Teenage Fantasy Adventure

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  1. It was a Sunny day on a small island. At least I think it's small. I don't know my name. I don't know where I am. All I know is that I awoke with an aching head and a mouth full of sand. From what I've noticed so far I must be on the shore. I either see an endless, blue sea or a palmy forest of trees and grass. About 20 yards away is wreckage of some sort. Near it, I see a raft. The sand around me is white. Too white, almost. It took me a while to get my eyes adjusted. I walked over to the shore and rinsed my mouth out.
    There, in the crystal clear water, I could make out my reflection. I stood about 5'9" with a bigger build. About 205lbs. My hair was a darkish red and messed up.
    "Heh. I guess I forgot to get my haircut before all of this" I mutter to myself, grinning.
    I was wearing a Black tee shirt with blue jeans on. As I looked closer, I noticed a nose ring. My Septum was pierced with a retainer. I also saw a marking on both forearms. It was a tattoo of a "K" and a "Z".
    "Hmm... Maybe my name has something to do with these letters." I say.
    I walk back to the wreckage and look around.....