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  2. We meet once again.

    Hello @Ashe! I would love to roleplay with you -- probably a light romance. I believe I can meet your expectations but that is certainly up to you whether I fit the position. You can check my roleplay resume and a few of my roleplays to peruse through my writing. :)
  3. Dropping interest here - I can get into specifics this afternoon when I have reliable internet connections and a proper keyboard.
  4. @Rambunctious
    Well, well, well -- seems I caught one of the grand prizes on the site. I have taken a look through your role plays and have noted that you seem to be quite gifted, artistically and with your writing ability. I believe your enough of a big girl to take me on. Is there a plot you had in mind, or perhaps character roles that you would like to use? I'm still in the process of touching up my thread request and my plots will be added more slowly.

    Dear sir, I appreciate the interest given! As I told Rambunctious my thread in still a work in process, but if you have an idea that you would like to pursue I will gladly listen and add my input. I am sorry that I don't have a written example of my work and if you wish to see something, I'm sure I can pull up a story stored away in my files.
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  5. I relate to almost everything you've said. I felt like I was just reading a partner search that I wrote. I am 100% in if you'll have me. I've done most of my roleplaying on other sites so there won't be any justification of my skills on my profile though I'll be glad to PM you a sample post from a current game of mine.

    I'm leaning towards Dark Romance or Fairytales (maybe incorporating that sort of romance into a Fairytale setting, even)
    Though I'm also considering Soft Science Fiction or Mystery, given that I don't get the opportunity/find anyone adept enough to make the genre's interesting very often.
  6. I would adore a roleplay with you, my dear. For an example of my typical work, see the thread "What We Are" visible from my signature. I'm down for anything in the fiction section you listed in your genre preferences, though I admit I've had a rather deep craving for some fantasy lately. Let me know what you think!

    Also, welcome to Iwaku!
  7. Oh man, oh man, ohman... I wasn't expecting this many people to be interested! I feel like it's my birthday and I'm getting a ton of goodies!

    @RedLipstick34 It's a pleasure to meet you, Red. It would be an honor to write with you and I'm sure we'll get along nicely. I have some plots in mind and hopefully I will get a few more up before the end of Saturday. Unless you have an idea you would like to share, you may have to wait a day or so before you see any more plots.

    @Sansa Stark Wow. Just wow. Only by seeing the plot setting for your role play was I astounded. It's a rare thing to see someone put so much detail into their role plays as you have. I have some fantasy ideas and I plan on having most of them up and ready before the end of Saturday.

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this upcoming week is my Spring Break. :D That means I'll be able to work with all of you who have been so kind in wanting to write with me. Thank you for this opportunity!
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  8. Thank you. <3 I take roleplaying pretty seriously, it's my favorite pastime. We can work with a general pairing and branch out from there instead of sticking to a pre-made plot. I find that working together from scratch to make something unique often creates better stories than those that have had some previous thought, but of course I'll hear anything you throw at me! Feel free to PM me if you'd like to hear the basic pairings I've been craving and we can flesh something out from that point. :)
  9. @Ashe
    Thank you darling! You beautiful sweetheart! Hm, well, my mind has been brewing a plot but its cyberpunk -- the plot contains extraterrestrial life, expanded world, and advanced technology. The world will be more vast and there will be multifarious lifeforms. So basically hardcore sci-fi; fun! If we decide to use my plot we will be playing as two fugitives. Send me a PM when you have time and we can flesh out the entire universe, fabricating it to our plots needs.
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  10. @Ashe Through Eyes of Fire sounds absolutely wonderful. You can check out my roleplays in the libertine area since that's where most of them are hogged. Illicit Nurture is the most current. Hit me up with a PM and we can start talking? :D
  11. I read....most of that.
    I like writing short stories sometimes, but I think I suck. You seem like an advanced role-player and I would like to improve. So I thought you could be a cool partner :3
    Would you like to role-play? If not, that is still cool with me :3
  12. Congratulations to me!

    I have updated my Skeleton Ideas and added another Plot. More to come in the next few days.
  13. @chainedfiction Morning! I was trying to message you but I'm not allowed I suppose... Can you open your account for discussion?
  14. Morning! Go ahead and PM me, it should work now. (:
  15. @chainedfiction I don't know what's going on but my message is not being sent. I'm so sorry for this kind of screw up. T w T Can you send a message to me while I try to figure out what is going on with my account?
  16. oh, hey, wow. you're really cool, i like you.

    i have a few ideas to throw into the ring, if you'd at all be interested. there's mostly magical realism (fantasy/magical creatures in modern realistic settings), light slice-of-life romances, light-hearted adventure fantasy - basically a lot of upbeat shit. because i'm a loser for that stuff.

    though i'm still getting into developing my skills out of a bit of a passive nature before, i'm happy to contribute as much as an anxiety-riddled, depressed mind will allow to the plot and plot elements. i have trouble getting in quick replies sometimes however, so i hope that's not too much of a problem.
  17. @Gore Bro, compliments will get you anywhere with me. Your slowness will not be problem. I am like tree sap when it comes to responses, so I think we'll be a good match. Hit me up with a PM and some ideas you'd like to play.
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    Partner Request will be closed for the time being due to an influx of participants.
    As soon as things settle it will open once more for two - three more people.

    (But if someone is willing to take a jump for the Mass Effect plot, my arms are open.)
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  19. Seems like there's a lot of traffic on your page here darlin'.
    I totally relate to most of what you said, and if you're
    interested, I would LOVE a roleplay with you. You're more
    than welcome to check out my roleplay resume, I have two of my
    samples there. But if you're interested PM me. I have a
    interesting world in mind and it would be the ninja x ninja.

    Although it's intricate I think you may enjoy it. Happy hunting!
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