Teenage Super Villainess Mother

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  1. Meet the rich and popular Zelphina Ender, AKA Onyx Queen, a young villainess in training. She's the nastiest biatchkachou you'll meet that's still in high school, and getting her rear wiped by hundred dollar bills! Evil, I know!


    Now, Zelphina just happened to get invited to a Superhuman Party, where the line between good and evil be damned in the name of underage drinking and annoying the next door neighbors.

    Of course, this is where the mighty Onyx Queen is deflowered.

    Yes, you heard me right. Zelphina just happened to meet a nice guy. While she was drunk. But even being drunk, she knew he was nice. He just couldn't recall his face…anyways, after some sweet talk, the two would go up to an empty bedroom, and they got down to work...

    The next morning, Zelphina was in the middle of the worst hangover of her life, her favorite evil costume and carefully styled hair ruined, as she awoke to find herself peeing on a pregnancy test that came out of nowhere.

    And she was positive. Skip to Nine months later, the baby boy is born, Zelphina of course unable to even think of requesting an abortion, or giving away her first born to strangers, determined to make her evil dreams come true, find the baby's father, and maintain her fortune so she can support herself and her own father.

    Sure, she says she hates her own child. But she doesn't mean it at all...


    Main characters:

    1) Zelphina
    2) Zelphina's Right hand person, the muscle (Mooglegirl)
    3) Zelphina's Left hand person, the mad scientist (Persnickety)

    4) Her hated archenemy (In Brightest Jay)

    5) The baby (shared by Zelphina's Player and In Brightest Jay)

    6) The Rival Villainess


    Character Sheet:

    Species: (If Applicable)
    Items: (If Any)
    Weapons: (If Any)

    Fun Facts:

    Theme Song:

  2. Hey, sounds like fun! :D I want to enter a character for Zelphina's right-hand man, who could definitely use the development. Let me just get the character sheet up...
  3. I hope it's OK if I use a race of dragons I made up. :3

    Name: Addlor
    Gender: Male
    Species: Salzarian earth dragon
    Age: 29 (more like 22 or so by human standards)

    Appearance: As an earth dragon, Addlor is a biped, possessing the musculature and basic proportions of the average human, save for his thick tail that he holds up behind him at nearly all times. He lacks wings, however, though flight would be awkward even with them. He stands at about seven feet tall and has a thick, muscular body covered in jade-green scales, with the exception of the softer, tan-colored plates running from his stomach to the base of his tail. His head, similar in shape to that of your average western dragon, has two slightly rounded horns extending back from his skull. His "hands" have three fingers and an opposable thumb each, which are in turn tipped with short but sharp claws. His plantigrade-esque feet are fairly large and have four thick toes with equally thick nails.

    History: Addlor belongs to a race of dragons that hail from a world known as Salzar, a planet of magic and extremes. Its very atmosphere is charged with energy and its landscapes and climates manifest in rather nonsensical ways. However, Addlor was not born on Salzar. His parents, who he never knew thanks to the very hands-off method that Salzarian dragons use to "raise" their young, had moved to Earth for its beautifully variant culture, living in a village of other earth dragons like themselves, hidden away in a mountain. Addlor himself made his home in a cave near that village, hanging out and enjoying the local geology like many of his neighbors. However, when he heard rumors of the latest villainess to hit the scene, he knew he just had to meet her. Zelphina sounded like exactly the sort of girl he could get along with: rich, ruthless, beautiful, rich, eager to live life to the fullest, and not afraid to get her way. Oh, and also rich. Did I mention that? He made his hike down the mountain, ignoring and/or terrorizing anyone who got in his way, and tracked her down, pledging allegiance to her cause. He's been serving her ever since.

    Items: Nothing on him at the moment, not even clothes. He already spent the last of his Salzar currency a long time ago, and he hunts for food when he needs to.
    Weapons: He prefers to rely on his natural abilities, namely his tail, teeth, and claws.
    Skills/Abilities: He can breathe fire, like about half of the earth dragons of his world, and isn't afraid to use it in a fight if things get nasty. Like most dragons of Salzar, he also has a basic grasp of alchemy and symbol-based magic, though he rarely has a use for such skills.

    Quote(s): "Hey, loser! When I ask for your name, you give it, alright? Don't you know who I am?"
    Fun Facts: Only his absolutely closest friends are allowed to know his biggest, most well-kept secret: Addlor is a closet brony, a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. No, really. He can't get enough of that show. But to maintain his "flawless" self-image, he makes absolutely sure that as little people know as possible. He hasn't even told Zelphina, though that's not to say she doesn't know. But he sure as hell hopes she doesn't.

    Theme Song: Mudvayne - Scream With Me
  4. Glad you approve! X3
  5. Now we wait for other players. :O
  6. Um... Hi! **hides behind corner, whispering** I'd like to play the mad scientist if that's okay with you... I'll put up a character sheet after I finish fleshing her out. :)
  7. Name: Alice

    Gender: Female

    Species: Spirit Dragon

    Age: 20 (Very near 21, and excited to go drinking!)

    Appearance: In human form, she is a small mousy looking girl with waist-length chestnut hair and oversized round glasses that hide her honey brown eyes and long eyelashes. She appears very bookish, and binds her chest so her breasts don't get in her way. They end up looking like a large B-cup to small C-cup, but in reality are huge 34DDs, on her petite 5' 3" frame. She usually wears her hair in a bun so it's not a distraction to her work.

    In dragon form, she resembles a large opalescent basilisk with crimson eyes, and is able to use telekinesis to fly and move objects. She's not sure if she can breathe fire or not. Her father said that her mother could, but so far, Alice has been unsuccessful in her attempts.

    History: Was concieved by a spirit dragon (which are able to take on human form), and a demon who was in human form at the time. When her mother, the dragon, realized she was half demon, she left Alice with her father. Alice's father has tried to raise her up to be evil, or even slightly naughty, but seems to just keep failing. When Alice was very young, he realized how brilliant she was and instilled a love of science into her. She recieved a doctorate in Nuclear Physics at the age of 16, and built a fully functioning, miniature nuclear fusion reactor when she was 17, which powers her entire laboratory. Still trying to instill a love of trickery, or evil genius into his daughter, Alice's father came to an agreement with Zelphina's father, to contract Alice as Zelphina's head of science and industry. For two years, Alice has been building evil gadgets and gizmos for Zelphina to use, as per her requests.

    Items: Usually has a romance novel hidden in her lab coat to read during breaks.

    Weapons: Tazer gun in her purse, for warding off the occasional handsy henchman

    Skills/Abilities: Super genius, with a tendency toward electronics

    Quote(s): "Why can't I just be nice, AND have your approval? What's so special about being evil?"

    Fun Facts: Has a HUGE secret crush on Addlor. Seriously. Any time she sees him, or even thinks about him, she's all in a tizzy. You know, blushing, stuttering, being all clumsy. It's really ridiculous. Once caught him accidentally making a My Little Pony reference, but said nothing. She herself is a HUGE MLP:FIM fan, and figured he wouldn't want anyone to know. She understands how that could look bad for his "big and scary" image. But sometimes, she dreams that she'll burst out singing Pinkie Pie's Smile Song from Season 2: Episode 18, and then he'll confess undying love for her.

    Theme Song: Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

    Extra: In the back of her subconscious, a storm of rage is slowly brewing. She's very passive, and tends to bottle everything up. On to of that, she hasn't shifted into her dragon form in MONTHS. And never in front of anyone but her dad. She's not even sure if the others know exactly what she is. But if she gets to that point, everybody better get the hell out of her way, 'cause it won't be pretty.
  8. .......

    I am...so very excited about this now.
  9. I had hoped you would be. I myself am a real life brony, and feel no shame about it. Poor Addlor, being stuck in the brony closet. At least he has a fellow pony lover on his side, even if he doesn't realize it yet. :) Alice just CAN'T get over those sexy green scales of his! OOOH! How she LONGS to buff them to a ridiculously sexy shine... OH YES! *Insert Alice moaning here*
  10. I guess Zelphina will have a Demons and Dragons theme to her.

  11. Hehe, I'm the same way. X3 I can't wait, this is going to be so delightfully silly and awesome! Are you excited, 'cause I'm excited, I've never been so excited! Well, except for the time I saw you walking and I was like *brohoof* but I mean really, who can top that? :D

    Sounds like a good idea to me! :D
  12. Sounds like fun! We need more, dammit! XD Did you put an ad up yet, IBJ?
  13. Do it, bro. Do it. :cool:
  14. ...

    Oh GODS!

    Rocky Horror Picture Show...

    Sweet Transvestite....

    Rival Villain"ess".


    Let me get my mind together. I am not the best person for this: *Points at mountains of RPs he killed* but I'll watch.

    Since this will be interesting.
  15. Wait wut.

    lets see that sheet.
  16. Hihi. I'd like to propose a rival villainess :3

    Name: Rebecca Daniels
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Extremely short black hair that got buzzed off when it kept getting in the way, hazel eyes, and an extremely toned and athletic build. Usually wears skimpy clothing, currently a black tube top and purple short shorts. Her eyebrows are highly arched and she's naturally very pale. Her lips are thin and she doesn't normally wear any makeup. She has many scars on her arms, legs, and torso and isn't afraid to bare them.
    History: After successfully defeating the werewolf clan in her old hometown and subsequently getting bored because there were no evil deeds left to accomplish, Rebecca packed up and moved to Zelphina's town. She's thrilled to have a new challenge in the form of phasing Zelphina out of the limelight.
    Items: Her weights which she keeps in her squat, an abandoned house, a small backpack with her maps of the city, including blueprints of the sewer system, museum, and city hall, three bottles of vodka
    Weapons: Twin silver daggers for close range fights and her two beloved .22 handguns
    Skills/Abilities: Rebecca only needs about an hour of sleep each day, requires barely any food or water, and can withstand extreme temperatures. Her night vision is especially good and she's talented with her various weapons as a result of her experience battling werewolves.
    Quote(s): "I don't take shit from anyone. That's your only fuckin' warning."
    Fun Facts: She was in the foster care system until she was 12 and then she ran away.
    Theme Song: Too Much Blood by Wednesday 13
    Extra: She's technically bisexual but doesn't have any interest in a relationship that doesn't give her a solidly dominant role