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  1. Im the friendly neighborhood lewi. Me and my fiancé have hit a minecraft dry spell and we want to know what we should build. Be creative. We will give it our best. Please no castles. Lol we already did one.
  2. Finished pictures will be posted. And we are on a survival world lol
  3. A race track for horses, but death-race style. With hidden traps and obstacles designed to kill you.
  4. Racks. Just, like, racks everywhere.
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  5. <<< This guy. Now that'll be awesome to see!
  6. Have you ever thought about building a redstone contraption? If you're willing to take the time to learn how to use redstone (if you don't already know how to), I'd suggest you try it out, it can be a lot of fun! Even if it's something simple, like a piston door or whatnot.
  7. A castle tower!
  8. A penis!

    If that's not for you

    Two penises!
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  9. How about a huge cathedral?

    Or, if you wanna get fancy with it, make an upside-down cathedral that looks like it's hanging down from the clouds.
  10. A giant mech-suit.
  11. A life sized replica of the TNG Enterprise, complete with interior.


    Most importantly, Picard Creeper.
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  12. Dwarven City.

    Find a mountain. Create a grand entrance into the heart of the Earth and Strike the Earth.
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  13. Redstone stuff is really fun. I used to build cannons. ^^
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  14. Underwater palace.
  15. A Russian doll.
    Then build one around it.
    Then build one around THAT one.
    Rinse and repeat as necessary.
  16. A giant explosive creeper.
  17. A giant monument of myself...

    In all seriousness though:

    -Survival Server: I'd suggest an Iron Farm first.
    Clearing space, gathering materials, building big products etc. becomes much easier once you can use steel pickaxes all the time and never look back on stone.

    -Creative Server: A giant flying pirate ship, cannons and all. :3
  18. Bonus points when making this if you rig it so the top half of each layer can be exploded by pulling a lever or pushing a button to reveal the next doll in the chain.
  19. If you wanna get really crazy.....Dracula's castle, complete with the upside down castle connecting to it.
  20. Something underwater!