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  1. A hundred years ago, the Necromancers lead a purge of the Evocation class of mages. Now, in a world where a man might never age, the landmasses are alive, and magic always has a price, the remaining evocation users are hunted down by the cruel Conjuration Corp like animals. Children born with the innate ability for magic become wards of the state and are marked by death laced tattoos to keep them in line. The high council, populated by 25 Necromancers and humans keeps an iron grip on all.

    Temora mages are born with their magic into one of these classes of talent:
    Necromancy-power over death
    Vitamancy-power over life (healing)
    Natural-the elements and some control over animals
    Conjuration-summoning of beings or objects
    Divination-knowledge based power
    Enchantment-cast spells over objects
    Abjuration-protection magic
    Illusion-make others believe what is not
    Transmutation-one object becomes another
    Evocation-raw blasting power-highly unstable

    The caste system for mages, and level of rarity for that magic, is in that order.

    All humans are born with magic but only mages can access it. Use of magic always has a price, and prolonged use of big magic leads to aging and infirmity- something that has no affect on regular humans. Most of the populace only meets death through being killed.

    The landmasses are living creatures. Natural disasters are them fighting. They are worshiped.

    When a mage is born she becomes a ward of the state and a necromancer imprints her with a death curse that can be activated to varying degrees at the councils whim. The child may be raised by family but will be sent to special segregated schools to learn state approved uses of magic. Evocation mages are intentionally excluded.

    Magic may run in families, but genetics has little to do with if a baby will be born with magic.

    Basic rules of Magic:
    1. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
    2. It is a limited resource within a person. It does not regenerate.
    Ex: If an Evocation Mage uses their power to wipe out an army, after the destruction he may have aged sixty years in the span of a few minutes. A divination mage who is in constant use of their power in the search for answers will age on par with a human from our earth.
    3. Very few magics can be cast on another without them agreeing to it first, either by word or by deed, and trickery is often employed.
    4.Prolonged periods of time without use of magic for a mage will lead to a sort of insanity and power instability within them that is dangerous for all around.


    All's fair.

    Don't get gross-no bestiality please, low gore, keep sexual relations within reason (I don't want to read your porno). Keep things with kids fallout (nothing sexual, no overt violence, traumatic experiences okay within reason). Cussing-I don't fucking care. No real life religion or politics (keep it in the circus).

    I'm open to storyline suggestions, but don't count on anything being used.

    Your character is yours. This universe is mine/ours. Listen to myself, BlueFlameNikku, and Sapphire97-we are the creators.

    We are providing a map, please use it. And please do not write histories for the places therein.

    Necromancers are off limits as playable characters. Vitamancers and everyone else are fair ground.

    Be kind to each other, save flames for another platform.

    Be reasonable when creating a character, nothing godlike, we reserve the right of character acceptance. And necromancers are known to activate the death curse of anyone that constitutes a serious threat to their reign.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.