Teen Wolf Pairing(s) Galore

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Salutations, my lovelies! I'm currently craving RP's oriented around Teen Wolf. If you're interested in the Fandom, check out my pairing list below! Players must be willing to portray Canon characters. I'm not looking for perfection, but effort. As long as your assigned roles isn't OOC to the extreme, I don't care if you add your own twist.

I. About Me
Important aspects about me:

I.) 100% Female.

II.) Home Country: America.

III.) Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time.

IV.) Fluent In: English.
II. Resume
Before you make a request, check out my resume!
III. I Accept/No Go's
✔ I Accept:
✗ MxF.
✗ MxM.
✗ Fluff.
✗ Smut.
✗ Alpha/Beta/Omega Universe.
✗ Triad Pairing. (Threesome Couple)
✗ Fandom.
✗ Doubling.
✗ Canon x OC | Canon x Canon | OC x OC
✗ Soulmates Universe.


☠ No Go's:
✗ FxF.
✗ MxFxF. (I accept MxMxF or MxMxM only.)
✗ Love At First Sight. (Instant Chemistry.)
✗ Porn Without Plot.
✗ Alpha or Beta in A/B/O Universe. (Exception: Doubling.)
✗ Furry. (Exception: MLP)
✗ Seme | Dominant roles. (Exception: Doubling.)
✗ Gross Fetishes.
✗ Huge Age Difference.
✗ Fandom Pairings I'm not a fan of.

I. The Key
✖ *Bold: My role.
Strikethrough: The pairing is taken. (I'll accept a minimum of three offers for every pairing.)
Plot: Contains one or more plots.
Craving: I crave this pairing hardcore.
Pink: MxF only.
Sky Blue: MxF & MxM are acceptable.


✖ Teen Wolf:


✖ Teen Wolf | Supernatural:
*Teen!Dean/Stiles (YES! YES! YES! PLEASE!)
❦♔ *Teen!Dean/Liam
❦♔ *Teen!Dean/Isaac

❦♔ *Demon!Dean/Peter

✖ Multiple [❦]: I'm REALLY craving the pairing.

Thank you for viewing my thread! If you're interested in the pairings above, leave a comment! I'm totes fine playing a Canon character for you. However, you must return the favor. If you prefer OC x OC, find another request thread, please. For the moment, I accept Canon x Canon or Canon x OC only.

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Stiles is the best. All hail the spastic genius.

Still searching!


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[ Update || Top Cravings || 8/11/2015 ]

✖ Teen Wolf | Supernatural:
❦❦❦❦♔ *Teen!Dean/Stiles
❦❦❦❦♔ *Teen!Dean/Scott
❦♔ *Teen!Dean/Isaac
❦♔ *Teen!Dean/Liam
❦♔ *Dean/Derek
❦♔ *Demon!Dean/Peter

✖ Multiple [❦]: I'm REALLY craving the pairing.
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I would love a teen wolf rp but I'm unsure about playing a canon character (would prefer oc x of which would be easier for me and more fun cause I won't be restrained to a established character's personality and back story)

We can also blend elements/canon/creatures from Supernatural and Teen Wolf if you'd like, while I have only watched season 5 of Teen Wolf (also a reason why I don't want to play canon characters) I'm pretty well read on the creatures and stuff on the show. But I have never watched a single episode or read up on anything on Supernatural.

Also don't look at my Roleplay Resume, its outdated as heck.
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