Teenage Assassins???

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  1. Hello, I'm Luna and I've been offline here because I've been quite busy and such. However, I've had this nagging feeling for a new RP. This is a one story request, however, I do other genres and I'm for taking more partners!

    But first a few things:
    1. I only do mxf relationships.
    2. I only play female in the pairing, I find it easier to write as a female. Sorry about that.
    3. Even though I do play female, I am up to doubling up on characters, it's probably going to happen with this story anyway.
    4. I'm starting school next week so I may be not replying as much, however, usually I try to reply once a day at least. If I don't respond, feel free to shoot me a PM, it's very possible that I got the email and forgotten (It's happened many times).
    5. I'm fine with romance and I'm fine with mature content, though I'm not too up to date on the new policies iwaku has on here.

    Now to the story:
    Essentially I wanted two people who were friends for a very long time about to enter their last year of high school. One of the friends, however, starts to disappear off and on. He/she would be there one day, leave for a couple, and then be back like nothing was ever wrong. The other friend becomes worried and suspicious and one night follows his/her friend home and gets in the crossfire of an assassination attempt. As you see now, one of the friends is an undercover assassin, however this assassin has a bounty on her/his head for reasons unknown and the people after her just located her. The story goes on from there.

    if you are interested please shoot me a PM. If you aren't, but are still interested in RPing with me I do these genres:
    Modern Romance
    Thief, spies, action

    Thank you for reading!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.