Teh Serious Roelplay

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  1. Once upon a tiem, der wuz derkness. Teh darkness covered teh entire kingdom, and it wuz caused by a dragon naemed Supermegaawesomedragon. He wuz evil. Dis is teh story of teh adventures that try to kill teh dragon.

    Bilbo wuz walking down teh road, and he had hiz sword out, it was very sharp. He had his blade in his hand and he saw a citey down the road. There wuz a big towar. Bilbo though to himself: "Hmm dat is a big towar."
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  3. And then the darkness cry a bit as a sad but kinda upbeat fighter kid (Who, actually lacked any form of formal training and honestly despite his claims, is by no means any form of combatant) whos has a strange dna which gives teh demon power when he cries blood tears and shits a rainbow

    "huh" says the kid "maybe i will get into a tournament and become the best ever yolo"

    (Writing this was difficult. I had to suppress laughter.)
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  4. Fukno set n da middle of da rode cryin. "why does nobody luv me" she sed. Her hair dat changed colors wit her mood flowd behind her as she stood up n saw Bilbo. "hey!!1one" she sed to bilbo.

    wen he didn't reply she sat back dwn on da rode and began to cry again.
  5. "o no fukno my childhood luv"

    suddenly kujitaro appeared and saved fukno from something (What exactly it was we'll never know, but he totally saved her from something I bet)

    "i promised i would marry you and make a baby but i was scared he would have a strange dna like me did"
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  6. "my luv i thot youd never come bak for me" Fukno sed romanticly

    her eyes wich also changed colors wit her moods turned pink for luv as she looked in to his eyez

    "it ok i understand why u did dat at least u here now rite?"

    she turn to da towar and gasped. "wat a big towar lets go der and git married den we can make a baby"
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  8. but then kujitaro was hit by the arrow and he did the die
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  9. Fukno get down on her knees an cry. "why you takin away my man?" she yell at da sky, da fresh tears runnin down her fase.
  10. but then the die din work as kujitaro used power of lub to escape and take fukno to a hotel where they had fried chicken and noodles

    "fukno nothing will ever put us apart again"
  11. Fukno chewed her noodlez an listen to kujitaro talk bout his luv for her wit a smug look on her fase. "see bby i new u culdn't stay away form me im jus to goodlewkin." her hair turn bright pink again fer luv as she lewk into his eyes an wispered "i luv you"
  12. sudenly Soogoyman flies to da window and den he sez "Psyyyyyche! Fukno not goodlewkin. I goodlewkin!" He rips his shirt off and showz his abs, den flais off into dah distanz, only to return at sum oter inconveenyent tiem.
  13. Saurbum sat on his supa kwl towa wondrin y no1 want3d 2 cum n play.

    "Y does no1 cum n play."
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  14. Fukno seen Saurbum an wus taken bak by how gud lewkin he wuz. "wow u are so gewdlukin much beter den Kuji can i be ur wife insted?" she asked him as her hare turn purple da culor of mistery
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  15. Saurbun put his hnd in frnt his face n became invisbl, dis gurl jst left him 4 me, she mst be nasty, hpe she stay awy from mi towa.

    "Hy u, dnt cum near mi towa, kay?"
  16. All ub a suden, deh soopersoogoyman flais ober to fukno and sez "lies! He no gewdlookin, I gewdlookin" Den he rips his shirt off and den showts "swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!" showin off his abz and den flais off again, to come bak at anubber inconveenyent tiem

    Meenwaile, a girl who juss escayped teh asylum shouts "IT'S A CONSPEERACEE FROM TEH GUBBERMINTS I TELLS YA! A CONSPEERACEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Suddenlee, wif dah powas of fouth wall breakning, WolfNightV4X1 telepurts into dah story as uh personified character and sez "OH MY GOD YES I HAVE BEEN WAITIN SO LONG TO USE DAT LINE! AND OH GOSH TEH ROLEPLAI IS MAKIN MEH TALK LIEK DIS. I MUST DEPART CHARACTURS, FAERWELL!" Immediately WolfnightV4X1 teleports out of deh storee again.

    The gurl who juss escayped, named Lupa, blinked in confyooshun, den goes bak to runnin down teh street, shoutin up at teh towas "CONSPEEEERACEEEE!!!!!!!!
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  17. Fukno lewk ovr at da girl who run in an her eyez went wyd "its da mating call of my ppl" she sed quitely and stud up, rippin her clothes off an runnin dwn da rd towards da towa
  18. Lupa see's dah gurl rippin her close off so den she desides to do dah same, "YOLO!" she showts, den runs arownd nekkid, cacklen maniahcully.
  19. kuji let out intense screamin (More accurately, he let off a dull roar and forced tears) and then he went out into the forest to train where his hair got longer but he dun get muscles bc muscles are gay so he looked like that one member of the addams family.
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  20. Fukno continued runnin towards da towa screamin and jumping up n dwn. "errbody cum wit me to da towa we gota go 2 make da plot thicken GUYS CUM ON" she yell in da air, her hair den turn green fer sickness as she puke on the ground