Telekinetic Energy Vampires

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  1. The year is 2126, New York City is plagued with monsters that were normal people only a few years ago. Most of those who didn't become soul-sucking lunatics were killed by them, drained of all their energy and left as shriveled and empty husks with little other desire than to shamble aimlessly and attack anything with a pulse. This doesn't just apply to us, it seems like. The energy vampires, as some of us have taken to calling them, are also attacked by those they've zombified. They're as much a problem for them as they are for us, which is a good thing considering it kind of takes a little of the heat off of us. Still so, the common vampire prioritizes draining an uninfected person's energy over dealing with the monsters they spawn in doing so.

    Lately life has become even more difficult, what with the apparent increase in vampires intelligence. What were once crazy people sucking souls became crazy soul-suckers that could sometimes use telekinesis, soon after TK was pretty common among them and only a little after that were some of them beginning to retain their past intelligence, surpassing it and figuring out ways to control their lessers. Insane or not, the vast majority of these vampires mean to devour the soul of each and every remaining survivor. Every now and then comes along a vampire who has overcome the urges that came with their terrible affliction, but this appears to be a very rare occurrence. Oh, and did I mention that we're completely alone in this struggle? Yeah, the city is closed-in, quarantined. No one is coming to save us, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, New York City doesn't exist anymore. We can only rely on ourselves and our own resources.

    It's frightening to think that they've been evolving so rapidly, considering it'd only been a few years since this all started. Thankfully though, we're not completely helpless. Some of the advancements in technology happened along just in time to be useful in our current situation, though most of the gizmos we have available aren't actually functional right now, or have very limited uses. Most of us are limited to common fire-arms, knives, and whatever combat training we're taught, but the one or two functional lasers we have really make a difference. It's hard to make time for research with all that's going on, but we have guys trying to figure out how to make more of this stuff work. It doesn't feel like we've really made any progress over the couple of years since we found the surplus of broken gadgets, but one can hope someone manages to make them work. If they do, maybe we can turn our struggle for survival into a real fight, crawl out from under our rocks and retake our city.


    Sooo.. That's my idea. If you like it, feel free to sign up! I've been eager to start this one up for a few weeks because of an awesome dream I had, and finally got around to writing up this crummy thing and a starting post. Keep in mind that while I did mention there being some technological advancements, these things are NOT common and, as mentioned most of it isn't even functional. That said, if you want some nifty gadget or another you should ask me first instead of just writing it into your guy's description. If the roleplay doesn't fizzle out too soon, I'm planning to introduce the functional tech at a later point in the story. The future we're going to be playing in is only a little futuristic and our apocalypse is only three years in, so think of the city the same way it is now pretty much, except maybe a bit less taken care of and not as lively. You know, dirty and lonely, like most guys my age on the internet.

    Character sheets, character sheets.. I'm expecting a name and a physical description (Or a picture) at least, the more detail the better.. Er.. Not to say I want you to describe every little wrinkle in your character's skin, just.. Well, I'm sure you know what I mean. Don't just say "Dale is a guy with cool hair and some sunglasses that are also cool". Maybe add in that his pants are an off shade of blue. A general personality would be good too, but isn't necessary, and biographies don't really matter. If you really want to share your character's personal background story, let them tell it through the course of the roleplay.

    This is the first roleplay I've actually created on this site, or any forum really so if it doesn't sound too great or ends up sucking.. I blame inexperience. If you do decide to join in, please be patient with me and don't drop out if I don't post every single day. As some of you know, aside from some weekends at my bestie's place I'm pretty much limited to accessing the site from my cellphone. My signal at home is crap, and every now and then I don't have the money to keep my phone on, but I haven't gone a full month with it off so far. I'll post as often as I can, which will usually mean one post per day once my phone is back on (Which should be shortly after Thanksgiving, if nothing comes up) or rather one the same day our order comes full-circle. Just as I'm hoping you'll be patient with me, I'm in no way putting on the pressure to have you post the very second your turn comes around. I want this to be a fun roleplay that you can enjoy at your own pace, not something you have to rush.

    As soon as we have enough people to start this thing, I'll post the starter I've already written up. I'm hoping to have four players or more, including myself and my bestie who is likely to join and I'm hoping will help me out. I get the impression he's looking forward to it the same as I am though, since we discussed it beforehand. If our group exceeds five, I'll start a separate thread to divide the groups when the time comes, which will change the story a teeny tiny bit. If you have any questions, ask them. If not, go right ahead and post your character.

    Oh by the way, I am open to suggestions here. If you've got an idea, lay it on me and we'll discuss.


    Per Connu's suggestion, here's a basic character sheet template.







    Other: (Things the rest of the group might know about your character, if they're a fairly new arrival, etc. Pretty much anything you think we should know.)
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  3. Name: Leonard Wallace

    Age: 32

    Appearance: Leo is tall, broad-shouldered man standing right at 6'3" and weighing in around 270 pounds of almost pure muscle. He has short black hair that is most often kept neat and slicked back, dark brown eyes, and a very light tan. If you'd examined him closely, you'd notice a couple of scars on his neck, one just under his ear, and more than a handful on most other parts of his body. Likely his most distinguishing features are the thick callouses on his knuckles that suggest his own fists are his preferred weapon.

    Clothing - The three changes of clothes he owns are all pretty much the same thing, white short-sleeved shirts and plain blue jeans. The only real difference in the articles are the different little rips and the occasional stain. He also owns one pair of dark brown, steel-toed work boots and a leather jacket of the same color, lined with brass buttons.

    Personality: Despite his burly, bruiser-esqe appearance, Leo is generally a very friendly so long as he's not pushed too far. Thankfully he doesn't take offense to much and he can stand a good deal of abuse before he loses his temper, but his fuse burns out in almost an instant if he feels like a loved one or a friend is being threatened. He is very protective of those he feels close to, especially of his partner, Kris. So long as you're not causing any trouble though, he's the easiest person to please in the world. Even the smallest gesture seems to go a long way with him, and he'll consider you a pal in no time. He's not shy in the least, very open and honest. He wont hesitate to show affection toward a friend physically or otherwise, and is known to greet or thank them with great big bear hugs. You'd think there would be a point where you'd get used to it, but his muscly embrace is rather crushing. When it comes to dealing with vampires or those raider-y types however, he tends to be very untrusting and seldom drops his guard for even a second, even if they feign a friendly demeanor. Considering that, it comes as a surprise to most that he doesn't have trouble warming up to the very rare friendly vampire, and even more that he has actually been intimate with one for some time now. Some people speculate that he's like an animal or an infant, in that he can sense a person's intentions somehow.

    Other: Among their now fairly large (Considering the circumstances) band of survivors, Leo's say in things tends to carry some weight likely due to him being one of the few that originally organized their particular group. He discusses the big decisions with the rest of the group before anything is final, but usually gets his way regardless when it comes to things he feels relate to the safety of the group. In such cases, only a couple of people can even make him give a second thought to his plan of action. That being the case, people usually seek out one of those people to talk sense into him when his plan sounds too dangerous.


    Name: Kristen Paige

    Age: 24

    Appearance: Kris is, as are most we've taken to calling vampires, very pale skinned. Unlike most of those infected however, her physical appearance is relatively healthy, if not a little thin. Her most eye-catching feature is her one missing arm, which has been severed just above where her elbow would have been. She has dark brown hair that hangs just off her shoulders and the same pale blue eyes that most of the vampires seem to have.

    Clothing - Kris has several piercings; one small silver stud centered under her bottom lip, a similar one in her left eyebrow, and two small hoops in each ear. Like most in the group, she only owns a few changes of clothes. Hers include three pairs of jeans, two dark blue and one faded, one black turtle-neck with one sleeve torn off to the length of her severed arm, two white tank-tops, and a pair of black and white sneakers. She's usually also wearing Leo's jacket when he's not out.

    Personality: Unlike her partner, Kris is not a very open or touchy person. She's not unfriendly, she's just not very comfortable around most people. She'll snuggle right up to Leo though, but she does tend to be shy about doing anything more than that in plain view of other people. She tries to play a cool act, but most of the time she's very nervous around others when her partner is away. Some might occasionally notice her flinch or become tense if they approach her while she's alone. She is slowly becoming more trusting of the others in the group though, when she first joined she could barely manage to speak to anyone save Leo, with whom she's been close for as long as anyone can remember. Despite her above average strength, Kris tends to depend on him for protection and sticks close to him most of the time. Some people get the feeling she's pretending to be helpless for his benefit, him being the protective sort he is.

    Other: As a vampire Kris does possess above average strength and speed, but she lost her telekinetic abilities and her influence over the lesser vampires a few weeks after going cold turkey on the whole energy draining biz.
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  5. Name: Amelia

    Age: appears 6-7

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Petite and thin. She plays up the weakness her body suggests. She has hazelnut hair and greenish grey eyes. Like all others, she is pale skinned and looks very malnurished.

    Personality: Amelia is the brains behind the operation, using her sister as a tool to find food. She is dark and withdrawn; working alone rather than with a group. She doesn't trust anyone other than her "sister"

    Other: To her knowledge she was never born. Because of her loss of memory, she doesn’t remember anything from before the first day of opening her eyes as a vampire.
    Unfortunately, she has no recollection of her parents ever existing. She has no memories of them what so ever. She does remember her sister though, the only memory she has of her sister is when they were playing on the docks before she woke up confused.

    Name: Faith
    Age: 19-21

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: mostly silent and withdrawn, though given the chance, she is very talkative and curious about everything. Usually, Amelia keeps her quiet, but if she's allowed, Faith could blossom into her own individual.

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  8. Name: Royce blackwater

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Royce is short and possesses elegant features, he has wavy dark brown hair with a blonde highlight running through it and blue eyes that are commonly mistaken for grey. He also has a light stubble around his chin from not shaving in a while.

    Clothing: He wears a black t-shirt with whats left of a grey cardigan over it. Not a single weapon is visible on him. Despite his small size and unarmed state he seems to strike more fear into people than his brother does.

    Personality: Royce is sarcastic most of the time and the rest of the time he is cold and blunt. He usually does not get offensive comments but when he does he will be quick to reply with something far more hurtful.

    Other: He has a strong Irish accent. He also has a limp from a car crash.


    Name: Francis blackwater


    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Francis is quite tall and has rugged features. He has fairly short dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He also has a scar over his left eye and nose from an attack. Out of him and his brother Francis has the more happy/cheerful face and is the usually the one people talk to first.

    Clothing: Francis wears a dirt stained navy blue top with a brown leather strap around his chest to hold a weapon. He also wears faded jeans,brown hiking boots and a brown leather jacket.

    Personality: Francis is a quite upbeat person and one of those people you want by your side all the time. He is always left to clean up after his brother but never gets angry about it.

    Other: His accent is not as strong as his brothers as he has spent more time in New York.
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  9. Name:
    'Jason' (Real name unknown)

    Age: ???

    Gender: Male

    Hiding his rather unsettling looks from others, 'Jason' is almost always seen donning a cracked hockey mask, a habit which ended up getting him nicknamed after a certain character from a certain series of cheesy horror movies. Along with his questionable choice in facial gear, he's usually dressed in a tattered black hoodie (with the hood always up over his head), ratty old blue jeans and work boots, along with a set of thick gardening gloves to cover his hands. The ensemble effectively keeps his entire body hidden, because the grotesque form underneath tends to scare other people off, or worse, make them shoot at him. You can't blame them though, really, what with his shriveled clammy skin that makes him look like he belongs in some kind of museum exhibit, or his raspy, demonic voice that sounds akin to Lucifer after smoking a few cartons of cigarettes. The only thing that looks even remotely 'normal' about him is that set of piercing blue eyes peeking out from the slits in his mask. Aside from the peepers, his appearance is similar to that of those mindless husks that shamble throughout the streets, only he apparently seemed to retain his sentience somehow.

    One might call him the 'strong silent' type, refraining from speaking or engaging in any type of conversation unless he felt it was entirely necessary. Not to say he won't help someone that needs it, but he has little tolerance for foolishness, or worse, small talk. While he's often cold and aloof towards most, even to those he might consider to be friends, he still has moments where his soft side might bleed through that rough exterior, particularly when it comes to dealing with animals or children.

    While his story is entirely unknown to most (and those that ask about it only ever receive a cold stare), it's obvious he had some kind of background in electronics before the outbreak. It's not unusual to see him fiddling with old gizmos in his spare time, and more often than not is he able to fix a problem someone might have with their tech if they simply just ask. The most obvious indication of this is that massive laser rifle he always keeps slung over his shoulder, a piece of advanced technology that might have been in good shape at some point, but has been weathered by years of constant use, so worn down to the point that the energy cell (which is powered by a tiny solar panel during daylight) only keeps a charge long enough to fire one shot, two if he's lucky. Yet still he's been able to keep it functioning over the years, due to some rather inventive jury-rigging on his part.
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  10. I already said something about it in my first post, but I'd like to say again just in case. I wont be around for a little while since my phone is off, but I SHOULD have it back on some time after Thanksgiving.
  11. Okay guys, my phone is back on and I feel like four should be plenty to get started. I'll leave this open though, in case others want in. If they do, I might start a second thread and play out a secondary plot that Con and Estha know the basics of.

    So, what do you all say? Should we get this thing started? And yes, I see you haven't filled out all your deets, Estha, but it's fine as long as we know what everyone looks like. At the same time though, I wouldn't mind waiting a bit if you want to finish your character profiles first.

    By the way, I know you said you just got carried away with the vampire thing, but I feel like I should say something just to be sure. My vampires aren't blood sucking Draculas or whatevs. They do age, but they live a bit longer if they don't die from physical wounds or anything.

    And again, if there are ever ANY questions, go right ahead and ask. If I've confused anyone or neglected any details, I'd like to clear things up as soon as I can.
  12. Well, I'm ready whenever you are boss.
  13. I'm happy to start
  14. Excellent c: In that case, I'll have it up as soon as I'm done going through messages.
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