Tell us something AMAZING that has happened for you this summer!

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  1. Summer is almost over. A lot of peeps will be going back to school soon. The rest of us will be enjoying cheaper air conditioning bills!

    With the season wrapping up, what is something AMAZING, GREAT, GOOD, HAPPY, OR COOL that has happened to you this summer?

    Even if you're swimming in emo misery, there is ALWAYS one good thing. You can do it! Think of something and share with Iwaku!

    Iiiiiii am going to take a moment to chirp about peoples of Iwaku! <3 Sometimes you don't realize how much you mean to people, or how much you mean to them. And a lot of people of Iwaku have recently given me a million reasons to smile and be happy that I'm here. So this summer, I my amazing thing is GREAT FRIENDS!
  2. I found Iwaku and rejoined after several years of being away, does that count? (well technically Ryex told me where it was :D)

    What else . . . Got to visit family and hang out with some great friends.
    OH! and I got to have chockolate cake for dessert last night! :D
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  3. Diana was actually guessing.
  4. Going to Central Park with my family- love that place and all the art and different people! :cake:
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  5. Saw an old high-school friend after many years. 'Twas great.
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  6. My boyfriend got to take a full 21 days of leave and spent most of June with me. After he left I got to spend pretty much all of July with my grandparents (the one pair of three I can actually stand). <3 I don't get to see either of them enough, but this was a good summer.
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  7. This is scary. It's a double meaning verb. I read it the horrifying way.
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  8. I ended up in New York for a bit and found my ONE TRUE LOVE: the ocean.
    I ship us.
    I got to swim in it and swam so much I got a raging sunburn and am madly in love with the ocean and might at some point run back to its tempting embrace.
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  9. I suggest you a new home place: Azores.
  10. My little family moved into an apartment of our own. :] Also, got to visit my family in Washington. I finished a couple of college courses, too. That is definitely a big deal for me.
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  11. Temo, you're just trying to abduct me. I'm on to you. :3

    Also, also, I made friends, haha. This is not always easy for me and was exciting.
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  12. After a year of not touching the water, I managed to get my scuba gear on and go diving.
    Granted, I managed to drain a 45 minute supply of air in about 21 minutes, but I was out of shape.
    And yes, I did back out of diving deeper than six meters because of a thermocline, but it went from eighteen degrees to six.
    But I managed to do it, and that's what matters, right?
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  13. I spent almost a months worth of rent on a BBQ. One that I don't have room for. I justified it by telling myself I can fit more meat in it than I could my oven.

    Love to burn meat, man.
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  14. Hmmm

    - I cut my long hair off

    - went to visit my sister, held an elephant gun and shot an only slightly smaller shotgun

    - had a random beach day with a friend

    - saw Star Trek: Into Darkness at the Drive-In theatre (yeah my town still has one of those: Northernmost Drive-In in the world!)
  15. I'm gonna kiss arse and say I found Iwaku one summer night.

    Another thing is that I got 100 bucks out of nowhere. Thats all. I have no life ;___;
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  16. I rode an elephant in India. Hung out with some Tibetan monks and interviewed an ex-political prisoner while I was there. Saw the Arabian Sea and the Himalayas. I also ran through the early monsoon rains to go to a bookstore with my roommate on the road (I'm proud of that moment). Got an amazing new roommate. Picked up hooping. And I'm deeply in debt.

    Tomorrow ends the coolest summer break I've ever had. Oh melancholy! -sighs-
  17. Uhmmm.

    I was incredibly busy this summer. Let me try to just cover everything.

    everything (open)

    -I worked on a film set in/around Chicago that my buddy at home was directing/producing. I was a grip gal. So, I ran around with da boys, carrying heavy shit and setting up lights and all that jazz. I was also fire and wind for this movie. Not explaining, just was.
    -Worked/ran a flower shop while the owner took her first vacation in about 30 years since it opened. Terrifying. And fun. And flowers.~
    -Pre-ordered Pokemon X and got a poster for it. 8D YAY.
    -Worked on another film set as a crafty production assistant/person who is in all charge of snackies and food and tables for lunch and clean up and coffee maker and etc. It's much more important and harder than it seems. But for me, supah fun. I like people. Plus, this was my internship to graduate. So, got it done early, yay.
    -Had my Lion Man over at home, then went to GenCon with him and our buddies, then had him back at home, then school. Lots of fun stuff from GenCon. So. Many. Games. And. Nerds. And. PLUSHIES.~

    I feel like I had no summer, really..
    But.. worth it.
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  18. Connection! My first weekend away from family as well as the first time staying in a hotel. It was an awesome weekend spent with friends.
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  19. Getting through my emo misery, many good things happened:

    -I got accepted into two colleges
    -I found Iwaku
    -I got approved for surgery
    -I went camping for the first time in five years
    -I'm alive
  20. Nothing. Everything was awful, like you lot.

    Oh, and I graduated university with a pretty sweet degree. That was slightly cool, I guess.
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