Teenage Problems (MiNaGi and Rinny)

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  1. It was a season of love. Early March and sunny weather, birds chirping and the air almost smelling of love, flowers and chocolate. Valentine's Day had just passed a little over half a month ago, and White Day was coming up.
    Gumi had received many chocolates from random girls on Valentine's Day, but not the girl she wanted it from. She was planning to give that girl chocolate on White Day.
    The school was in a big preparation mess for a festival going to be held only a few days after White Day, and everyone where working hard. Gumi's class were doing a themed cafè, and every waiter would dress and act as if they were in the 1800s. Gumi had, without consent, been forced to be a waiter and sighed as she walked into the class, starting to practice what she should say and do while in the cafè. People were doing games, or cooking, and there was a haunted house as well, typical for festivals.
    But Gumi didn't really care about that.
    A while ago, they had gotten a new home room teacher. She was young and had a lot of energy, with flowy hair and an eternal smile on her face. Gumi was ashamed to say so, but she had probably fallen in love at first sight. This teacher, though, always flirted with all of the girls and Gumi didn't see that she would actually have a chance.
    She sighed as she went on with the preparations, every now and then sending a glance in the teacher's direction. Luka. The prettiest name she'd ever heard. She quickly forced her gaze away from the woman as she blushed.
  2. "Luka-Sensei should we including some sushi in our menu or more sweets?" One of the girls asked running up to Luka with a menu in her hands. Luka smiled kindly at the girl and nodded. "Of course there should be tu- I-I mean sushi! I love Sushi!" The girl giggled and wrapped some of her teal hair around her finger. "Your really pretty Luka-Sensei." Luka smirked a bit then patted her head. "You know it Miku-chan~" Then Luka caught the glance of the green haired girl and smiled at her winking at her to see the girls reaction.
  3. She blushed a deep red and pouted softly, promptly turning around to ignore Luka. She wasn't going to fall for this woman's tricks, obviously it was all a game to get a reaction out of her. She was a little sad that Luka would probably never like Gumi in the way Gumi liked her. She was really in love with Luka and she couldn't express it, afraid of rejection. She tried to focus on her tasks, her green bangs almost covering her face and the tears she could feel forming in her eyes. She couldn't let Luka see her like this, weak and hopelessly in love.
  4. "..." Luka blinked looking at Gumi then focused on Miku till she finally left her alone. Then she walked over to Gumi and put a hand on her head "Megpoid-San I like the color of your hair." Luka said and honestly it was the truth. She really did like the color of her hair. Then she tapped the goggles on her head with her blue painted nails. "I like your goggles too!" Luka giggled which caused a couple of students to stare and blush at her expression.
  5. She looked up and blinked in surprise, tears still in the corners of her eyes. She was debating with herself whether to fall for what Luka was saying. Until now, Luka had spent her time hitting on all the cute girls with long hair and big eyes, but Gumi was different. She wore a boy's uniform and she was a bit taller than the other girls (still shorter than Luka, though) and her eyes looked a bit angry most of the time. She didn't think of herself as pretty and certainly not the type that Luka would like. She wanted to be that type so badly but she had no idea what to do for it. She was also too confused to come up with an answer, and too confused to even pay attention to the fact that she still had tears in her eyes.
  6. "Huh? Oh your..." Luka took out her handkerchief and wiped her eyes softly moving some of her hair outta of the way. Her eyes looked at her concerned. "Come." Luka took Gumi's hand then lead her outta the room not before Luka told the class "I expecting everyone to be working!" Luka said giving her smiling death look then took Gumi outta the room and into the next room which was empty. "Is everything alright Gumi-chan? I don't like seeing you cry..."
  7. She looked down, her fists clenched at her sides, forcing herself to nod slightly.
    "I'm fine... I'm completely fine..."
    She could even hear in her own voice that she was lying; there was no way Luka was going to accept that. But she couldn't tell the reason she was down. There was no way that the woman would accept her feelings. Maybe Luka would even make fun of her and call her silly. Gumi knew her feelings weren't something normal, but she couldn't help but love Luka so much. She bit her lip, waiting for Luka to answer while she stood there, looking at her feet. She didn't want bad things to happen.
  8. Luka hugged her close then stroked her hair. "Uhhh...Gumi-chan..Please don't cry...It hurts me to see you this way..." She said whispering in her ear. Her blush became a deeper red then she faced her. "I....I like you Gumi...Ummm...I know it's wrong but...it's very hard to explain!" Luka said blushing harder. "...I understand if you don't feel the same way..." Luka said quietly then pulled away from their hug.
  9. She looks over at Luka with a shocked expression, and then she looked away as a deep red blush colored her cheeks.
    "You flirt around with other girls... grope them, send looks and whisper sweet words... I feel my heart burn when you do that... I wanna have you to myself... that's why I was crying... I don't want you to just fool around with me like you did with those girls because my feelings are stronger than that...!"
    She clenches her fists, determined not to look Luka in the eye out of sheer embarrassment. She hadn't meant to blurt that she was crying in jealousy.
  10. Luka took a few moments of silence then grabbed her arms pulling her close then kissed her forehead. "....I'll prove it Gumi-chan. I won't do that anymore. It's a megurine promise." Then when Len and Rin entered and looked at them. "...." Luka smiled and hugged both of them. "How's my favorite twins?!" Luka was a big fan of twin siblings and always had a thing for them. She took a couple of pictures. "Megurine-sensei were not babies!" Rin said holding len's hand tightly. ((Go RinXLen!! >w< <3))
  11. She blushed as the woman kissed her forehead and then looked at Rin and Len over her shoulder as they entered. Bad timing.. she looked at the twins for a little before grabbing Luka's wrist.
    "Sensei please come with me."
    She dragged Luka out of the room and up on the school roof where she was absolutely sure no one would come.
    "What do you mean, "prove"?"
  12. "You heard me. I won't act that way with anybody else but you but it'll be more special. I promise. Infact..." Luka smiled and backed her up against the door and lifted her head up kissing her lips softly. "Maybe I'll prove it up here since we're alone." She said with a serious look in her eyes.
  13. She looked at Luka with wide eyes, a deep scarlet blush spreading across her cheeks. She hadn't expected that. She wrapped her arms around Luka's back and looked up at the beautiful woman.
    "H-how are you going to prove it, sensei...?" She asked nervously while her hands caressed Luka's long, soft hair locks. She was unsure of what to do with the other seemingly so serious about her.
  14. "I'll go as far as you want me to." Luka said before kissing her again but with a deeper passion as she pinned her wrist against the doors. "I love you Gumi-chan." Luka said as she lowered her head against her neck and licked her collarbone breathing on it.
  15. Gumi closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Luka's back. She had no idea how to react to a thing like this. That Luka would actually be in love with her, as well.... it seemed too good to be true. "L-Luka... do you really think that t-this is a good idea..?" She looked at the taller woman with a deep blush, her hair falling in her face.

    ((If this is getting mature we'll have to cut it off ahgksdjkg ))
  16. Luka smiled then pulled back looking into her eyes. "Not at all. Come on I gotta get back to class to help." Luka helped gumi off the wall and opened the door before pecking her lips again. "Let's go Hime-sama~!" Luka giggles and starts walking downstairs. ((I won't go that far. Lukas not that perverted. X3))
  17. She blushes quite the deep shade of red and looks away slightly, biting her lip as she follows Luka. Before they go to the class, she pulls the woman close to her.
    "Can you come to my house today...?" Her voice was soft and innocent, and her hands tightened around Luka's waist.
  18. "Of course." Luka smiled softly at Gumi then stroked her hair before kissing her forehead. "What time should I come? Are your parents going to be there?" She asked still stroking her beautiful green hair.
  19. "Just after school, and my parents are out on a holiday the next month or so, so no... they're not home." She kisses Luka one last time before going back to her class, ignoring the stares from everyone and just sitting down in her seat. A date with Luka... gahh, I can't wait!
  20. Luka blushes slightly before smiling happily. She walked back into the classroom helping the festival setting up. Miku came back to her with flowers in her hands "Luka-Sensei these flowers are pretty aren't they?" Miku was expecting flirt from her but Luka nodded and smiled "Yeah they're pretty Hatsune-San." She walked away and Miku stared at her with disbelief.
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