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  1. I'm pretty sure everyone grew up watching this show at one point or another. If you didn't, I feel bad for you :(

    I used to sing this song all the time even in Japanese (I sounded stupid as hell too XD). I even had Teen Titans merch!

    I think the show had a great run and Trouble In Tokyo was a nice ending to the show. Yes it was the series finale before anyone asks.

    As for Teen Titans GO, I don't really care for it since it's a spin-off and nothing more. I'd rather have a spin-off than for the original show to wind up like Spongebob Squarepants or Ben 10: a show that loses its relevancy but tries to keep it going through re-runs.

    I honestly don't want the original series to come back because the possibility of it being ruined is VERY high in my opinion unlike Samurai Jack and FLCL.

    My favorite Titan growing up was Starfire but now that I'm older, I'm having more of a preference for Raven, Robin, and Terra (yes I love Terra).
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  2. I used to watch this show all the time, alongside JL and JLU. DC is treasure trove of amazing animated shows.

    Beastboy was the fan favorite in my home.
  3. Fuck yes! I loved JL and JLU! :D *nerd squeals*
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  4. This is the show that inspired my writing style; comedic with mature overtones. It's one of the things that inspired me to write in general. Definitely one of my favorite shows.
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  5. My family went on a cruise once. There was live entertainment every night, but our Parents had to literally drag me and my siblings out of our cabin because Teen Titans was on at the same time.
  6. I'm forced to watch Teen Titans Go on a daily basis, and I feel my IQ dropping every time that it's on. I'm definitely a bigger fan of the original Teen Titans, but I think it would be ruined if it came back, especially if CN was involved in the process.

    They actually made an episode about the original Teen Titans, and how it was dumbed down.....
  7. Raven was hot.

    And I was still waiting for a Batman/Titans team up, but it never happened. Just some visual hints in a few scenes.
  8. Teen Titan was airing during the dark age of my childhood where I had yet to learn how to stream stuff. Thus I was left dependent on the air times of Cable, and since stuff like therapy, seeing friends (which at the time was part of the therapy) and gaming were such big time occupiers I was never able to watch through a single one of those shows completely, only seeing tid-bits when it came up.

    From said tid-bits though? I liked it.
    I can't really compare it to the new one though cause I've never seen the new one, and haven't seen enough of the original to even claim to know enough about it to even attempt such a comparison.

    Though to my understanding, original Teen Titan's played down and censored Starfire (compared to the comics) a TON to make her marketable to a child audience.
  9. just gonna put this out there


  10. Why do they look like really bad cosplay? o.O

  11. because its a fan film series

    and it was amazing-sauce

    search youtube for Ismahawk's Nightwing: The Series
  12. No thanks! I'll stick with my dream Robin....Nightwing....whatever the hell he's called!


    He's so cute, you could eat him up with a spoon. <3
  13. Why does it look like they put Starfire on steroids? o.O
  14. Starfire and Nightwing are older in this movie because they were in a previous version of the team. Or maybe the Titans are just starting out in this movie. Something. I don't know.

  15. oh man. the new DC animated movies. I liked them better when they were standalones.

    and I still hate Damian Wayne.
  16. But he didn't do anything of note in the movie! ;A;
    That's actually a lot more what she's like in the Comics.

  17. He doesn't have to do anything except stand there and look adorable. :P
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