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  1. In a world where parents monitor their teenagers a little too closley, a resistance is forming, there is a secret rising society of these oversheltered teens called The Glory Givers. They are a strange group led by three teens, two daughters of a preacher and one outcast boy who was booted from highschool twice. Around the city in the night they escape from their homes and cause mayhem and problems, always blaming their actions on their horrible home lives and childhoods although they are all becoming just as bad as their parents. Scandalous love triangles and drugs are passed daily and no one bats an eye... it's a tough world for these teens in the city of Branton Square.

    Having to act as normal as teenagers can during the day, the pressure can sometimes overcome members and cause them to lose their minds completely, however most remain intact and keep the secret well. This is the story of their antics underground and their dangerous lifestyle. Be prepared to commit crime, do the unhinkable, and basically just not give a fuck. Don't overstep your boundaries though, August Baylen is the "king" of The Glory Givers and he will do whatever necessary to maintain his throne.


    August looked down at the stairs leading to the secret tunnel just as dusk was setting the sky grey over the city. Sometimes he would sit here for hours just thinking about his life and all that he has done. Tonight was different though, tonight he was not thinking about his past, he was wondering about his future. He did this often, in secret however, for there would be no way to explain this action to his followers whom he taught to never worry about the future, to live for the moment. Shaking his head his slipped below he pavement and heard the shallow tapping of his own footsteps as he walked the pitch black tunel. He knew the way so well he no longer needed the light to see, proof he was experienced at these underground meetings.

    Groping along the wall he finds the knob to a heavy wooden door leading to the all too familiar chamber beyond. Sounds of laughter and loud talking seep through the wooden door and he rests for moment, "Damn it man! Get your shit together!" Wiping away a few tears that had fallen from his eyes he pushed the door open and the room filled with silence, his followers all watching him make his way up to the podium, (anot old nightstand they had stolen). Taking a seat he sighs and grabs hold of the sides of the cracking wood....

    "It's time.....Today is the day we get back at Reverend Beck for keeping Anna and Grace from us... today is he day we regain our loved ones and show those fuckers what The Glory Givers are capable of!"

    Raising his fist in the air and gritting his teeth he watched as the room erupted with shouts of agreement and war cries. It had been weeks since Anna and Grace had been heard from and it was beginning to worry August, but he kept his face somber and ordered everyone to prepare for war.........
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  2. Grayson was leaning against the wall in the background keeping quiet so no one would notice he was there. He did this whenever August wasn't around to keep an eye on his followers. He had his arms crossed observing everyone with a watchful eye. Besides August, Grayson was easy to anger and he was like the eye of a tornado. Calm but yet a storm inward.

    He noticed August walking in and smirked. He pushed himself off of the wall and walked over to him. They had been friends since he could remember and always got into trouble together. He let a smile slip before it quickly disappeared at the thought of their past.

    As August made his speech he stood to the right of his friend and leader quietly. He watched everyone cheer and drink after August finished his speech. He knew August was worried but didn't comment on it. He walked in front of August handing him a beer "here you look like you could use one right now." He said with a smirk.
  3. Grabbing the ice cold bud from Grayson August felt the corners of his mouth twitch into almost a smile, he hadn't smiled since his girls had been lost. For weeks now they had be trying to locate Anna and Grace and tonight he had had enough.

    "Yeah I guess you're right" he mumbled to his long time friend and took a hefty swig of the alcohol, feeling it warm his insides slpwly. Watching his followers load their pockets with firecrackers, knives, burglary tool sets, and a couple of handguns August's stomach turned violently. Pulling Grayson by the arm off to the side of the chamber, away from the prying ears and eyes of the others in the room August whispered frantically....

    "Grayson, what if they aren't there? What if he's taken them? I can't do this without Grace, I don't know how you can stay so calm without Anna but I'm freaking out worried about them..." His heart was in his throat and his eyes wide with genuine fear, something Grayson hadn't seen in August in years. Grace had been August's girlfriend for a long time, ever since they had started the Glory Givers, she was his stability. In the weeks since she'd been gone he'd become fuzzy in the head unable to think of anything but her. He was so strong in front of his followers but on the inside he was falling apart.
  4. Grayson watched him take the bottle from him and took a swig from his own bottle. He was suddenly pulled off to the side and listened to August talk. He took a deep slow breath "listen August. I'm freaking too and beyond pissed but someone has to stay calm and collected and have a clear mind. I knew it wasn't gonna be you since I've always been the distant one and without much emotion" he said.

    Grayson put a hand on August's shoulder "we will find them and if I have to I'll kill that fucking Reverend myself" he said "if he's hidden them I'll torture him until he wishes he was dead" he said seriously.

    In his eyes August could tell that his anger was seeping through him. It would scare any of the followers but knew it wouldn't scare August one bit.
  5. August placed his hand on Grayson's shoulder as well and matched his gaze, the anger inside him overflowing over the fear and sadness.

    "Let's go get that son of a bitch" spitting the words to the floor August grabbed his satchel and swung it over his shoulder making his way to the door. Everyone else in the room watched him closely and by the confidence in his stride they were lifted from their own doubting minds and out into the tunnel they flowed. August marched down the tunnel towards an intersection. Four different tunnels leading off in different directions stood before the group and he turned to face his people.

    "Alright Alpha Gold will take the west tunnel and come up to the house from the underneath, don't attack until given my mark... that means you James..." cutting his eyes through the crowd August found a burly teen with gold teeth, the leader of the Alpha Gold group. James nodded before taking off down the west tunnel with six others.

    "Alpha Silver will take the east tunnel and ambush from the back of the house, again waiting for my signal..." a small girl with pockets full of matches and fireworks nodded and led 8 other off into the east tunnel. August turned to Grayson and the remaining troops.

    "We will attack from above so it's up to street level for us. You know the standard, if you're seen you're caught so keep that in mind." Tapping his temple he nodded to Grayson and took off jogging down the north tunnel, sliding along the shadows.
  6. Grayson felt the adrenaline already. He lived it when they attacked a night since he was like an assassin. He blended in with the darkness very well. As he ran through the streets he expertly navigated to a building and climbed on it to the rooftop. August let him go off on rooftops to scout ahead or whatever because he that much of an expert.

    He jumped from building to building heading to where they needed to go with ease and knelt down staring at the house. He spoke in the ear piece that August gave to each of the leaders. He put his hand to his ear to press the talk button "in position August. Lights are on and I see movement. Can't be sure if its any of the targets" he whispered.
  7. "Roger. Moving in for a closer look" August whispered into the mouth piece and darted across the lawn on the shadows and scaled the ivy covered wall to the second floor of the house. Peering into the window he caught a glimpse of the Reverend tucking his youngest daughter in to bed. She couldn't be have been older than 4 but August shook the thought from his head, this was a rescue mission not a information mission. Looking back down at the lawn he saw barely in the shadows the outline of the Alpha Silver group staging for attack and down under the porch he heard the soft cooing of the Alpha Gold group telling him they were in position.

    "Target is on second floor right now, he just left the room and is heading east down a hall." Sliding his fingers under the ledge of the window he pulled the window gently upward.

    "Grayson... get in there and find the girls. If you don't find them give the sign and the house is coming down." Grayson flips over to the sill with ease and silence, with one foot in the room and sliding over the threshold August grabs his wrist and their eyes meet.

    "I need him alive if you don't find them in the house, we need him to find out where they are hidden." Letting go of his wrist he closes the window and watches Grayson float silently around the darkened room and out into the dark reaches of the house.
  8. Zoey had been at the meeting. She was the silent figure in the back you never notice. She was that girl that if you did notice her you wouldn't take your eye's off her. She listened to the speech with a smirk. She saw them talking and made her way to listen. She had no Idea how she was invisible. Zoey had piercings and tattoos. She died her hair red and had it black underneath. Her eye's were a bright blue and she had pale skin. She had been here a while, but never noticed. Kinda the way she liked it. She could hear everything and still get to know many things about others that you didn't want getting ouy. She was that fly on the wall.

    Now being a fly on the wall, made it easier to pull of devious crimes. She made her way to the pastors house. She had seen him walk up to his youngests room. She picked the lock and turned off the down stairs lights. She waited silently in the corner and waited for the man to come down. She used her foot to trip him and grabbed his wrists. He yelled and she slapped a piece of tape over his mouth."mmmhhmm not now your girl is sleeping where are the other two?" She asked quietly. She looked up when she heard foot steps. She saw Grayson coming down."Loose something?" She asked and nudged the lump of a pastor she had tied up.
  9. Grayson always noticed Zoey. She was like him in many ways. He even taught her a few things here and there. He smirked nodding in approval. Following August's orders he took the Reverend to a dusty chair. He looked at Zoey "if I don't find Anna and Grace I'll be back" he said quietly then was instantly gone.

    He looked in every door and hiding space he could find. His eyebrows twitched in annoyance and anger when he didn't find the girls. He returned to the Reverend taking out his knife he always carried with him. The knife had belonged to his brother before his brother died. Grayson pointed the knife to the Reverend "scream and I'll fucking make sure won't ever be able to talk again" he threatened in a calm time but his eyes showed anger.

    Grayson put his hand to his ear again "I have Reverend hostage. August send all units back. It'll be easier to maneuver with just the two of us and possibly Zoey"
  10. Zoey let out a sigh. She had done all the work yet again and not even a thank you. The girls weren't here and there be no way the pastor tell them anything. She looked at him and tapped her nails on the wall. She looked at the man as he tried to speak. She smirked and rolled her eyes. She had a thing for Grayson for years, he seemed to be the only who noticed her and even then tjat wasn't very often.

    When Grayson came back she rolled her eye's again and pointed to the tape on his mouth."Not like he really can." She sighed and went to walk away. When he said her name to August she frowned. She wasn't sure the guy even new who the hell she was. She had her hand on the door handle and let it slip away.

    She leaned on the counter and watched Grayson as he spoke with August's. She had gloves on so nothing could be traced back to her. She looked around and stopped on something odd. She walked over to fix a religious photo on the wall. When she did, she heard a loud thud noise behind her. She turned quickly and looked Grayson to ask what the hell that was. Then she saw it. A crack in rhe wall she walked to push it open to see it reveal a door. She saw it was pad locked why would a pastor need a pad locked room. She worked on the lock till it fell away from the door. She breathed and slowly opened the door looking into rhe dark. She looked for a light and turned it on. She looked back at Grayson as she found the light and turned it on. Zoey walked down the steps and stopped at the bottom."Holy hell." She muttered. She had no idea what this place was."Grayson I would get down here." She said.
  11. Damien wondered how long he'd been there. Had it been a day? Two? Three? His head hung low, he didn't have enough strength to keep it up. The straps that kept him bound to the chair bit into his skin. He had been captured by the Reverend while doing some reconnaissance. The man himself wouldn't have been able to take Damien out without a fight, but the Reverend didn't play fair. Damien had been knocked unconscious and dragged to the holding room.

    The Reverend kept asking Damien about some "secret society" which he knew nothing of. "I don't know anything, you crazy fuck!" Damien spat. The Reverend was not too keen on the teen's language. He decided to teach him a lesson by beating some sense into him. For the next few hours, Damien endured beatings, cuts and even burns. Damien knew nothing. The Reverend was tired of Damien's uncooperative nature and left him in the room alone. Bound, bruised and bleeding. The last thing Damien remembered was that the room was dark. So very dark.
  12. Grayson loomed at the Reverend glaring "you try anything and I will do more than stab you" he threatened then looked at Zoey. He saw the secret passage and went inside without speaking another word. He walked down the hall cautiously until he came across a spacious room. As he walked down the hall the lights flickered on with each step. When he entered the room the lights flashed on blinding him for a moment.

    He saw a single chair with a kid about his age or younger. He didn't look familiar to Grayson. He walked up the kid untaping his mouth not being gentle at all "who are you?" He asked in a tone of authority. Since August wasn't there he was in charge for now. He looked around the room calculating an escape plan already in his mind in case this kid was part of a trap the Reverend had set up.
  13. The doors of the interrogation room cracked open. Damien was blinded momentarily as the room's lights flashed to life. He heard voices and then hard steps approaching him. Damien felt his head being lifted up and the tape that bound his mouth being ripped off in a painful manner. In front of him was a guy his age. He had asked Damien who he was.

    Damien grit his teeth with the strength he had remaining and replied to the teen. "I told your boss before, I am Damien Fawkes. I don't know anything about any fucking, secret society. I was hired to break into this house and steal shit, okay?" Damien snarled. His dark brown eyes surveyed the room, the door was open, but could he get out? Outside the door, he caught a glimpse of a teenage girl. Damien looked at the stone faced teen in front of him. "Now, my question is: Who are YOU people?" he asked.
  14. Grayson watched the boy in front of him and liked the fire that was inside of him. He walked behind the boy and bent down. He took his knife out cutting the ropes "we don't work that bastard Reverend. We do whatever the hell we please. He took some people from us" was all he said since Damien was an outsider and it wasn't his business.

    He stood up and shooed Damien away "now leave before I change my mind about letting you go" he said since Damien wasn't his main concern and could already tell that he wouldn't have any info on the two girls that they were searching for. He looked around trying to find out if there were anymore secret tunnels in the spacious room that they were standing in.

    After a little bit he gave up and walked back over the Reverend kicking the older man in the side hard then sat him on a chair "I'm going to take the fucking tape off and if you make one sound you'll regret it" he warned with a look that could scare any grown man.
  15. Rubbing lazily the sleep off of her eyes, Fianna sat up groggily on her bed as she was woken up by a nightmare. She was staying on the Reverend's house for a week now due to her mother going to overseas for work. Of course Fianna disagreed at first for she barely knew who the reverend is but her mother insisted. Her mum is the reverend's friend or something, she doesn't really know nor care about something so trivial. As she stayed in his home, she finds the reverend quite odd. He is a very religious man who forbids her to go out of the house and rarely speaks to her, forces her to be prim and proper and quickly scolds her when she did something wrong. She also find it odd how many secret tunnels are around the house. She accidentally found one in her room while she was exploring it but didn't dared to explore it.

    As she went down the kitchen for a glass of milk, she noticed a room with shadows in it. "Odd." Fianna mumbled before opening the door to see a bunch of kids around her age and the reverend tied up in a chair. Shock, fear and panic quickly washed over her as she stood at her spot, a shaky hand covering her mouth. "R-Reverend? W-W-Wha..What's happening here? W-Who are y-you?"
  16. ((Change of plans I'm back))

    Listening to the commotion inside August couldn't take it anymore and slid quietly into the house. Trotting down the stairs he came upon the scene of the scared girl confused at all the ruckus and the Reverend tied up.

    "What the fuck are you doing in here Grayson! Grab him and let's go somewhere safer to figure this out! Obviously the girls aren't here! And the neighbors probably have called the cops by now!" Pushing over a teen in his way August made his way to the Reverend and snarled, "you will tell us where they are....we have ways of making you..." grinning evilly August grabbed Fianna and threw her over his shoulder, taping her mouth shut as she struggled against him.

    "Grab the Fawkes kid too, he may be useful to us" August spat the words at the ground and made the motion for the gang to move out back to the tunnels. Grabbing Zoey's arm he whispered to her, "we will chat later, I have some questions for you."
  17. Zoey turned her head when August came walking in. She stepped back when he did. She liked, Grayson but August was different, he was still slightly a dick. She understood why, but even after all these years he barely acknowledged her. So when he came crashing in she rolled her eye's. She had a strong dislike for him. She however was glad Grayson was around.

    When August grabbed her wrist and said they talk later. She pulled her wrist from his claws. She glared at him,"yeah and who caught the man you so desperately needed." She snapped. Her head turned and she walked over to help Grayson. She didn't need August shit. He hadn't acknowledged her till today, why now, just cause he thinks she hindered his stupid crusade. She rolled her eye's aa she got the reverend up. She saw movement to the side of her. It was his young child, she gave the girl a dark look to go back upstairs and forget them. The girl slightly gasped and hid in the shadows.
  18. Grayson knew he was gonna get shit later maybe a beating from August. He knew he deserved it for being seen by Fionna but he didn't care. His anger had taken over his complete being. He took the Reverend from Zoey and walked out into the dark night shoving past August purposely.

    When outside he headed to a secluded hill side where a lone tree stood and a rope was already hanging from it. It was where their little group did exicutions. He shoved the Reverend onto his knees facing the rope and took out his hand gun with a silencer on pointing the gun down at the Reverend's head "you will not scream when the tape is off. If you do I will cut out your tongue and you will only communicate through writing" he hissed with a venomous tone.

    Grayson hadn't been this angery in ages. He motioned for August to hold the girl in front of the Reverend "and she will also get the joyous sight of seeing you die or you get the joyous sight of seeing her die."
  19. August held Fianna's wiggling little frame in front of the Reverend and held her by her long hair, dangling her a few inches from the ground. Watching as Grayson slowly removed the tape from the Reverend's mouth August's muscles tightened. The look of fear and sorrow in the Reverend's eyes for this young girl mirrored the emotions he too experienced when he was thinking about Grace.

    "You better start talking, or you can watch her struggle..." August pulled his knife from his calf holster and held it to her throat, piercing the gentle white skin just enough to cause her to squeal and the trail of blood to soak her pajamas. The Reverend began to beg and slobber all over himself.

    "Okay okay... I'll tell you where they are. Just let the girl go first, she doesn't have anything to do with this plea-" August's foot barreling into his ribcage cut him off. "I'm pretty damn sure we make the fucking rules and negotiations here bub... cut the shit and give us what we want. The girl doesn't get hurt...." snickering August thought to himself as he spat at the reverend, the girl won't be hurt, but you will be...
  20. The sudden loud voice made her yelp, slowly turning around to see another guy yelling harshly. She was pushed away then grabbed roughly with a tape over her mouth. She was trashing around the whole time, crying and struggling to be free from their grasps. The sight of the reverend's four year old daughter made her cry even more, the fear and confusion on the poor child's eyes made her heart break.

    God, what are they going to do with me? Please someone help me.. please..Mom..help me.. Fianna prayed as she cried all the way to what seems to be like a hill. She didn't want to die and she didn't want to be a part of this mess. As the reverend was roughly shoved to his knees a knife cutting her skin and her long black hair being pulled harshly, Fianna can't take it anymore. The fear, the panic, the pain, and the thought of the seeing the reverend being tortured in front of her, it was just too much. She tried to speak but her words came out muffled. She didn't want to die and she didn't want to see the reverend die. "Phmm mmhmm mm ghm!!" Please let me go!! she screamed, not sure of what else to do. How can someone like her be caught up in this web of disaster?
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