not able to give a good summary, but I hope to remedy that with this one.

    Tempest of Chaos is a relatively new forum created a few months ago by myself and a RL friend. We both have had plenty of our own sites before back in the golden times of roleplaying forums. As of this posting, it is just me and him, but we have put quite a bit of work into it. Below is a bit of what we offer:

    Two worlds - Our RPing will be divided up into two different worlds: Earth and Solace (Fantasy world). People may choose to originate from one of these worlds, and travel to and from both is open.

    RPG aspects - Quests, staff-controlled dungeons, staff-controlled boss fights, a class system, different races and many more. Now this may sound like an actual video game RPG/MMO, but we figured we would test out that style to roleplay with. We are mainly experimenting with this style to see how it plays out, and are free to suggestions as how to make it better for users.

    Admin/Mod/Power spots - Being a forum that we have put off advertising for to work on it, as said above, me and my friend are the only ones on it at the moment. We will gladly welcome any and all roleplayers who would be interested in joining. As such, we have plenty of spots open for those who wish to skip the beginning stages and skip to all of the fun parts. We are also open for mods and admins, however admins will obviously be a bit more strict in who gets in, as per anything really.

    Deity spots - Yes, we do have gods in this forum. These will require a very strict rule set on who gets it, but it is an extremely overpowered position to have.

    Less-restrictive rp - I know some forums have a posting limit and want you to write novels for posts, well we don't have that. You are free to post anywhere from one sentence to a book if you want. We just ask that you include a bit of a description: Where you are, what you are doing, etc.

    Very light rules - as above, our rules are also simple. We won't bog you down with this rule and that rule, but we only ask that you follow the ones we do have.

    Free roleplay - Whether you want to keep your entire roleplay pg-13, or make the whole thing R-rated, we are open to it. 95% of the rp will be pg-13, but we won't say no to those who wish to go further. We also have rules regarding R related things.

    That is about it for a general summary, we hope to see you soon on ToC, or at least give us a look, thank you.
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