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  1. Hello friends! I'm gonna be quick here cuz my request is quit simple ^.^

    I would like to find a girl (or someone who plays girls) to roleplay with me in a Teen Titans romance roleplay, with BeastBoy and Raven as one of the pairings, and as many others as we like to put!

    And possibly an OC X OC roleplay based on Teen Titans as well.
  2. I heard Teen Titans and came running. :D Interested.~
  3. YAY :D Oh you do know i mean the real one, and not that crappy Teen Titans Go bullshennangins, right?
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  4. I never watched Teen Titans GO!, and I know you're talking about the good shit. <3 I loved Teen Titans and I really hope they decide to start making more again. I loved the movie, too. :D
  5. Oh good~ hehe so would you like to pm and discuss further?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.