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    Sienna had woken up and gotten ready for school quickly she didnt want to be late for her first day of senior year she wanted to be captain of the lacrosse team again. She had been practicing all summer when she wasn'tworking she started hwher dirt bike and grabbed her lacrosse stick and her back pack and drove off.
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  2. Ebony heard the alarm go off and when she moved to turn it off she fell off her bed. Sitting up she grabbed the clock turned it of and when she placed it back down it made a loud noise of hitting the wooden table. 'Uggg' She commented forgetting summer was now over it seemed it would be her first real year driving to and from school not needing to worry about a ride. She was now a Junior in high school. She after a while finally made herself get up thinking about her few friends and hoping maybe the year would start out a bit better. She got dressed ran down stairs grabbed something to eat and some coffee then headed out the door getting her jacket and keys. She sat down in her cheap older black ford car it was nothing special she wanted a mustang or cameo but when they got the car it was all they could really afford. Or well that's what her foster parents said. Ebony glanced seeing her book bag and sports bag for tryouts on the lacrosse team. She was more of a soccer person however so wasn't sure how that would go. She barely made the team sophomore year. Ebony finally turned the car on once seeing everything and drove off. She turned her favorite CD on and listened to some Linkin Park the whole ride to school.
  3. She pulled into the bike area smiling and says Sarah? A girl comes closer saying sienna girl you ready for tryouts she twirls the stick saying oh hell yeah can't wait to meet the new ones to the team. she walked towards the field and took a few shots with Sarah as goalie and she couldn't stop Sienna's shots she says Sarah let coach know I'm on my run through the woods I will tryout when I come back.
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  4. Ebony had just pulled in and parked. She sighed turned off the car and got out opening the back to passengers side to get out her stuff. She walked to the field looking around for where tryouts was going to take place and in the distance noticed a few had already arrived. This would be her first year trying for the varsity team and she hopped everything would workout.
  5. Sarah walks over saying hi there my name is Sarah and you are? Are you new this year my friend?
  6. Ebony noticed one of the girls approach and didn't talk at first then hearing the friendliness felt like she could reply. "Um yeah..." She replied and rubbed her neck. "I'm Ebony Strong." Ebony added giving her name.
  7. She says you gonna play team?
  8. Ebony nodded. "I'm gonna try. I'm here for tryouts actually." She replied and lifted up her bag. "I have anything extra I may need in here for when were about to start. I kow most of the time teams start with warm-ups is why m equipment isn't on yet." Ebony said seeming a bit nervous.
  9. She says well my friend is on a run she is trying for captain of the team.
  10. Ebony listened and gave a nod understanding that may be why it seemed only a few were already here. "Are the other's running to warm up then too? Are we suppose to?" She asked confused and hopeful that she hadn't missed any memos.
  11. No no no. You don't need to do a run for a warm up my friend sienna just always run before most people take a few good practiceshots on goal before we start tthat's all.
  12. Ebony smiled. "That's a relief." She replied. "I'm not really the best runner when it comes to warming up." She said.
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  13. Do you want to do some one on one play shots to help you warm up I can be goalie.
  14. Ebony shrugged. "Uh sure." She replied and then set down her bag.
  15. Sarah says I don't bite I promise its ok. Meanwhile sienna couldn't find her way back the area of the woods she was in had gotten dark
  16. Ebony grinned. "That's good, I don't either unless provoked." She commented and grabbed a lacrosse stick and a ball to practice. After a few shots it seemed to already be starting to get a bit dark. "Um when's your friend getting back?" She couldn't help but ask and once more glanced for the coach.
  17. She says your really good at this! She says we have night classes and I'm worried about her Sienna's scream echoed through the woods
  18. "Thanks your pretty good at goalie." She commented. "I couldn't get all of them in which I expected being you have probable been on the team a while." She added. Ebony then nodded about her being worried. "Maybe we should go look for her?" Then at that Ebony could had sworn she heard a scream almost as if it was on cue for the echo.
  19. She says I practiced but never made team its my first tryouts sienna is OK but she wants captain this year I think she will make team I've seen her practice a lot for years she says sienna? Sienna comes limping out of the woods a blood splotch in her side as she collapsed to the ground.
  20. "Really? Well your good and I only saw you as goalie mostly." Ebony commented then soon turned when Sarah mentioned Sierra. She saw the blood on the girl's side and glanced to Sarah then began to sprint slightly up. "Are you okay? What happened on your run?" She asked questions running in her head and out her mouth before trying to logically think what needed to be done. After a moment she tried to stop the questions and looked to Sarah. "Um were can we get her help?" She asked confused on the situation at hand.
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