Teen Titans Roleplay more based on the recent 'Justice League vs Teen Titans' movie?

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    The cartoon you recognise as the 'Teen Titans' will only play a small fraction of inspiration. I'll be basing a good deal of stories off DC's non-TT works that involve other TT members.

    I'll also take inspiration from Young Justice.

    Of course, this is its own continuity, so if you want to base your characters off the incarnations you know best, by all means. Maybe you prefer the Flash TV series' Kid Flash to TT cartoon Kid Flash? It's OK, comic characters have tonnes of writers, tonnes of differing backstories and all that.

    The final result either way will show Cyborg being a member of the league. However, he might be considered to be playable, since he will be depicted to help the Titans a fair bit.

    The only condition I have in mind for now is that the current Robin must be either Tim Drake or Damian Wayne. This is for... plot-based reasons.

    The primary plot is... uh...

    ... yeah. They are Teen Titans. They do Teen Titans stuff.

    But really though, the plot will begin with new recruits at the door. For the time being, I'm thinking of these recruits being canonical characters, but a few OCs might be considered. After all, I do remember where the story of where Harley Quinn started. Plus, some characters in the TT cartoon were partially original.

    All recruits can be any DC hero can be depicted as a teenager in a plausible sense and timeframe period.

    The only forbidden characters will be forbidden for plot-based reasons.

    So, who interested?
  2. Welp, I suppose I'm in x.x might be a good time to use that character that is kinda frozen in Knights of New Gotham, or create an OC maybe.
  3. To be considered, Valkyrie will either have to be aged down or you could say in some part of her app that she's a teen by her kind's chronological standards. This is the Teen Titans after all.

    Canonical characters are recommended but OCs will have to be kept few(yet present). Since you brought an OC up first... well... go ahead.

    I guess I'll consider playing Robin(Damian Wayne) and maybe take inspiration from the events of Young Justice to justify my playing of Shazam.

    someone's going to claim Static any second now...
  4. Sure >.< I guess that works :P but I miiight squeeze in a canon character if I can, I just uh... Don't have too much in the way of extensive knowledge on them. (Though I could for instance give playing another version of Supergirl a try or something like that x.x)
  5. Would Supergirl (Kara) be an acceptable character?
  6. Yes she is.

    @york you still want Supergirl? Your grasp on the reserve was slightly wonky.
  7. Oh! Don't worry :P I'll stick with Valkyrie, and see about playing another canon character x.x already playing Supergirl for another RP anyways.
  8. Oh i guess I didn't realize someone else already spoke up for her! Is it okay for me to play supergirl, or should I pick another?
  9. Go ahead and pick Supergirl.
  10. can i do superboy/connor kent?

    if that's too much overlap with supergirl/kara, i can run Raven or Kid Flash
  11. I will be chill with Superboy, but if you see it as some form of overlap, Raven or Kid Flash would be better reccomendations imo.
  12. Ugh... Damian, my most hated Robin.
  13. I might try Donna Troy, since she never gets used.

    Or Herald/Guardian. Or Jericho. Or Snapper Carr...

    Lots of underutilized Titans characters, honestly.
  14. @Crow when were you thinking of activating this RP?
  15. I'm kind of unsure, but it shouldn't be far.

    I'm still thinking of a brief history that'll make sense. Combining various histories don't go too well.

    Well, I do have a thing where certain characters have to include in their application 'Did a depiction of this story happen? Did a depiction of that story occur?', so that does lift the lighter burden. Character-written history. So for instance, if a Starfire player wants 'Red Hood and the Outlaws' to be a thing in Starfire's history, then Arsenal/Speedy is not playable.
  16. With generations of mantles, I'll need some of you to clarify which holder of the alias you are using.

    I was just spending some time refreshing myself on Teen Titans lore.
  17. Alright, I think I've solidified my brief history plannos for this particular continuity.

    The Core 7 as portrayed in the 1980s New Teen Titans - Robin(now Nightwing), Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl.

    I had in mind that the team would be formed 4 or 5 years ago, and while the former 3 were college-aged during the team's birth, the latter four could be early teens or pre-teenage. This would mean that the latter four are still Teens and the former three are now adults.

    While Cyborg graduated to the Justice League, Nightwing and Starfire decided to stay behind to oversee the Titans, even though they are no longer teens.

    If @Razilin and @Auntie Phaz would like to opt Raven, Kid Flash or Wonder Girl out of this plan and simply make them fresh new members like everyone else, do tell.
  18. Didn't get a notification for this, but I'm here.

    I'm cool with having Wonder Girl still be a teenager. I see her and Kid Flash as probably being closer to 18 than Raven and Beast Boy.
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