Teenage Super Villainess Mother

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  1. Meet the rich and popular Zelphina Ender, AKA Onyx Queen, a young villainess in training. She's the nastiest biatchkachou you'll meet that's still in high school, and getting her rear wiped by hundred dollar bills! Evil, I know!


    Now, Zelphina just happened to get invited to a Superhuman Party, where the line between good and evil be damned in the name of underage drinking and annoying the next door neighbors.

    Of course, this is where the mighty Onyx Queen is deflowered.

    Yes, you heard me right. Zelphina just happened to meet a nice guy. While she was drunk. But even being drunk, she knew he was nice. He just couldn't recall his face…anyways, after some sweet talk, the two would go up to an empty bedroom, and they got down to work...

    The next morning, Zelphina was in the middle of the worst hangover of her life, her favorite evil costume and carefully styled hair ruined, as she awoke to find herself peeing on a pregnancy test that came out of nowhere.

    And she was positive. Skip to Nine months later, the baby boy is born, Zelphina of course unable to even think of requesting an abortion, or giving away her first born to strangers, determined to make her evil dreams come true, find the baby's father, and maintain her fortune so she can support herself and her own father.

    Sure, she says she hates her own child. But she doesn't mean it at all...


    Here's a link to character slots: We still have two more roles to be filled!