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    Scott Mccall and friends have graduated and went there separate ways, leaving Beacon Hills. 10 years later, and things are still strange in town. Werewolves are still present, and so are the hunters. Even though the supernatural still inhabit the area, things haven't gotten too dangerous or fiery ever since Scott left.

    Until now.
    New teenagers that go to school in Beacon Hills are being infected with lycanthropy, and with the recent outbreak, the presence of Werewolf hunters like the Argent's have begun filing into town, and all the while these new shapeshifters are trying to learn how to control their new abilities, as well as manage school or work.
    Okay? So where do I fit in?
    Okay! So as a player in this roleplay, you can play a multitude of things. You could be a shapeshifter, like Scott or Kira. You could be a hunter, like Allison. You could even be an average human, like Styles. You could play someone who isn't in school anymore, but I'd like the majority of the players to be people in school, who are just starting to discover their own supernatural abilities, or in the case of the hunters, their ties with eliminating the supernatural.

    Interest List
    Those who have notified me that they are interested in the roleplay will be added to this list. It is to help me document how many people are interested, so that I know when it will be appropriate to make an actually OOC thread, complete with character sheets and a broadened plot.
    @Lylith [Semi-Interested]
    @Nightwing [Interested, posting limitations/preferences]​

    If you are interested in this, please let me know by replying here or sending me a private message.

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  2. Hey im interested but i dont do huge paragraphs i give enough info to go off of though is that ok?
  3. @Nightwing
    If you are going to participate, I'd like to see at least one paragraph consisting of 5-8 sentences. No One-liners.
  4. Tis doable!
  5. Can't wait to get started... ^.^

    Just need more people now...

  6. I am interested in this... *strokes invisible beard* In fact, do you happen to have a character skeleton I can use?
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  7. I'm actually super interested in this too if you are still taking people to join in.
  8. I have been watching this thread, and Im interested too. I have only seen a few episodes though if that matters...
  9. Very exciting! I'm happy to have you all! Maybe we can get this up and off the ground soon, then! =D

    At the moment, we're waiting on a Char creation Sheet from OverCast. If you like, I'd suggest going ahead and writing down a sketch of your desired Character and discussing it! =D

    I think I'm the first huntress here... So, I'll be the first to submit my character, even if it's in a very rough outline form...

    Name: (Alias) Matilda Arminger

    Matilda (open)


    Casuals (open)


    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2

    Hair color: (I'm deviating from my norm, here... Lol ) Blonde

    1: Mother had been killed by a werewolf while her father was away.
    2: Father took up killing them in a secret organization, and taught his daughter to protect herself...
    3: Daughter found out, and joined the organization with her father.
    4: Father was killed...
    5: Daughter tracked the werewolf that killed her father into the town...

    She just bought a mansion on the edge of Beacon Hills. She's forged an identity as a wealthy intern, and will be working closely with the high school students in history class, following the rumor that the majority of the wolves are younger...

    Weapons of choice, long sword and Spanish fencing stiletto, or a spear when fighting larger wolves. She is also able to use bows and crossbows proficiently, though she prefers to do the killing herself when possible.
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  10. ooh nice character.

    and I have a basic idea of the characters from teen wolf, but like I said I have only watched a few episodes, mainly while I was playing a computer game and my sister was watching it... so yea....

    I would probably want to be a werewolf though just cuz, well they are cool >.<
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  11. I wouldn't want to play as a werewolf as a girl though... Just the thought of all that hair... *Shudders*

    Anyways =3 It's great to have you! I can't wait to see your character =D
  12. @Lylith
    This is an interest check, so you are going to need to redo that character with the skeleton I provide on the OOC.

    @Nightwing @Lylith @thegothicbeauty @Tenny
    Looks like we have enough to maybe get started. Could each of you PM me and let me know what kind of characters you are planning on playing [Werewolf, Hunter, Human] so I have an idea.
  13. Overcast... I'm pretty sure I mentioned that it was just a brief overview >.> Thanks for not reading my post...

    Thanks for the heads up anyways... When you link the OOC, I'll be happy to go to it, and rewrite that summary of my character.
  14. I'm def interested
    if any of you saw the episode last monday dont tell me i havent watched it yet!
  15. I'd be super interested
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  16. Seems I'm the designated meeter and greeter. Welcome ^.^

    Currently waiting on Overcast to write up the main threads so we can start posting. I think he's away... I'm gonna wait a few more days before I give up. Lols... Anyways. Nice to see that I'm not the only one interested xD
  17. Definitely interested XD
  18. Interested!!!!! :D
  19. Very much interested!
  20. I'm pretty sure the GM is AFK and won't be resuming this RP. He hasn't really replied to this thread much... I'd suggest PM'ing him.
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