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  1. Hey, so I've got an idea for a next-generation Teen Titans RP. I'd like for at least seven players, with at least four being children of the canon characters. Preferably five heroes to start, with two villains. As the story grows, a bigger roster would be great. I've got a general idea for a plot, and I can promise that it'll be filled with mystery and interest. I'd also like to request someone to Co-GM this with me, so we can both work together on ensuring that the story keeps moving in a fun and interesting direction.

    I'm down for just about any shippings, though of course I have my own that I prefer. The other players and I would have to collectively agree as to who wound up with who at the end.

    If you're interested, let's discuss things here!
  2. I'd be interested in this. I'm flexible with being a hero or villain. Mu hah hah I'm so evil! >:D

    And I'd gladly help you if you need it.
  3. I love TT <3 Someone else started one and I was absolutely in love but it sadly died :( I'd love to be a female hero!
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  4. That makes three players!
  5. I'm interested. Female hero spot, please.
  6. Of course.
  7. I'd love to join! Can i be a female villain please?
  8. Why not?
  9. I'm interested I could play female or male but the couple of the original characters I'm big for is well um... Raven and Beastboy/Raven and Garfield.

    So depending on this would probable depend on me actually joining other than that I love the idea and am definitely interested.
  10. Count me in? :o
    Not sure what canon character to be descended from though XD
    Maybe robin..

    Rose Wilson/Ravager or terra.. Can't decide..
  11. I may be interested in joining this group RP. Have you guys worked out any further details? Is this the only discussion thread so far? I'd prefer to be a female character even though I normally roleplay males. Just let me know as soon as possible, please. ^_^

    (Also: Oh, and since the Beastboy/Raven spawn has been officially claimed, I'd love to be the result of a Robin/Starfire pairing if possible. If not, that's completely fine. I could make up my own!)
  12. I think that would be a good idea!
  13. Yes go for it
  14. It seems a lot of people would want to descend from robin and star fire. Which would be my desired pairing. Hmm are we going to be doing only canon or OCs as well?
  15. I'll do Rose Wilson (Ravager who was part of TT) x Jason Todd (Red Hood ; wasn't part of titans).
  16. It's totally fine to come from a non-Titan parent. As long as you aren't kryptonian.
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  17. Okay so no Conner kids guys. Right? Because he's superboy.

    Anyways yeah I guess that a OOC thread would be wise.
  18. Yeah. I mean, I guess quarter-Kryptonians would be fine. I just don't want there to be that huge imbalance.
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  19. An OOC sounds fine. I also took from the original post that we'd decide upon which Titans paired up as a group. Kind of thought we'd vote or, at least, discuss it. Not just claim things. Btw, I'm in total support of Garfield and Raven/Beastboy and Raven.
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