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  1. Hey Ya'll!

    Let's play a game, eh? Here's how it goes.

    Post a dumb question. For example: What is the square root of peanut butter and jelly?


    Respond to a dumb question with a dumb answer. For example: The square root of peanut butter and jelly is :bananaman:.

    It can be any question, just make sure you aren't TOO serious.
  2. What is Obama's last name? >.>
  3. PotatOS.
  4. Does banana rhyme with BATMAN!?!?
  5. No, but it rymes with bazooka.

    Do eggplants do the cupid shuffle?
  6. No, cupid shuffle makes egg plants.

    Will cat fly if you stick feathers on it?
  7. Yes, but only if you stick them to a cat using an orange pair of pliers.

    Does a refrigerator sing if you tie it to an airplane?
  8. Yes, but you have to tie it to the front glass.

    Is a letter still a letter if the letter isn't written on a paper?
  9. Yes, but only on the 8th day of the week.

    Does a guitar purr if you give it a play script?
  10. Mm hmm. You have to stroke it's strings in the right place.

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  11. Penis

    Why does my dog fart everywhere?
  12. It danced an Irish Jig.

    Why did my computer jizz?
  13. Turtles.

    When did that get there?
  14. You're right, that is an odd place to put a piano.

    Is my name PewDiePie?
  15. It doesn't matter what your name is!

    Where are my shoes?
  16. Under the tectonic plates.

    Where's my daddy?!
  17. Daddy...Big Daddy?..Mr. Bubbles? Oh..He's over there.

    Does this always happen?
  18. No, it typically occurs when the power goes out.

    Who's pie?
  19. You are a pie.

    If I would drink a cold drink but the drink that I drink would change into a cold drink, would I still drink the same drink?
  20. Oreo filling.

    What is a blue red herring?