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  1. What you really really want

    If, money/other restrictions aside, you could have ONE THING that is:
    • A real thing
    • A single piece/unit
    What would you want?

    Right now I'd like some soft-shell beef tacos.
  2. A company that's doing pretty well, like Lego, Google, or Nintendo.

    That way I could buy anything else that I wanted.
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  3. A sole, winning power-ball lottery ticket.
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  4. What I want more than anything in life to to acquire more knowledge.
  5. Right now? For my next class to start already >_> It's hot outside.
  6. Pretty much this except make it a company like Bud Weiser or Jack Daniels.

    For the extra "benefits" ya know?
  7. curse y'all and your nonphysical, abstract wishes xD
  8. One Minibit please.
  9. A nice cottage style house on the lake with a view of the mountains, ohhh yeeeah.
  10. Easy. Travel the world.
  11. My house bought and paid for so I don't have to worry about that bill every month. o__o
  12. I want a Tempurpedic mattress or that kind where you can adjust the softness/firmness. I just want one comfortable, goodnight sleep...
  13. An international law banning Spice Girls references forever. >:[
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  14. Empathy would be nice. Failing that, a turkey sandwich.
  15. A publisher's scrotum, attached to a publisher, nestled in the palm of my hand.
  16. A moment of silence for Minibits brain.
  17. Never having to hear the word "empathy" again. Barring that, a steady job so I can buy a house and live with my girlfriend.
  18. My own house that is completely paid for. Preferably in a place that is perpetually cool so I don't ever have to deal with summer.
  19. My own house completely paid for? One less bill to worry about xD
  20. A job, preferably in town. Barring that? A working sewing machine plz.
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