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  1. “She’s still not our kid.” Anya shrug.
  2. I had NO CLUE what I wanted to do my senior year in high school. I actually spent the entire year living it up before I graduated. It wasn't until about a year after high school that I was lucky enough to find what I loved to do, and contrary to popular belief in my family, it had NOTHING to do with computers!

    I decided to move back home from Atlanta to get my Associate's in Veterinary Technology, and anyone that has spoken with me EVER knows that I LOVE talking about it, mostly because I LOVED school. Yeah, high school was great and fun and all, but you have so many other people with you with so many different interests, sometimes it's hard to find people who like the same things that you do career-wise. I got into the program and it DID take me a while, but I came out of my shell like nothing anyone in my family had ever seen before.

    As the year continued, the class got smaller. We started with about 30 students in the class, but by the end of the second quarter we were down to about ten. By the time the program was halfway over, I was participating in every class and club event, if something that had to do with the program was going down, you better believe I was there before it started and after it ended, they had to kick me out of the classrooms every night because I didn't want to leave. By the time we graduated this past June, I had found my twin sister, two new moms in my teachers, and a family. It was the best experience and the best two years of my life thus far. I can now do things I never thought I would be doing, and I know stuff that I thought I was too dumb to remember. All the confidence I have in my skills and in myself came from those two years of college!

    As far as financial aid, I had to settle at first for mooching from the state. My first three quarters were paid for by the HOPE grant. It's a grant that, from what I understood, would be given to me up to a certain number of hours, and because I was going to a technical college, I didn't have to have a certain grade point average. Which was nice, because I was an idiot in high school. xD My advice on that is to DEFINITELY look into ANY scholarship you can find. A lot of them require essays, but knowing what I do about you, I think you would have no problem with it. You would be amazed at the number of small unknown scholarships that are out there.

    We really didn't have essays, most of our grades were earned with our skills, competencies, and performing certain procedures. That being said, the tests were AWFUL. I think my shortest test was 16 pages. BUT, the good part of that is that you learn from your mistakes, and it helps you to remember later. ;) We did a lot of powerpoint presentations too, and as far as that goes, my advice is to go ahead and start on it when you learn about it. Makes things a LOT easier. :D

    My biggest advice to you from experience would be to try not to get overly nervous about anything. I used to be HORRIBLE at dwelling on things that happened that I could have done differently, stuff like that, but just roll with the punches and everything will go GREAT for you. Work hard. Nothing is impossible! ^__^

    It sounds a little dramatic, but it's completely true! If you're lucky enough to find exactly what you want to do, college will be a breeze and full of awesome times!
  3. WHAT A COINCIDENCE! *just graduated from college in May*

    Financial aide should be like, THE FIRST thing you take care of, after housing. SRSLY. Apply for EVERY and ALL scholarships you can, even if you don't need the money. You never know when something may come up! Sometimes some scholarships don't get very many good applicants or any applicants at all and the money just sits there! You'll certainly be putting it to use so you may as well apply!

    I'm not sure about your housing situation, i.e., living on campus, at home, etc. If it's on campus, it tends to fill up fast, so get in that application! If you're on campus as well, send an email to your roomie to say hi...or something. I just asked mine if they were allergic to anything. We also ended up setting up a buddy system with our computer & printer. My printer was giving out but hers was new & used the same kind of ink & I had spare yeah.

    Trying to remember more important things...

    But if anything, this could possibly be some of the most fun you've ever had, and also the most stressful...
  4. "Good maybe next time it will teach you to have people watching your back when you decide to snipe." Akita replies as they walk into the station.
  5. “I- I don’t want to kill anyway, I’m not made for it.” She said looking down. “I weak, useless and good for nothing.”
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  6. Liddo | Private Chamber | Evening

    Interactions: Chosens & Abel @Tealous

    Liddo grit his teeth as he pulled the desk with all his might. He was beyond surprised at how incredibly heavy it was; in fact, now that he thought about it, why would Master Pyphreos place such a difficult obstacle in front of the secret passage? It didn't make any sense, but the Amalgy refused to doubt the Arbomite.

    Pyphreos always knew best--

    "A-ah!" A burning pain erupted in Liddo's shoulder, where the shaft of an arrow protruded. Breath speeding up to a panicked staccato, he crumbled onto his haunches and shakily gripped his shoulder around the wound, blood staining his hand. His exclamation shook with fear. "Archer--" A groan rumbled in the base of his chest.

    He tried to stand, but the sharp agony racing his arm stopped him short, so he had to crawl out of the way of the desk. He hated that he couldn't help Shilia anymore, but his left arm was definitely out of commission at the moment. He shakily went over to Abel and frantically gestured to the wall farthest away from the entrance. "Safe! B-be safe!" His eyes burned, the fright literally dousing his nerves in shakes and quivers.

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  8. We still have the multiverse opening multiple worlds and dumping people. Perhaps it is time to investigate what it causing the source of the new breaks.