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Are you interested in any of these RPs?

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Harry Potter:
  • OC Girl/Sirius Black
  • Voldemort's Daughter/Sirius Black

  • OC Girl/Peter Petrelli
  • OC Girl/OC Person

Other Preferences:

  • Daphnae/Apollo
  • Persephone/Hades
  • Daughter of Hades/Son of (other Greek God/Goddess)
  • Neko Slave/Human Master
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High fantasy is my personal favorite, followed closely by modern fantasy and post-apocalyptic, but I can happily play in any genre if the plot is good enough.
Hello! Random CV popping in to let you know that a search for a group roleplay belongs in the Interest Checking and Creation forum, not in Seeking One on One Partners. :D While it is not banned to mix in group requests with one on one requests, it is generally frowned upon to keep things neat, and make sure everyone knows where to look to find what they want to find.

That's all! Sorry for intruding, and best of luck in your search.
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