Tell me a secret of yours...

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  1. I find it as a good way to break the ice.
    Here, I'll go first:

    I'm allergic to weed. The THC, spits me into a seizure it does.

    Doesn't have to be anything serious, just something to start a conversation really. ^.^ I'm new and trying to get a feel for the website.

  2. Hi Slaughter Daughter!

    I love Skulls!

  3. Hello~<3
    And I absolutely ADORE your profile picture!
    And thaaaaank yoooooh~ <3
    WHOO HOO!!!! Nineteen at last! xD Time for another tattoo!
  4. *tries to think of a secret*

    Um... uuuuum...

    My sex drawer only has crackers, a coloring book with crayons, and some hidden cans of soda?
  5. Sounds about like mine. xD **sigh** where did my social life go? I thought I left it laying around here somewhere...
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  6. I hope your birthday rocks~

    I'm Sabine and I have three nipples. ^^
  7. hmmm....I am a closet romance fan. I just love a story about two people finding love and going on adventures, facing hardships, but in the end it always ends well.

    ssshhhh! Dont tell my biker buddies!!
  8. lol, your secret is safe with me! And I'm the same way! ^.^
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  9. I used to think the word "bukkake" was a type of food.
  10. .....It's.....Not???????
  11. Welcome, Slaughter! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

    Lets see, something secret about me... hrmmm... I am okay with tentacles just wanting to have fun. Yep, kinda creepy! -exits stage right-
  12. Whello there ^^
    I am actually not crazy.
    I am lying...
  13. Thank you Seth! And I've ready a few fandoms of Slenderman and they weren't that bad. ^.^
    And I'm pretty crazy too once you get to know me. ^.^ But then again, I think we're all a little crazy in one way or another.
  14. probably ;)
    We all try to cope xD
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