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  1. Name:
    Height: 5'2
    Age: 17
    Description: Long dark red, dyed hair. Big blue eyes and a round cute face. Skinny, but not anorexic. Pale smooth skin.

    Emilia, sitting at her desk with her head ducked into her arms pretending to be asleep, was trying hard not to cry. The day so far had been so hard to get through. Everything was still difficult to get back into the rhythm of. She had just spent two years in an asylum trying to convince every one there, and her parents, that she was not crazy and that demons did exist. They tormented her every day even while she was strapped down to the cot they called a bed, because it was 'to keep her from hurting herself' when all she ever did was try to fight the demons off her.

    Some would just fallow her and not say anything, it was easier to deal with those then the ones who would pull her hair, or steal her things, or bite her arms and legs. But now she had to pretend that nothing was happening to her. After she got out of the asylum a few months ago, her parents sent her to a boarding school for misbehaving teenagers. Things just got so much worse then. She had been able to keep it a secret for now, but everyone knows the stories about her and so she gets bullied. With so much hate in the air, it attracts more aggressive demons and she sees them every where.

    Seeing demons drains Emilia's energy away so its hard for her to focus on school, not that she could understand what was going on any way, the last two years not having any schooling but still being put in the grade she would be if she had was foolish of her parents to do. She had no clue what was going on and her grades were failing.

    That morning a group of girls had been exceptionally cruel. As she walked into school her bag on her shoulder trying to relax because there was a rather large demon smiling at her standing next to the door way of the school, the girls came up and pushed her down calling her the classic names that they always did. 'Crazy' 'Freak' 'weirdo' among other not so nice words Emilia never wanted to repeat. She had tried to be a good girl for her parents but it never seemed to work out. With all the hazing and demons around it was hard to not be the perfect child, so she sat there with her head hidden in her arms not wanting to acknowledge anything or anyone. Part of her just wanted to die. The tears began to well up in her eyes as the bell rung for class to begin, she kept her head down.

  2. Name: Argus Ethum
    Height: 5'7
    Age: Unknown (Looks to be in his twenties)
    Description: (Human looking in the human world) Short dark hair with a white streak going down the right side of his head, Brown eyes, Lanky, Smooth (not overly tan) skin, Can almost always be scene wearing a fine suit.

    In the courtyard stood one lone Elem tree, its bark torn away from the razor winds of winter. This tree was the center piece to the school, and from it one could see into every window of the school. A young man stood by the snow battered tree smoking a cigarette. He flicked the ash from the burning stick as he exhaled white smoke into the air. The man watched the various girls getting ready for their classes, his eyes darting from window to window.... searching. When the cigarette was no more he flicked it into the snow with an irritated look "Fuck this she isn't here." He started trudging through the snow, but stopped as he passed one window. His dark brown eyes fell upon a girl with dark red hair and he laughed and pointed "Ha! There you are!" slowly he walked up to the window.

    Through the frost bitten window the young man looked at her with a sinister smile "Hello lovely I've finally found you." he whispered. The suited man looked around the class room searching for something. "Here we go." he held his hand out and aimed it at the fire alarm. The window shook for only a second then, with a blaring ring, the fire alarm went off. The red haired girl looked up for second, panicked, then with the order of her teacher grabbed her coat and quickly left the room. The man began running through the snow to catch the girl on her way out.

    The girl was just now coming out of the front doors of the school, when the young man greeted her from the side railing for school stairs. "Good day Emilia." he said as politely as her could. She ignored him and kept walking until she got to the snowy front lawn of the school. The man cased after her "My my not very good with manners are you? I said good day Emilia!" his voice boomed. Oddly enough no one else, but the girl seemed notice.
  3. Emilia tried to her best ignore him. she knew at once he was a demon, it was as though ahead could see it on him, would this day have no end? She was ready to cry. She looked around when he seemed to shout at her, but no one else could hear and that made her doubly sure he was a demon, she just wondered if anyone else could see him. She held her bag close to her chest and glared at him.

    "What do you want? To torment me? I've had enough.." She tried her best to keep calm and her voice low. One girl was staring at her like she was insane, Emilia almost broke then. She quickly walked past him further away from where all the students were.

    Maybe she just just go home now while everyone's freaking out over a fire. She stood holding her bag shivering. Her coat was thin but kept her warm enough, however the issued skirt she and all the other girls had to wear were not long enough to keep her exposed skin warm. Sometimes she hated winter, but it was her favorite season.

    She looked at the demon. He looked more human then the ones she was used to seeing around all the time, but maybe that just meant he was more powerful. She hoped he wouldn't walk the ten feet that was at the moment between them, she wanted peace. she wished she could just run home, but her mother was home and she knew shed get her mothers rage for skipping school.

    Oddly enough there went any other demons approaching her and she had a strange sensation that it was due to this guy. he gave her chills.

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  4. They young man gave a toothy grin, and placed another cigarette between his curled lips. He flash stepped in front of her and leaned down "My dear sweet girl I want nothing more then to make you happy." he puffed smoke into her face. "Torture? Nah, I'm not in to that low level specter garbage." he paused for second and his eyes flashed black "Though if you really want it that bad I can oblige." With a quick movement he took the cigarette from his mouth and dug the burning end into the girls pale palm. The girl screamed out loud for a second but stifled herself only a second in, tears rolling down her cheeks.

    The man gave a small exhale of pleasure accompanied by a small smile. "There there little one. Pain is only fleeting." his hand hovered over the burn mark as if proud of what he did. He clapped his hands together "So I have a deal for you, which is why I have come all the way out to this frozen shit hole." he looked her in the eye "How would you like to have all the powers of a high level demon? Free do to what you please. Free to destroy anyone who gets in your way. No more pain and no more sadness." he extended his hand for a handshake "What do you say my dear? Want to become a demon and live free?"
  5. Emilia held in her tears as she held her hand close to her, why had he done that? Lord it hurt. She sniffeled and starred at him as though he was the insane one. "Who are you?" She backed up a step. "You can't do that.." It was impossible right? For him to grant her that. She would never hurt anyone like they had hurt her, but to be able to be more powerful then the ones who tormented her sounded not to bad either.

    But she couldn't trust any demon, he could be lying in order to get her for dinner or something worse. She hated all demons and this guy wouldn't sway her. He was scary and she shouldn't even be talking to him. The fire alarm was found to be fake an students began walking back inside but Emilia stayed glued to her spot. She was too scared he would do something else if she walked any closer to her.
  6. The man had a surprised look on his face "Oh forgive me my lady. Though my name doesn't translate to well to you human alphabet, the closets thing would be Argus Ethum." he smiled. "As for the how I am very high level demon. With that high level I earned a sort of title: The Life Giver." Argus raised a finger and wagged it. "Now I can't give away all my secrets little one." he chuckled. The demon walked over to the shivering girl and put his arms around her, his embrace was warm. "You see child I mean you no harm. I apologize for the burn earlier, but we all have our ergs."

    He knelt down to eye level "I'll let you in on a little secret. I was with you during your entire time at the asylum." he gave a toothy grin. "I watched as they played with your mind and toyed with your body. All the drugs and all the awful 'treatments' they gave you. I was there watching and helping where I could." the girl gave him a puzzled look. "Oh, you think the amount of demons you encountered there was bad? If it were not for me far more them would have been coming after your flesh. I mean look around you now none of them are around." he surveyed the frozen schoolyard to further his point.

    Argus stood up and snapped his fingers. A black flame appeared in his right hand and a glass jar in the other. He placed the flame in the bottle and closed it tight. "My dear, this black flame is but a sample of my power. If you ever feel threatened by other humans again I suggest you open and place the flame close to your heart. For a short amount of time you will be transformed into a very powerful demon, one capable of destroying your enemies." again a crooked smile found its way upon his face. "After the flame has run out and you should find yourself loving the amount of power you had all you need to do is say my name and I will arrive in a flash. Simply ask and I will give you what you have always wanted... happiness." He reached in to hug her again and, with his head over her shoulder, gave a big demonic smile. He let go of her "Emilia you've had a rough life and I only wish to see you smile." he placed the bottle in her coat pocket. "Don't worry about being seen with it either only you and I can see the flame. Now chin up and hurry back inside you'll catch your death." Argus truned and started to walk away "And remember I'll be watching." he sang. With that he vanished.
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  7. Emilia stood baffled soaking in everything he said as she began to slowly walk back into school. Students were already back in class while Emilia was the only way slowly walking back to her English class on the far side of the building. Class hadn't quite started so she wouldn't necessarily be late but it would awkward for her to be the only one walking back into the room alone. demons were starting to pop up slowly on the walls and she found herself clutching the bottle he had given her. Would he really be watching her?

    She could still feel that strange warmth his arms provided for her, but her hand also felt the burn of his cigarette. Still something inside her missed that warmth that she found. No one had ever made her feel like that. She had felt warm all over once before but that's when they decided to dunk her whole body in warm water then cold water in the asylum, something about the changing of temperatures would level her mind out and calm her. Of course it did not work since small demons would always be there to bite her in the water. She never wanted to remember those times again nut it was only a few months ago so it was hard to forget.

    Just as Emilia predicted everyone starred at her strangely when she entered the class room and took her seat in the back. The teacher greeted her as he began to get back into his lecture glaring at her as if she had just done something terrible. Shortly after the lecture a piece of paper hit her on the head. It was a balled up paper with something scribbled on it.

    "In the courtyard after school, bring all the money you owe us freak or get the beating of a life time. Love ya~"

    Emilia knew who it was. Her favorite bully, the girl liked to con Emilia out of any money she owned which would infuriate her parents when she came home empty pockets, but she did everything she could to not get hit as it was. Her hand traveled to the bottle. Could she really use it? She didn't want to hurt anyone but she didn't know if she could take it anymore. Maybe just a little to get them to stop but she wouldn't ask to be changed. She wasn't sure she wanted to be a demon, it sounded horrifying.
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  8. Argus watched the school from atop a far a way tree. "Yes thats it my littler seer. I can feel your urge to use the flame growing." A wide grin found its way onto his face. "See what true power is. Crush your enemies!" he gave a sadistic laugh. "You'll soon be mine!"
  9. Emilia nervously walked ton the courtyard glancing back and forth scared of any demons that might be approaching her but strangely none of them did just stared at her grinning or growling. The group of girls were standing there in a half circle grinning as if they were demons them selves, she froze for a moment then proceeded forward. Rebecca met here half way and held out her hand. "Where's the money?"

    Emilia glared at her. "Get your own money." She felt ballsy hoping that acting in such a way might stop them and she wouldn't have to use the strange black flames he gave her. Rebecca 'hump'ed a sound that fit her fat face.

    "Think you can stand up to us huh? I'll only ask once." She held out her fat hand waiting for Emilia to hand the money over but she only spat in the chunky hand.

    "Fuck you." What had come over her? Did she finally gave in to the insanity that they all said she already possessed? The fat hand smacked her so hard on her skiny face she fell to the snow. The other girls came up at the word of Rebecca and began kicking her while she lay there.

    "See what happens when you try to do things your way" Emilia tried to hold in her geunts of pain but the girls were kicking hard, so she solwy pulled out the bottle protecting it from their feet, held it to her chest and slowly opened it as the black flames he said only she could see began pouring over her.

    At first all she felt was warm, like the warmth his arms had given her then nothing. She signed as though she wanted to cry. They had stopped kicking but she should have known the demon would lie. Rebecca walked closer and knelt down. "Ready to give back the money? " but Emilia didn't have time to say anything as a surge wen through her body as though it was a pulse. She felt her heart stop for a moment then a shockwave of energy blew the girls a few feet away from her.

    The next few moments were blurry for Emilia but she was suddenly on her feet feeling better then ever. She held out her hand to Rebecca and something came out, it was like a wave of power or maybe the fire she had seen in the bottle but Rebecca was flown back wards and held tight to her neck trying to scream as thou something was choaking her. Emilia squeezed her hand into a fist and Rebecca stopped breathing. A few of the girls screamed and ran. Emilia could remember anything that happened after that for the next thing she knew she was standing at the edge of the courtyard blood on her hands while one of the girls was at her feet dead.

    All she could do was run, no clue as to where she was running to but she just ran far away crying. What had she done, what had the d demon tricked her into doing. She just killed people! Maybe they deserved it but she didn't want to have the blood of someone else on her hands even though that's was was covering the whole front of her. She screamed to herself as she ran through the park to hide somewhere no one would find her sticking her hands in the small river that ran through the park trying to clean off the blood. This was all his fault. Now how could she go back to school, or home for that matter.
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  10. Emilia's tears blinded her as she washed off the blood. "My dear sweet Emilia." A reflection of Argus showed in the ice cold running water. She quickly stood up and turned, rage filling her eyes, but he wasn't there. Her eyes darted from place to place frantically searching for the demon. After a few moments she turned back around only to find the demon standing right in front of her. His expression was soft and sympathetic "I'm so sorry that it came to this." he knelt down to her and pulled out a handkerchief. He began to clean the flecks of blood from her face. "I hopped you wouldn't have needed to you the flame so quickly. Please accept my-" Emilia push him off of her. "Y you tricked me, and now someone is dead because of me!" Emilia screamed in anger. "I can't go home! You have fucked everything up!" a realization came into her head one that horrified her. "They'll send me back... Oh my god they'll send me back!" Emlia went into a panic.

    Argus rushed to her and pulled the fear shaken girl into his arms "I swear on my life no one is going to take you and no one is going to arrest you. Shhh" he stroked her hair trying to comfort her. "Emilia are you aware that wolfs have been spotted near in these woods? Now who is to say that wolf didn't come out these woods and attack your fat friend? Then in turn you rushed over and scared the beast off and tried to save your friend." the girl stopped shaking and looked up at the demon. "As for the other girls well lets just say they were too traumatized to recall what had happened." he let go over her and stood up. "Trust me little one no one is going to blame you for what happened here today. Like I said I have always had your best interest in mind." He got Emilia to her feet and cleaned the rest of her face. "Now I'm sure you have questions that need answering, but I have one for you. How did it feel being able to crush your enemies." his eyes flashed black for a second. "I can give you this power and teach you how to control it. If you just give up your humanity."
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  11. She let him clean her face off as she breathed deeply, he did have a way of soothing her but how could she trust someone she didn't know. Was he really there the whole time for those two years, if so why had he never said anything. She was scared of what all this could do, but something tugged inside her. She had enjoyed it, and that terrified her the most. She enjoyed killing those girls. Tears came to her eyes but she blinked them away and looked up at him in confused anger.

    " what do you get out of this. Why are you wanting to give me this power. No demon does anything for no reason..." she had learned that over the years as she was forced to watch the demons. She could see them all the time so it was just natural she would figure out a few things about them too. What if she didn't want to know his answer.
  12. Argus sighed "Yes you are right I do have a reason for offering you this power." he paused "It is because I want a better life for you Emilia. I know thats hard to believe especially coming from a demon I just.....huuuuuh." his composure was a little unhinged. Argus folded his hands behind his back "When I came across you 2 years ago I thought you only a normal insane human, but then I found out you could see us demons. Seers like you are supposed to be worshiped as gods. To be able to see the evils in this world is nothing sort of a blessing. Yet you were labeled mad and locked away, discard by your worlds light." he tunred to her "So if the light of the world won't accept you then why not the darkness?" he grinned.

    "Emilia I want to give you a better life. I want you to be free and happy. The darkness will accept you and I beg of you that you take my hand and let me help you." His voice was true. "Demons are given the brand of evil by people who do not understand the true nature of what we are. We are the balance to the cruelty in the world. My lady if you want to be truly accepted for you are all I ask is that you cast off your humanity. Let me be your guardian from those who would harm you, let me teach you what it means to be truly happy, let me be the one who loves you for who you are!" he pleated,
  13. Emilia was shocked at his words. Somehow it all made sense to her as something deep inside her just wanted to be excepted. If he would offer her that why should she refuse? What had she waiting for her? Two parents who didn't live her, people at school who ridiculed her when they didn't even know the fear she lived in day to day. Argus was offering her freedom from all this, but was that all.

    She reached out her hand but hesitated. Did she have the courage to face all this, what would she become. She looked up into his eyes. He was a demon but he was asking her to let him show her a world better them the one she lived in and part of her wanted nothing more than to see it, but she was terrified. Would he be there for her always. Could she expect something like that of a demon? What else would she be wrong about.

    She took in a deep breath closed her eyes and took his hand. She was always told growing up in church thinking that would protect her, that speaking a demons name out loud was something you should never do. It was like invoking them into your very soul, letting them take hold of all of you, but that's what he was asking she let him do right? So she opened her eyes, squeezed his hand and with a courage she didn't know she had spoke his name. " Argus."
  14. Argus smiled a big smile and took her by the hand, and pulled her in tight. "This will only hurt for a moment my lady." he whispered in her ear. The demon summoned a large black fire ball and began to push it into Emilia's chest. The girl struggled and stifled her screams "A... Argus." she cried quietly. "Its ok almost done." he reassured her. Out of back came a gray ball of dim light "There its all over." he said in a soothing tone. They both collapsed in the snow she laid there panting in his lap her eyes now a pale red color. He sat there with her head in his lap patting her back trying to calm her down.

    "My sweet Emilia welcome to your new freedom. Welcome to a life of power and fearlessness." He brought the ball of gray light to her face "This is your human soul. There is one thing left for you to do. Crushing this orb will mean you are fully committed to demon-hood this means there is no going back, however if you choose to keep it I can not teach the full extent of your power you will remain weak. I suggest you choose soon your transformation will be setting in very soon. During this time I will try my best to hold you hear in the woods. Your body has to adjust to what just happened, so it will be hard for you to control yourself. If you feel a blood lust coming on it means the transformation has begun." he spoke quickly.
  15. Emilia looked up at him slightly scared but if she was going to do this and fallow him shed do it right. She sat up and took her soul in her hands as it floated between them, she glanced at Argus for a moment then back at her hands while she starred at the orb. This was her whole past, her life would never be the same. She crushed it with that thought. No hesitation. She didn't want that life anymore she wanted what Argus was offering her. She looked back into his eyes not feeling any different for a few seconds then it came.

    This dry feeling in her throat like she wanted to drink something, like she needed to drink something. She looked around as her eyes began going in and out if sharper focus, like a camera slowly becoming better. She could see, hear and smell things she hasn't before, birds, animals, the cold water, the snow beneath her. It was soothing. Then the pain came. She stood and with a panicked breath she watched as her hands changed. It was indescribable, black talons grew out of the tips of her fingers making them bleed as the droplets fell onto the snow, she clutched her hands to her as the pain grew then went away, as the wounds healed.

    From there strange black markings stared to appear o n her body, not covering her whole skin but going all the way up. She three off her coat ripping it in the procces to try to stop the markings, they felt like someone was burning her skin. Pain erupted in her skull, she screamed and fell to her knees holding her forehead as horns sprouted curving upward, they were smaller and looked very feminine but still frightening. The markings showed on her face as a few drops of blood drips from where her horns pierced her own skin.

    Her teeth elongated sharpening to better bite into what ever prey she sought to eat in her new demon form. She felt her muscles shift, growing stronger as a power surged through her, then everything went black as she passed out and fell to the snow still looking g like the demon she truly was now.
  16. "Magnificent and now I posses a corrupted Seer. Angles beware for we are coming for you." Argus chuckled to himself. Though he could help but feel a small connection to the girl. His victory was cut short when Emilia began to wake up. She got to her feet, but stood slumped over "Hungry..." she whispered. Argus stood in front her firmly "Emilia please remain calm, stay here any I will-" he was cut off as she ran past him with great speed. "No stop!" he called out to her. He put of his hand, aimed at Emilia, and slowly brought his hand down. She began to move slower struggling under the weight of his will. "Let.... me... feed" she whispered as he came closer to her. "I'm sorry my love, but I can't risk you killing hundreds of people... yet. Let me fetch your dinner, please stay here and rest." he spoke slowly for he knew that, in her current state, she wasn't herself. She nodded.

    Argus walked through the snow in search of some deer or larger game, but instead he came across a drunken hunter. It was getting dark and Argus needed to hurry back to Emilia. "Fuck you ya god *hic* forshaken deer!" raged the hunter. The demon kept his distance for a short time but then made his move just as the sun was setting. A massive black shadow with white eyes quickly engulfed the hunter who let out a blood curdling scream. After that there was only the sound of flesh gushing blood and the sound of bones snapping.

    The winter night wind was picking up howling at the now full moon. Argus returned to Emilia hold a large red soul orb. "Take it my lady its all for you savor the flavor." He watched as she gripped the orb with her black claws. Not quite sure how to eat it she stared at Argus. He returned with an opening and closing of his mouth. She understood and sunk her razor sharp teeth into the soul. "Now young miss when you're finished please let me know what you think of it. Personally red souls are two spicy for my taste. Then I want you to concentrate as hard as you can on your human form." she raised an eyebrow to him. If you stay in demon form for to long you'll just become another brainless ghost." he explained. "Finally I want all your question asked." he pulled her into his arms, her back against his chest and kissed her on top of the head.
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  17. She gulped down the soul not caring at the moment if if was too spicy and leaned back against him in his arms and tried hard to think about what she looked like as a normal person, slowly her body formed back to human. She turned in his arms and looked up at him, into his eyes just staring for a moment then licked her cold lips. With her jacket gone she was feeling the cold a little more than she should.

    She really didn't know where to start with questions. There were so many yet none at all."what are you to me, and me to you? What are these strange powers I have, and are they like yours? Can I only eat souls? Where did you come from? What am I to do now? Are there more people you've changed like me?" She had said all that in one breath staring straight into his eyes find I bold courage she never had before, strange how she could change so much in just a few hours.

    Argus wasn't so scary to her anymore. He was somehow more attractive then before. The powder that had frightened her before now made her excited to see more. How could she change so fast, well she still adored the warmth his arms were giving her at least
  18. Argus took off his coat and wrapped it around her. He snapped his fingers and a ring of orange flames appeared around them, keeping them warm. "Well I guess we will start with us." he looked around comfortably for a moment. "I suppose you could say we're the human equivalent of engaged? Though I don't know how to feel about marrying someone so young such as yourself. However, as a demon you have the ability to change the way your human form looks." Argus was bright red with this awkward request. "Anyway, yes you and I have a very strong bond at this point." again he was bright red. "As for other people like you yes I have turned many a human into demons, BUT you are different. Normally I would just use empty black flames to turn a person, but you my love I have use a third of my own black flame to turn you. You are very special." he nuzzled the top of her head.

    "No your powers are not like mine. As you grow and have a better understanding of them you will begin to figure out what they do. I have ESP, but you might have the power of fire. Thats half the fun of being a demon figuring out what powers you have." he smiled at her. Again a razor wind of cold came dashing through the trees, but it seemed to move around the two. The spot they sat in was warm thanks to the flame ring. "To be honest with you I'm not sure where I came from. All I remember is just waking up in darkness with this urge to kill, then I found myself here in the human world." he trailed off and looked up at the night sky for a few minuets. "Well the way I see it is you have two options you can go on a small killing spree, destroying everyone who has ever hurt you, or we hone your powers and get to know each other for a few days. Keep in mind that if you choose the second option you will need to keep up appearances at school and with your parents." he instructed. "As for just eating souls in human from you can eat regular food and souls. However, in demon form you can eat only souls. Try and stay away from human souls the guys up stairs usually are happy when you their gifted creations." He sighed. "I do hope my lady will stay by my side."
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  19. Emilia blushed a deep red, engaged?! Her heart hammered in her chest. She hadn't even had a boyfriend yet and now she was engaged. She ducked her head into his chest tying to hide her embarrassment. " Am I special because I'm a seerer." the question just rolled off her tongue. She did have a strong urge to kill all those she hated but shed rather not be evil, so if her option was ro stay with him she wanted to know why he wanted her. She looked up at him still red in the face. "How much older do you want me?"

    She hadn't thought she was that young, she would be turning 18 in a few months, but if that's what he wanted she would do so for him. In a strange way he was her savior so she owed him a lot more then she knew how to give. As for keeping up appearances at school and home she was sure with his help she could do it. So long as she didn't go crazy and kill anyone again, well at least until she knew what she was doing.
  20. This girl was getting under his skin and he could figure out why. Should he tell her the truth or just duck into a lie? "Yes it is because you are a Seer, but that is only half the reason why. Like I said I want you to have a good life Emilia and I think you'll find the side of life to be very enjoyable." he chose to tell half a lie. "As for your age 19 is closer to the age I am. Again this isn't something you have to if you don't want to." Argus blushed. "Look we don't have to say I love you to each other yet. I was only describing the bond we have." he explained.

    "Oh and I got you something for this occasion. Though it might not be your style, it certainly isn't mine, I hope you like it anyway." he gave her a small black box. She opened it and found a beautiful choker in it. "Again I'm not sure if its your style and I understand if you just want to give it back." his face was as red as the blood on the snow. "So Emilia want to be a couple for awhile?" he asked her out right.
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