Teen Titans: The White Wolf

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Alright so, here i am after a long time of wanting to do this. We all remember the old series Teen Titans back in the golden ages of cartoons right? Come home after a long day of school and watching them kick butt and stick it to the man! Good times...good times.

Well, after many years I've always had an idea for a plot set in the TT universe. While watching the show I always felt that their villains were far to cliche or goofy to be taken seriously. Only one i really could was Red X and Slade...maybe a few others who's name escape me at the moment. So I thought to myself, what if there was a bad guy who did not fit the typical troops of the superhero formula? A villain that was actually a victim? Thats when The White Wolf was born. A young Varg named Skoll who has been taken from his home as a child and enslaved. With masters who destroyed his mind and restored his instincts to their default settings, they managed to turn a child into an obedient dog. A dog who would act without hesitation or mercy...but also acted out of fear of the consequences. So what happens when the titan come across a threat potentially greater than Slade himself? But at the same time afraid and only acting out of fear of the wrath he would face should he disobey? Well i always wanted to find out.

This group RP takes place in Jump City with the original teen titans. There is Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beastboy. So there are five slots open for the main team. I myself will be playing Skoll since he is really the only OC in this plot. If anyone wants to play the canon villains just let me know, i may be willing to allow it depending on who it is and what they are doing.

Now for the rules while I'm not going to really enforce a bunch strict rules there are some things to be understood. And that is...

- This RP is mostly run my canon characters...so the characters should naturally behave as they would in the show.

- This is not a ship plot. Dont try to join just to have Robin get with Raven or ect, while romance by progress ICly as character progression i ask you don't apply hoping to do so off the bat.

- Don't godmod/metagame. This goes for me as well, but if you have your character go beast mode thats ok...but remember this is TT. And EVERY character takes more hits then they dish out. Skoll included.

- Don't hog the spotlight. Can't tell you how many times i see this. People come into threads and act like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and constantly try to get attention. Its not all about you, its about everyone. Skoll might do this but to be fair...the bad guy has to stir shit up, otherwise how would the hero know if theres trouble?

Activity: This is a biggie for me. If you intend to post once every few days or once a week. Don't join. I hate to be mean but i am impatient for some reason. I am use to making like 30 post a day all day, while i don't demand that from others. I don't want to be sitting there waiting forever for a reply. Then people lose interest cause the momentum is gone. Please don't be that guy.

For rules, I wanna say thats it. Now there is just the issue of who wants to play who. I won't do first come first serve. Submit an app with the titan you wish to play and their basic info as well as an rp sample.

RP Sample:

If its good ill give you the spot. When all character slots are full the RP will begin.

Robin -
Starfire -
Cyborg -
Raven -
Beastboy -

The White Wolf - Treason

Whelp. Send in yo apps. Cheers =D
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Skolls app


Wolf Form - Anthropomorphic Form

Name: Skoll

Appearance: Feral is a well developed teen who takes over more or less after his mother. Soft cheekbones and vibrant blue eyes are traits he took from the blue eyed woman. Snowy white hair and pale skin which is an obvious indicator of his Echani blood. Upon meeting Julius the one thing that is always easily distinguishable is the bright eyes and his white furred tail that he inherited from his father. He is also noted to have a silver collar imbedded around his neck that is never under any circumstances suppose to be taken off or tampered with. This collar has the letters '13' engraved into a small metal plate on the front of it.

His style of clothing is typically rather modern and simple. While his owners want him to be easily noticeable they also wanted Skoll to maintain a blended look within crowds. Deciding to avoid putting him in traditional garbs or cloak. Instead, they selected certain outfits for specific scenarios that he may encounter while out on the field. Normally Skoll is seen wearing a black jacket with a fur rimmed hood and black military cargo pants with military edition boots. He also has a pair of fingerless leather gloves. Now, he wraps bandages around his neck to hide the collar from the watchful eyes of those around him.

Hero/Villain Name: The White Wolf/Feral

Allies: N/A

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Varg


Shapeshifting: The Varg are primarily known as the people of the Myrkviðr Forest, though they are widespread across the whole of Vesner. Tribal communities of the shapeshifters can be found nestled away on every continent, generally living with others sharing the same sub-race traits, though mixed villages aren't unheard of. Still others of the race have taken to city living and thrive there just as well as in the wild, for the Varg are quite literally the people of change and adaptation.

Varg have three main forms, an animal form, an anthropomorphic form, and a humanoid form. All forms will mimic each other in appearance to some extent, sharing aspects such as fur/hair color, elongated teeth, and stature, for example, a Varg that takes the form of a small red wolf will also have red hair and be petite when humanoid. Varg come in all shapes and sizes, and can be found sharing near any animal form, depending on the "breed" of their parents.

Their change is physical and biological, not force related, and is an instinctive ability. Their bodies are specifically meant to withstand the physical stress of the dramatic change in their structure, due to this, they are typically more flexible and hardy than most other races. It takes normally one to three minutes for a Varg to shift between forms, if they regularly do so - the process causes minor exhaustion and stress. If it is a forced transformation (such as trauma or triggered), it is typically very painful.


Also known as Alchemy, an art that was and still is a very favored study in Skolls family. Based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir. Or, defined simply as a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. This is what his power is based off of. When you get right down to it and dive into it's physics, it is so much more than that. The ability to change the very essence of things. When he transmutes, he must touch the object, and in the blink of an eye, transformation takes place.

Transmutation, as he calls it. Is his art...his craft. A mystical art transforming, altering, or otherwise destroying any given matter by using a direct energy. Giving him the ability to create one material from another, normally based on the five basic elements. Fire, water, earth, and air. The process of this art however is far more complex than most powers mages have, it cannot simply 'Pull' things from thin air. There are rules and laws to his craft, and thus a very simple process was made to prevent him from breaking these rules. Transmutation, is derived into four easy to understand steps that serve as the fundamental stepping stone of his power. Proper application of this craft requires not only a full understanding of chemistry, but extremely high intelligence and the ability to recognize the molecular makeup of any given object. When used to an advanced level, it can move into the spiritual plain, allowing him to meddle with ghost and attach them to things. This ability is also useful with enchantments, capable of being amplified if used with glyphs or other symbols. His transmutation can be broken down into three easy to understand steps.

Comprehension: Understanding the inherent structure and properties of the atomic or molecular makeup of a particular material to be transmuted, including the flow and balance of potential and kinetic energy within. In order to create, destroy, or alter. He must first understand what the object that serves as his canvas. Like turning a knife into a sword, a sword into a shield. This requires him to know what the knife is made out of, and alter its form into a sword while knowing what the sword is going to look like and be made off. Then, reconstruct the sword and reconstruct it into a shield, but while knowing how the gun is made, what pieces it needs to operate, and knowing the molecular build of the object he is creating. He IS fully capable of creating complex objects, but he MUST have the materials needed to make it. For example should he want to transmute a car. He would need a large amount of all the materials needed to make a car. Metal, glass (Or sand), iron, leather, and ect. Although given the size and complexity of the object, ultimately decides the duration of time it would take to create it. A car, would probably take about ten minutes to fully create correctly, where a gun would take about 10-20 seconds depending on the gun in question. There are also ways to amplify transmutations, while doing standalone transmutation. Everything he does is limited to what he can physically touch. The only thing he seems able to manipulate that he can't touch, is air molecules. But only within a short range of himself, generally twenty meters in any direction around him.

Another thing he cannot transmute, is himself. Since his biology is different from that of others. When transmuting others, it should be noted that because of sentient beings complex molecular makeup, takes about ten - twenty seconds to construct. However, when deconstructing, it is significantly less, taking only five to ten seconds given how breaking things down has always been easier than adding on or constructing onto it. However, another price for transmuting humans is an unfortunate delay. Fifteen seconds he must wait before he is capable of transmuting another organic being. Reasoning is unknown.

Destruction: Using energy to break down the physical structure of the identified material into a more malleable state. For example, breaking down earth and turning it into sand, then, reshaping the sand into a sculpture of some sort by manipulating the molecular makeup of the sand.

Construction: Using energy from a source to create a whole new structure. Like turning a large tree into a totem pole, the earth below him into a pillar of spikes, or even taking a pile of cloth and constructing it into clothing.

  • Enhanced Speed: Something within a Vargs anatomy allows them to run at speeds most would consider predatory. While normal humans can run quickly, a Varg in full spring runs at nearly 64kmh. Though in a normal run when they are not hunting prey or trying to escape from danger, they run at about 35mph.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Centuries of constantly fighting for position and acting in large pack hunts has turned these predators into a force to be reckoned with. The average Varg has been known to run for almost ten hours straight before having to take a rest. This increased endurance has made them a hardy people, allowing them to withstand traumatic stress put on their bodies when they shift. Something that is vital to their survival.
  • Enhanced Strength: Vargs, due to the stress their bodies undergo from their shifting. Have rather muscular bodies even at a young age. While not as strong as most other species, their strength is nothing to be scoffed at. They can snap the bones of their prey with their powerful jaws in both forms and can hold the average human up with one hand.
  • Enhanced Healing: While normally their bodies heal at just slightly a faster pace than a normal humans. When basking in the light of a full moon, the Varg are able to absorb it and heal much quicker. Scars seems to fade and current sicknesses disappear overnight. This is thanks to their cells in their skin which respond to the radiance of a moons brightness. The brighter it is, the more effective. An entire pack will sometimes gather and sleep under a full moon together as a community.
  • Heightened Sense of Hearing: Next to smell, the sense of hearing is the most acute of the Vargs's senses. Varg can hear as far as six miles away in the forest and ten miles in the open. Varg can hear well up to a frequency of 25 khz. Some observers from tourist believe that the actual maximum frequency detected by Varg is actually much higher, perhaps up to 80 khz (the upper auditory limits for humans is 20 khz), also according to some naturalist Varg' hearing is greater than that of the dog.
  • Heightened Sense of Smell: The sense of smell in the Varg is highly developed, as would be expected in an creature possessing such a feral way of life. The distance at which any scent can be detected is governed by atmospheric conditions but, even under the most favorable conditions , 1.75 miles denotes a particularly keen sense of smell. The wolves usually travel until they encounter the scent of some prey species ahead of them. They then move directly toward their prey in an effort to capture it. Same thing when detecting enemies.

  • Permanently Mute: All Varg or even Skog are incapable of physical speech. This makes it hard to communicate with those who rely on it as their main forms of communications. They rely on body language and small noises from the nostrils and throat, though some Varg learn to communicate through Telepathy. Broadcasting their thoughts into the minds of others, thought this is only capable through the force.
  • Mental Disorders: Varg have many mental disorders that seem to come into fruition during their teenage years. These mental disorders range from LLI, DID, Anxiety, Low Self Worth, and ect. Though these normally appear in males more than the females, these disorders can eventually cause a Varg to fall into madness if not taken care of.
  • Moonlocked: Though biologically a defect at birth, it is believed that "moonlocked" Varg were born under undesirable moon phases that are believed to be bad luck. When a Varg is "moonlocked", they are essentially stuck in one form and cannot shift into any of their other forms - they can be "stuck" in their humanoid form, their animal form, or their anthropomorphic form. The "moonlock" condition does not have to be prevalent at the moment of birth and there have been reports and studies of Varg with a dormant "moonlock" gene that either triggers later in life under moments of great distress or never at all. This condition can affect any species of Varg and Skog and it is permanent once it triggers. Though some Varg cultures regard the "moonlocked" condition to be an omen of misfortune, some believe it to be a sign of unique power and strength. The most common case of being Moonlocked is if a Varg stays in one for for too long, and thus their bodies begin to settle into that form.
  • Hearing & Scent: Their greatest gift can also be their greatest burden. While most consider this to be their greatest strength, if used and manipulated it can turn into a Vargs worse enemy. Their sense of hearing is highly sensitive, so loud sounds such as alarms blaring, dog whistles, nails on a chalk board and ect. These sounds can cripple them and cause them great pain. Eyes stagger, ears ring and their insides feel like they are being ripped apart. Their sense of smell can also be used against them. Strong foul scents can be used to disorientate a Varg. A smell from a stink bomb can send one fleeing in horror of even losing their lunch. Some scents can even force a Varg into unconsciousness.
  • Anti-social: At least among strangers. Varg do not particularly approve of the company of non-varg. This makes it hard for them to fit in among other societies. And as mentioned in their culture, loneliness can easily result in a Vargs death since they are programmed to seek companionship that normally only a pack can provide.
  • Territorial: Varg are very territorial creatures. The odds of them attacking unannounced intruders are extremely high and they do not take kindly to those to invade their personal space. Which is something that is often considered the norm among other species within the galaxy. This makes it harder for them to 'fit in' among a crowd.
  • Feral: Probably one of their biggest flaws. Varg are known for there feral hostility towards others. While not particularly meant to be aggressive, it can easily be misinterpreted. Especially if you snarl at someone for getting to close to your good

  • Severe Sickness: Due to the unhealthy conditions he was exposed to as a child, Skoll has gained a sickness that he inherited from his father. He has gained a sickness known as the Genova, that is said to only inhabit his father's species, but was passed down to him. This sickness, causes the entire body to feel unimaginable amounts of pain for either five minutes, or even five weeks. This pain can only be managed with a special kind of medication he cannot afford, a radioactive substance that is actually used as a remedy on his father's planet. This sickness often happens at random points and when it does, his body goes haywire due to the massive amount of stress on his body and mind. This sickness will cripple him and make him incapable of movement and even speaking. This sickness can last hours, days, weeks...and even months.

  • Highly Sensitive Senses: While this would normally be considered his greatest strength, it can also be a great weakness. While he has advanced hearing, loud sounds sometimes cause him to go depth or even incapable of hearing himself thing and can become very painful when sounds reach high frequencies. He often wears a pair of headphones to sustain the amount of sound he can hear. Same thing with his sense of smell, his sense of smell may be great. But things that smell foul are bound of make him go dizzy and throw up, or worse. His sense of hearing is damaged to a worse extent. If someone where to set off a blow horn in his ear he'd probably bleed from the ears or perhaps even scream in pain.

  • Rebound: A rebound, simply put. Is what happens when the molecular equation of any given matter at hand is mistaken, misunderstood, or mis transmuted. For example, if trying to deconstruction a material unfamiliar to him, the transmutation would rebound; Causing the user to suffer debilitating pain and sickness for an extended amount of time. While this is a common side effect of the art, it is something that can kill him if he is constantly exposed to it. Which he why he studies alchemy and elements, so he knows the molecular build of most objects he comes into contact with in his daily life.

  • Incomprehension: When an element or object is completely unknown to him, it is impossible to transmute. In order to transmute anything, he must know what it is made of, and how to break it down or alter it. Without this knowledge, transmutation becomes useless, and the transmutation rebounds. This requires a mass level of intelligence in order to know, and remember the buildup of so many objects. Especially human beings. Making the less he knows, very dangerous to him.

  • Alchemical Laws: Something cannot be created from nothing, to create. The object must have a source. When creating, the object being recreated is the equivalent of the mass taken from the source. Skoll cannot create a steel sword from water, he would need to gather a metal or steel to turn it into a sword. The same goes with any other material.

  • Other: While most of the weaknesses are stated above, one of the main weaknesses of this magic is its inability to manipulate or even defend against magic that is not fully tangible. While it can easily transmute earth, fire, air, or water, it cannot transmute other elements such as shadow, light, chaos, arcana, ect for they do not have an established molecular. Without something that can truly be touched and molded into something else, it puts him as a standstill when in confrontation with those kind of opponents. Same thing goes with materials he is not familiar with, say an enchanted weapon made from a material he has never seen before.

Hero/Villain/Neutral: Villain

Reason they are a hero/Villain/Neutral: Slave

History: Born to the royal clans of the Varg in the far north Sköll was born alongside his twin brother Hati. His father Feniris and his mother Velupsen were both highly respected members of the wolf clan and their family had long throughout history much like the tiger clans. From early on out it was decided that Sköll & Hati were special, baring characteristics from their gods who share their names, Hati was the chaser of the moon, and Sköll, the chaser of the sun. Hati the black wolf with red eyes and Sköll the white wolf with blue eyes, both were considered extremely rare traits to have in the Varg, and thus because of this the two brothers were named after the deities they respectfully seemed to represent.

As it turned out these representations seemed to go much further than first thought when the children began to bare markings along their faces much like how their gods were depicted in stories. The two quickly became rather famous among the wolf clans and were often invited to the palace just to see the children. Festivals were held in their name and from a young age the two brothers lived a luxurious lifestyle. However, this carefree way of life did not last long.

A few years had passed, the two bothers were just beginning to learn their family traditions passed down from generations. And one day, when the two brothers took their feral forms for the first time, the two of them went outside their territory to hunt, as their parents had done before them. The brothers worked well together, using each others strengths and covering each others weaknesses. But danger had reached their mist, and as the brothers prowled the unknowns of their homeland they came across a beach with white sands. Ships seemed to be dropping anchor on the beach and several men were loading shipments into the ships. The two brothers hesitated at first on rather or not they should leave to tell the clan...but deciding to first get a closer look, the two of them snuck in a bit closer.

While this close, the twins quickly noticed that these visitors did not have good intentions...seeing them load cages full of their clanmates onto the ships, it became obvious that these men were poachers & slave traders that their parents had warned them of. Fear settled into the children's minds as they decided to run. Hati was the first to make a run for it; Sköll, who lagged behind tried to catch up. But in their fleeing the pirates had noticed. They quickly pursued on their horses, quickly running the two of them down. One of the men bolted past him and caught up with Hati, grabbing him with a long lasso that tied around his neck, forcing his brother to choke and roll on the floor.

Fury settled in his mind and boiled his core, his eyes flared at seeing his brother hurt. Instinctively, Sköll tried to save his twin. Jumping up and lunging for the man on the horse, he managed to nearly bite off his hand, forcing him to drop the rope, allowing his brother to go free...Hati regained his composure and looked at his brother, Gesturing for him to come on as Hati once again made way to their clan territory. Sköll followed closely behind, but was quickly shot down by an arrow to his flank. Falling down and whimpering in pain, Hati stopped in his tracks and turned around, attempting to go back for him. Sköll merely barked at his sibling, demanding that he leave him behind as the pirates closed in on him. Hati, clearly in anguish from abandoning his brother, ran home while the pirates were distracted with taming Sköll, who was still putting up a fight.

But when it was all said and done, Sköll was still a child. And thus could not keep it up for very long...eventually he was boxed up and thrown into a cage like the rest. What happened to him next broke him...shattered his mind and soul and turned him into something he's not. Sköll spent the rest of his life in his own personal hell of pain and torture...and he continues to live it every day. He was eventually sold to a crime syndicate as a slave. Breaking down his mind and restoring it to it's default settings, Skoll became feral and untamed. A savage animal they trained to be their attack dog. With a collar around his neck and no will of his own, he has been sent to Jump City to take part in a number of assignments.


[-] Standoffish: As a effect of his conditioning, Skoll has become very wary and defensive of those he does not recognize as his masters. This results in him becoming rather violent towards those who get to close and invade his personal space. This is probably one of his most noticeable traits when meeting with others considering he is always giving cold glares and snarls.

[-] Blunt: Plain and simple, Skoll does not beat around the bush or play games when it comes to an assignment or...anything in general. He prefers to get to the point given his inability to meet the social norms of society. If someone wants something from him, they need only tell him what they want. Same other way around, he just never developed the social skills that allowed him to be witty with his words or charismatic.

[-] Aggressive: Going in hand with his standoffish behavior, He is highly aggressive towards just about anything and anyone he sees as a threat to his survival. Anyone with a weapon or attitude are normally the ones he sees as threats and thus treats them as such. While those who are kind to him are still more often than not met with slight hostility, he can differentiate between the two if only a little.

[-] Feral: With his years of conditioning and brainwashing his masters also took advantage of his genetics and restored his mind to its basic instincts of his more...feral side. He rarely uses words to communicate unless needed, more than often communicating through growls, grunts and whines as well as body language. This is...something that makes it harder for him to fit in among others, which is why he normally keeps to himself.

[-] Self Destructive: Skoll suffers from a number of mental disorders. He has very low feelings of self worth and cannot connect with anyone around him. He feels as if he is a puppet tangled in strings with no sense of purpose aside from the unquenchable third for blood that is always corrupting him. He often has horrible mood swings, and lashes out at random moments. One time slamming his head into a mirror and screaming for no apparent reason.

[-] Blood thirsty: One of the flaws of his mental conditioning has made Julius very attuned to violence and bloodshed. He sometimes craves if without understanding why. This mostly comes into play when in battle, when fighting against his opponents its almost as if his basic instinct takes over...the thrill of the hunt and the killing blow are what drives him. Something that even his masters have become concerned with.

[+] Easily Amused: While highly intelligent, Skoll often has a child-like sense of self...easily amused with the simplest of distractions such as fish in a tank or a ball rolling around. He can be easily occupied for hours by nothing more but a butterfly going across a screen. This is also true when in the middle of high pressure situations, making him prone to sneak attacks. His masters are still trying to get him to focus more without distractions without any luck so far.

[-] Silent: As mentioned above, Skoll rarely ever speaks and this makes it hard to communicate or even reason with him. Since his basic instincts took over he sees words as useless to him...his masters even try getting him to talk and all they would ever get out of him are grumbles and growls.

[-] Submissive: It is true that while Skoll tries to maintain a dominant appearance in reality he is actually more submissive. Though this is normally only seen when in the presence of his masters or those he has a high regard for. This plays majorly into his conditioning since he is trained to recognize those who are above him and how to behave.

[-] Fearful: Skoll normally only acts out of fear...fear of the wrath he would face if he were to ever disobey his masters. Those who have ESP can very easily sense the overwhelming amount of fear that emanates from his very soul. Every action (And inaction) is done out of not wanting to be hurt by those who own him.

[-] Lonely: All Skoll has ever had was himself...his old memories have been erased and his upbringing has been mostly in a glass box. He has no friends, no family, and no emotional connections with anything. This has weighed heavy on his mental state over the years, with no sense of attachment and feelings of constant abandonment. Julius feels he is incapable and unworthy of companionship...making it only harder for him to form meaningful friendships.

Friend: N/A
Family: N/A
Theme song:
Extras: N/A
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