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  1. It's a nice evening in Jump City, things are quiet tonight for once, the first time in quiet a while. The arrival of the New Titans, just a little over a week ago, shook the city. It had been so long since Jump City had any heroes, since it had needed heroes, that the people of the city weren't sure just how to react. They were soon welcomed however, as the new wave of crime and villainy was proving too much for local police and Star Labs to handle. Multiple new villains were spotted, and not just thugs in masks, like Jump City's Freak Street Gang, proper supervillians with powers and incredible skill. A wild, animalistic boy killed a city council member recently, and already had a list of other crimes that had been attributed to him, though without sightings. Another villain, calling himself Orbit, recently robbed a freighter delivering millions of dollars of priceless art, though only took one painting. A few of the city's classic villains had came back recently as well, hearing the call of some strange master. Overload was recently spotted draining the city's power supply, and a trails of slime leading into the sewers are thought by many to signal the return of Plasmus, though he hasn't been seen by anyone. In addition, a small number of old weapons and gadgets used by some of the city's old and retired villains recently went missing from the collection held at Star Labs. Notable items within this horde were Control Freak's remote, Doctor Light's gauntlets and suit, Mumbo Jumbo's wand and hat, the lifeless hunk of wood that used to be the Puppet King, and Mad Mod's scepter.

    Nevertheless, it was a nice night. It was quiet, and the city looked beautiful from atop Titan's Tower, the gleaming lights of the city shining bright against the darkness. From the top of the tower, one could see most of the city, as the island on which the tower was stationed was smack in the middle of the city. It looked like a city worth protecting, all the hustle and bustle, busses, trucks, and cars busily moving about. It was so peaceful, or at least, until there was a thunderous boom, and an enormous plume of smoke rose up from the financial district.

    Inside the tower, the alarm blared, interrupting multiple conversations, and Technomancer's dinner. Its endless droning calling everyone to the monitor room on the top floor, where the massive center screen was showing live video footage of Cinderblock hauling gold into a dump truck. Police were engaging with him, but regular bullets just seemed to bounce off him like Nerf darts. He looked considerably different, having been affected by time, like all things. He was even larger than he'd been when the original Teen Titans had fought him. Apparently, he was only in his mid-teens when their parents had faced off against the enormous concrete beast, and still had a ways to grow. Almost 20 feet tall, he was now in his mid 30s, and had a long beard made of the same concrete-like substance as the rest of him, though it swung more freely than the rest of him.

    A couple of police officers pulled their cars in front of him, trying to block his path, but picked one of them up and shook it, before crashing it down upon the other. Local police couldn't handle this. It was time for the New Titans to enter the scene and intervene!
  2. Technomancer heard the alarm, it was pretty much impossible not to. The blaring noise and the flashing red lights, the show could wake up the dead. Then again, Ryan knew how deeply his old man could sleep. He'd been eating when it started, slurping down hot, delicious Narutomaki brand ramen. Unfortunately, when the alarm went off, it had scared him half to death, and he'd shot backwards from his desk, falling on his back and spilling the piping hot noodle soup all over himself. Thankfully, his suit was hydrophobic, and didn't stain. It was still insanely hot though, and he nearly screamed. Pushing himself off of the ground, he slid his mask back down over his face and made his way to the monitor room. His mask wasn't anything fancy, just a metallic plate that covered any non-bionic parts of his face. It had an eye hole, though it just looked white due to a bulletproof one-way glass that he'd used. His mask was simple, but it was nice. Prescription too. As he stepped into the large, open room, he could see the central screen showing a live feed of Cinderblock trashing cop cars while slowly moving tons of gold into a dump truck. It was evidently clear that local law enforcement was woefully outmatched. "Damn, he's sure aged well. Kinda' hoped he'd gotten old, maybe retired, or gotten a career in the stock market," he said, cracking his human knuckles with his robotic hand, then gently rubbing where his bionic arm met the flesh of his torso. "Jeez, look at the stats on Cinderblock!" He cried, pointing to the screen on the left, "This guy's nuts! There's no way he was always this powerful, right? I mean, with durability like that, he could straight-up eat a surface to air missile!" He exclaimed, "His powers must get stronger with age, possibly due to thickening skin..." he began to hypothesize and try to work it out, speaking quickly and quietly enough that most just heard it as an uninterpretable mumbling, a jumble of scientific words and phrases, "Anyway," he said, shaking his head to clear it, "We should stop him before he crushes any more cars," he said rolling his shoulder and cracking his neck. It was a bad habit of his, but he had more important issues to worry about than his knuckles.

    He'd wait for the others to start heading out, before leaping off of the roof of Titan's Tower, using his rocket-boots to keep pace with the other flying members of the team. If needed, he'd be willing to carry Harlow, as their resident punching expert lacked the ability to fly, which the vast majority of the team possessed in one fashion or another. Even Kid Flash would be able to fly if he strapped some doors to his arms. They'd allow him to create enough drag to ascend, and with enough momentum he could glide from there for a pretty impressive distance...Now wasn't the time to be thinking about stuff like that though, Ryan needed to keep his head in the game. One good punch from Cinderblock, and he'd be down, if not dead.
  3. Is that a pimple? the heroine known as Jade Morpha wondered, glaring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She didn't care how long she'd been in there or if anyone was waiting. That's definitely a pimple, she thought, poking her cheek gently. Jade closed her eyes and pursed her lips; pimples were an enemy more diligent than any her parents had faced. They were evil, always lurking below the surface, waiting to surface just at the right time. Hana could not face this threat idly; she would have to face it head on with determination. She opened her eyes, returning her gaze to the minuscule uprising on her cheek, which to her seemed to overtake her entire image. Should I face this threat aggressively, or passively? The thought of popping the zit was enticing; it felt like victory, but would no doubt leave a darker green area on her face while it healed. She did have some acne cream in her room, however, and a simple dab of that might...

    Jade's oh-so-important internal dialogue was interrupted by the blaring of an alarm."Typical," she huffed. "No one understands the lengths I have to take to remain beautiful..." she sighed and collected her things before slamming the door open and hurrying down the hall to the main lobby. She arrived just in time to witness the tail end of Technomancer's monologue. She announced her presence with a loud shriek of, "That beard though!" She hopped down next to the half-roboman and leaned in, "Who knew a hunk of concrete could grow facial hair?"

    Her priorities were clearly in line.

    Only half listening to Ryan's technobabble, as Hana liked to call it, she inspected his stats as well. Jade, however, was not in possession of a scientifically inclined mindset. She instead watched his rampage on the big screen, taking note of the civilians still attempting to make their escape. "I'll go on ahead, I guess," she said, smiling brightly. She cracked a window, remaining characteristically mindless to security, and stepped up. Always one for a little bit of theatrics, she jumped and waited until she was halfway down Titan Tower to shift forms into a swift. Though it would've been all too easy for her to speed off ahead without the others, she held back and simply glided over the waves until her friends joined her.

    Jade was strong, but there was only so much a green skinned beauty could do against a violent chunk of cement.
  4. During this time before the alarm, Samuel, Hana's slightly older brother was busy buried into his latest book. It was one that his mother had given him before arriving at Titan Tower, a book about knights and dragons, heroes and villains. He read it with such intensity on his face that it seemed as if he were actually living within the writing. He was taken out of his trance however by the blaring alarm, as well as the flashing lights within his own room. With an annoyed sigh he marked his page on the book and suited up. And by that he just threw on his cloak.

    He made his way to the elevator, annoyed that he had to use such conventional methods instead of just phasing through the walls like his mother could. He made it down just in time to see his sister jumping out the window, rolling his eyes at the fact she just up and left so quickly. He looked up at the monitor, seeing the aged Cinderblock terrorizing the town.

    "This pile of brick?" he said in a somewhat uninterested tone. With a sigh he headed for the same window, looking back to the cyborg boy, "Im going ahead to make sure Jade doesnt hurt herself. Dont be long showing up." he said with his usual bluntness before taking his leave. He shot down the side of the tower for a bit before suddenly two huge jet black wings sprout from his back, catching the wind and sending him zooming toward the city. He quickly located the swift that was his sisters current form and caught up to her.

    Why do you always have to leave before everyone? He mentally asked her as he glided next to her.
  5. Harlow sat with his armor on since he felt more comfortable in it rather then anything else yet, he was looking at his phone when the alarm blared looking at a rather interesting article, he sighed and made his way to where he knew everyone else would soon be. As he walked he tensed his muscles and relaxed them still getting used to the power even after six years his upper limits of strength were unknown though he expected that question to be answered with these Titans soon enough.

    He arrived and looked at the monitor as both Samuel and Jade left and saw who was the source of the alert. "A man made of concrete, can I break concrete?" Harlow questioned in his head as he looked at the man's stats, what he saw was less than pleasing but he was apparently created to fight the likes of Superman who's durability was on the scale of "I can take a planet and keep going" levels so...this could be a test of so to see if who ever made him succeeded.

    He leaned up against a wall near Ryan. "So i'm riding with you I suppose, unless you want me to swim, I mean I can but I can't promise i'll be there for the fight but..." Harlow said finally announcing his presence in the room with a a quite voice while looking at the 17 teen year old next to him.
  6. Red Crow was busy playing his handheld gaming device when the alarm blared. He was in the midst of a very important, very difficult boss battle that had taken him an hour already! The absolute toughness of this boss was unmatched by any in the game, rumored b y some to take up to five hours to defeat. Crow was SURE he would be able to beat it within two hours, but of course... the alarm. It was loud enough to shake him from his gaming reverie, which in turn caused his hands to spasm and he missed dodging an attack and the boss killed him... he had no lives left. "WHO IS DISTURBING ME TIME?" he screamed as the monitor lowered down from the ceiling... as he had been on the couch.

    Cinderblock was on the screen... with a dorky looking beard. So it was that hunk of concrete that was disturbing his game time... and stealing from a bank. Crow was suddenly very fired up and was running back and forth silently screaming profanities as people came in to look at the monitor. He wasn't angry as much as he was frustrated, as angry Crow would have probably blew a hole in the tower by now. Thankfully, his father taught him the virtue of holding back, so in frustration he could at least control himself.

    With the siblings hopping out of the tower and Technomancer with Harlow, he decided it was okay to hop on out. So without further ado, or frantic pacing, he went to the window and hopped out, red bolts of energy flaring to life around his fists while rings of that same red energy appeared around his ankles (a thing he developed much to his mother's astonishment). Suddenly, he was speeding to the site, probably a little faster than the other titans, he was tempted to slow down but meh.
  7. Zap had been in the living room, snacking and periodically making remarks on Red Crow's game. Usually useless comments that weren't really all that helpful, but it amused her to piss him off. When the alarm sounded, Zap jumped up up, her bare feet hitting the carpet hard. She nearly hit her bag of chips, which irritated her. Red Crow wasn't any better, as at that moment time he'd just lost against that boss he'd been fighting. Technomancer started rattling off stats, and Zap slowly sat down.

    "Uh, I'm not gonna be much use against this guy. Concrete doesn't conduct electricity. Also I like my bones not broken," Zap commented from the couch. Sure, if she really wanted to, she could be a distraction, but... she'd probably also have to hitch a ride there and the siblings were out and they were on an island. She wished that she'd gotten flying at times like this. Sticking to walls didn't work so well when the 'wall' in question was a large body of water. "Also, I'm not playing crowd control again. I nearly got trampled."

    During her shifting around her foot had gotten snagged on the bag of chips. The crunch of the bag made it obvious to everyone in the room, so she quietly removed it and put her boots back on to prevent that from happening. Even as she did that she was certain that she'd be on crowd control again. "I wish I had a raingun and change at times like this..."
  8. Olivia was in her room painting her nails her favorite shade of purple. She was on her final coat on her pinky to make the entire time spent on her nails worth all the time spent when she heard the alarm blaring, signaling that some sort of crime is being committed in the city. Capping her nail polish, she headed out to where everyone was meeting up and saw cinderblock on the screen. She silently watched as Technomancer explained the villains higher statistics from when her parents were younger. Looking over at her twin brother, she knew he probably couldn't wait to fight the massive rock but with her twin, it was hard to tell what he was thinking. Moving closer to him she whispered to him in a low tone "You better not forget about me this time, Arran."
  9. Arran West, AKA Kid Flash, was not easily amused when it came to things such as video games, magazines of hot women, and jamming along to some tunes. He was actually a god damn good electric guitar player, and loved playing some heavy riffs while listening to rock and roll through his earphones. However, last time he did that, his mother sort of...exploded his newly-bought guitar with a Hex bolt, before sending him off to cleaning the gutters. Of course, he had completed it in four seconds flat, but that was still an expensive piece of equipment! Point is, he enjoyed doing the things that he thought was fun, which was why he was currently tuning his new guitar - this one he actually made himself. It was shaped in the form of a thunderbolt - his personal symbol, and was a crimson red with yellow thunderbolt designs along the metal. The wires were reinforced, and actually conducted electricity, so that he could utilize his super speeding fingers on the strings - making for some super sick riffs.

    He had been plucking at the strings at a super-sonic speed, the amps' volume set at the highest volume possible, when the alarms began blaring down at him. The rhythm he was playing wasn't anything specific - just some mindless chords he was putting together, but since his room was sound-proofed for activities specifically such as these, the noise wouldn't bother anyone except for him, and since he was a guy that created sonic booms by running...well, a little guitar playing wasn't loud to him, at all. The alarm was pretty annoying, though, but it was only there to show that there was currently crime happening. He was to report to the...top room, right? The place where they received their briefings and all that jazz. "Action this early on? Freakin' awesome." Kid Flash grinned, showing pearly whites. He had only been wearing a pair of sweatpants, leaving his lean, defined form to the cool effects of his central AC, but in a flash, he blurred into his closet and then blurred out, dressed completely in his Kid Flash outfit. Everything set in place, and his headphones hanging around his neck, playing 'X Gon' Give it To Ya', Kid Flash blurred out of his door.

    In a few seconds later, he was skidding into the main briefing room, easily catching his footing and sliding next to his sister. She had taken more after their mom, while he literally got all of his genes from his dad - with a few things from his mom, mainly good luck, and his enemies getting a bit of bad luck, passively. While the Techno wiz said all of his nerd rambling, Kid Flash reassured his sister absently, while his eyes instantly read all of the text in a fraction of a second - the benefits of being super fast, he guessed. "Yeah, yeah, I gotcha lil' sis. Try to keep up, okay?" He gave her a bright grin, but his eyes were somewhere else. Super strong skin...well, stone, highly enhanced strength and durability. Obviously, he wouldn't go down from physical attacks, but his body could still feel force. Send him skidding, and team up with the rest to hammer him down.

    As the others left in various ways, Kid Flash adjusted his mask, his grin turning into an eager smirk as he began to jog in place. "Meet you guys there!" he called out as they began to fly away, his legs already turning into a blur of motion. Tensing forward, Kid Flash blasted off, his form blurring from pure speed, as everything around him began to warp. He blasted through the opened window of the Tower, falling miles out of the sky, and landing on top of the lake in a massive splash. He didn't even hesitate, blasting across the water as if the Devil himself was prodding his ass, sprinting right onto the bank of the city, and onto the streets. He dodged around speeding cars and pedestrians, nothing but a yellow and red blur to them as he began to build more and more speed. He was close...so close to the speed he needed. As he passed by the pizza place he often frequented, he hit that speed mark, and the pure force and noise that came from him breaking the sound barrier, blasted around him, busting dozens of windows and even the windows of the pizza place. Crap, he'd have to pay for that.

    At this point, he had entered tunnel vision, and he could see the towering, stone-like figure of Cinderblock, the giant lug as slow as a tortoise. A fraction of a second passed, and Kid Flash grinned, a laugh escaping his throat as one could hear a deep voice from his headphones saying "First we gonna ROCK, then we gonna ROLL!"

    Cinderblock turned around at the wrong time.

    He blurred through the air feet-first, literally a speeding, lightning-covered missile of yellow and red, slamming into the Cinderblock's face with his patented Sonic Boom Dropkick of Badassery. The pure force, inertia, and power behind his kick was obvious, as the pressure from the kick blasted out as a shockwave, pushing away police cars. There was a second, as if time had stopped, before Kid Flash pushed off and back-flipped away, landing in a dash-ready crouch, Speed Force-lightning arcing off of his legs.

    Meanwhile, Cinderblock went blasting down the street, skidding across the pavement, and tearing gouges into the concrete from his pure weight. He even crushed a few cars on his way. In the end, he was butt-deep in a Ford truck, shaking his head, stone-beard whipping around with the movement. He groaned, more dazed and confused, rather than injured.

    "Bam! As always, badassery beats dumbassery!" His face was still formed into a grin.
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  10. "Y-you...jerk..." Olivia muttered, having latched onto his back when she noticed he was about to run off without her again. Getting off his back, she kneeled down and put her head between her knees, taking deep breathes so that she doesn't lose her stomach. Being the daughter of one speedster and the sister to another, you would think she should be okay with being wit them while they ran but that would be the wrong assumption. If she wasn't prepared, Olivia would suffer from terrible queasiness and the urge to pass out. After a few minutes, she regained her composer and stood up, looking over at the aged Cinderblock, she flared up her gift and sent a few blasts at him.

    Cinderblock went back a few more paces but was still standing and from the looks of it, he was MAD! Looking between the siblings, Cinderblock decided to charge at them both to try and get it over with.

    Seeing what he was doing, Olivia moved out of the way and looked back at her brother. "By the way, what was with calling me little earlier? We are the same age, junior." She comments, sending another blast to throw the stone man off balance.
  11. [​IMG]

    So this was how the game was played...divide and conquer... It was not every day that Skoll had allies during his assignments. But all things considered Cinderblock made an excellent distraction for local law enforcement. Giving Skoll the window of opportunity he needed. And Just as both sides of the fight began to stir and unravel for the incoming battle, the plane began to close in on the facility. And with this in mind Skoll reached for his hair and slowly combed it with his fingers. He was in someone else's territory now, and at this point there was no turning back. Placing his hands at his waist and walking to the back of the plane full of gear. It would probably take him a good thirty minutes to actually get there...well worth the wait...he had no intention of going anywhere guns blazing. Considering this mission needed a...more steady hand. Requiring him to be the more of the stealthy type. he figured he'd sneak around the battlefield. After all, it was what he was good at. Luckily, he had Cinderblock to launch a frontal assault on the gold depository...nothing but an expendable pawn to distract the main forces. A simple strategy...his master truly was pulling the strings.

    Heading into his walk in closet aboard the plane he was currently hitching in order to get to the battle in the first place the boy reached for his gear and began to prepare himself. Grabbing his twin pistols and holstering them on his lower back he then proceeded to grab his outfit and slipped on his black longcoat. After putting it on he reached for his mask and strapped it onto his face, allowing his white hair to fall nearly over the front of it. He then reached for his blades next and neatly holstered them onto his back. Then grabbing a large backpack He moved to the other wall, grabbing several sets of explosives and C4 as well as a few other little goodies that would come in handy in a pinch Putting them neatly into the bag he slid it onto his shoulders. Now ready and prepared for action, he walked out of his small armory and grabbed his twin secondary set of knives. Holstering them on both legs.

    Sighing heavily to himself, Skoll made his way to the back of the cargo plane and lifted his wrist...checking his watch and growling to himself. He pushed in a button and set the time...thirty minutes to get out...that was his window. Looking next to him at a very large metal box he shook his head...had to focus. That was a EMP...once dropped into a certain area, it triggered a large powerful blast that could shut down systems over three miles in radius. Perfect for those little cameras and communication systems. Rolling his eyes and smacking the button to the door, it slowly opened and created a vacuum of air. Sucking the box out of the back of the plane quickly followed by Skoll...jumping out of the back and freefalling through the air closely behind. He was being dropped about two blocks away from where cinderblock was...right outside the private property of a company.

    He slowly got closer...he could see the surface bustling full of inhabitants from here. He was not exactly a fan of public places but he needed to do what he was here for...just needed to secure the facility below. With this in mind, as he neared the surface, he pulled out a large package about the size of a box and threw it downward....as the box smashed into the ground creating a small crater it turned into a large bouncer. Skoll grunted from the impact as the bouncer absorbed his fall and flung him a few feet into the air, landing on the side of the facility perimeter wall. looking around to see no one was near...perfect. Turning to the direction of the facility, his large canine like ears swiveled atop his head...inhaling the air and trying to catch a scent...but nothing. Good thing he dropped somewhere solitary. Heading off through a full dash he made way for the facility, sticking to the shadows and remaining out of sight...for now. Pressing the button on his wrist and causing the EMP to go off just before it hit the ground, shutting down electronically systems in a three middle radius...his thirty minutes started now.
  12. Ryan nodded to Harlow, "Yeah man, I suppose. We should get you a jet-pack or something, or some sort of vehicle. I think the R-Cycle is actually still in the hangar next to the T-Sub, though their both missing some parts..." he said. He stopped himself before he got off-track. It was a habit of his, his super-advanced brain tended to get distracted rather easily, or move on faster than his mouth could keep up with, "Anyway, meet you on the roof," he said, sprinting up the spiral staircase only a room or two away that lead to the rooftop access. There was an elevator as well, but it was on the bottom floor, where he'd sent it when he'd wanted to explore the defensive systems of the tower personally. He'd sent it to ground level and disabled it for the day, knowing that most of the team could fly or superspeed their way around the base effectively enough. Even Harlow probably could have jumped a good three floors if he wanted too, with his super-strength and all. Readying himself, the genius teen envisioned the route he'd take to get to his destination. The financial district wasn't that far if you could travel in a straight line, over the tops of buildings, though he didn't want to be facing Cinderblock head on if he didn't have to. Preferably, he'd jet his way over to the top of a building overlooking Cinderblock battling his comrades, dropping Harlow on the ground nearby, then swing around via his grapple hand to open fire on the cement villain with his sonic cannon. Technomancer knew he couldn't handle a lot of threats head on, which is why he primarily used stealth and ingenuity to tackle his foes. In the event that these things didn't cut it, well, he had an armory of things for that scenario. He tapped his foot as he stood on the edge of the roof of Titans' Tower, a soft clanking of metal on cement sounding out. The boots carried a set of impact-dampeners that could make them totally inaudible to the human ear. He had a lot of gadgets like that, things that served multiple functions.

    Cinderblock felt the massive impact slam into him, sending him skidding and crashing into another empty car. A rocky rumbling growl escaped his concrete lips as he pushed himself back to his feet. "Grrr! Flaaaah!" He roared in a crude attempt to call out the speedster's name. He brought both fists down, smashing the ground so hard he created a shockwave that shook the earth around both him and his foes. The windows of nearby buildings shattered, and one could feel the ground shaking beneath their feet. Hearing the call that many other villains had recieved, the concrete villain had returned to Jump City. Cinderblock wasn't a smart man though, and as he pounded on his chest, preparing the to charge the young heroes head-first so he might crush them under his fists. He let out a massive roar, grabbing the car he'd fell on to hurl it at the newly arriving Titans. Then, the mighty cement pillars that were his legs began to pump as he charged, his massive head leading the way.
  13. Harlow had rode on Ryan's back piggyback style knowing full well he could handle the weight of him and his armor, as they flew Harlow looked over his armor and body suit making sure any last minute adjustments were made though he didn't think the steel and ceramic plates along with Kevlar would do much if this cinderblock character hit him. He gave though to how he would get from place to place with this team and while the idea of Robin's old motorcycle was nice Harlow felt that a guy like him in full black combat suit and armor would look odd on a red and yellow "Crotch rocket" style bike but it did give Harlow an Idea for later.

    He jumped off about a hundred feet back and landed on the ground with a dull thud as his enhanced body absorbed most of the impact while he rolled to dissipate the rest of the force, as he stood he saw Kid flash smash into cinderblock knocking him into a car and proving to anger the concrete monster more than damage him. Harlow saw him start to charge while the car sailed past him and figured it was his turn for a little fun, he kicked up a sewer cover and grabbed it before throwing the 150 pound object with the force of a small car at cinderblock the impact was enough to slow the man down and let Harlow to make a charge of his own. Harlow knew that punching cinderblock would be pointless so he did something that if he was weaker would of killed him, as he reached cinderblock who tried to grab him he ducked to the side and under the man's massive arm before grabbing the offending fingers of said arm (since his arm is so massive and no ones wrapping their hands around that) and jerked him to the side this threw cinderblock off balance enough that Harlow was able to strike his leg and knock him to the ground and now the real fight began.

    Harlow had learned quite a few styles from batman in his time learning from the JLA but now his knowledge of Sambo would serve him well, he went for the joints of cinderblocks body specifically his fingers Harlow attacked cinderblocks right thumb using the fact that he was facing down along with his arm he started to pull the thumb back stressing the joint, once he got it to and extreme angle he jerked and twisted it giving a satisfying crack followed with a bellow of pain from cinderblock who was now getting up. Harlow held on as cinderblock roused up and stood but Harlow noticed that great big bears of gravel that grew off of cinderblock's face, while he was still dazed and unbalanced Harlow ran up his arm and jumped while grabbing onto the beard he then used his momentum to swing his weight this combined with cinderblocks aforementioned unbalance allowed Harlow to slam cinderblock's head into the ground very hard.

    As Harlow rolled away he underestimated how fast cinderblock would recover and before Harlow could recover from his roll cinderblock was upon him, Harlow had no time to dodge so he did the next best thing he braced. Cinderblock swung his fist in a sweeping motion making contact with Harlow which also launched Harlow at an impressive speed...into and through a wall... a concrete wall. Harlow landed with a meaty thud in the building before sliding onto his ass in pain, he felt around and realized while his arms and legs weren't broken several of his rib's were along with a few gashes on his face leaking blood. He slowly rose with a grunt before limping back to the entrance turned exit made by his body.
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  14. Zap watched the others leave, but considering she'd be nothing but support at best Zap decided to remain behind for the moment. She turned to monitor the city -Cinderblock wasn't smart but there was probably a reason he was raiding the gold deposit- for anything unusual. That was when she saw the plane. It wasn't unusual for a plane to fly over Jump City, but something just seemed off about it. With the others already gone, Zap decided to borrow Technomancer's computer to watch the plane. A small dot fell from it onto the gold depository. Zap tried to zoom in but it was gone before she could get a good glimpse at it.

    It didn't take her long to navigate her way over to where the thing had landed, and since they didn't know she was there, Zap would have to be more careful to avoid their attention. The quickest way was to crawl up behind the building near the landing area and go top down. The wall climb was easy, but she half wished that she'd left her boots off for it. Once on the roof, she saw the small crater where the thing must have fallen. Probably a person or robot, since it's not been picked up by Cinderblock.

    Zap took off her boots again and carefully tucked them into her belt. At some point she'd need to ask Tech for better shoes or maybe cut small holes for her feet to connect to walls. Maybe retractable shoes. As she pondered the best way to not have to put on and take off her shoes whenever she needed to walk on ceilings she noticed the lack of power. Zap wasn't exactly one who was excellent at one on one combat, but she could zap him a little she guessed. She might not have the fancy training from Batman, but she was onto something here. Cinderblock was indeed a distraction. But for what? For now, Zap would try to remain out of sight until she could actually figure out where this mysterious thing was. Knowing her luck, she'd end up being spotted first and she'd have to fight an unknown element. Heh, maybe she'd be able to bluff her way out of it, Zap thought, exhaling quietly from the first floor ceiling.

    After some time passed she realized that the thing wasn't there. Falling gracefully from the ceiling, Zap tried to reason out where the mystery that was the plane and the blur. She'd go back to the depository, since that was where Cinderblock was. If she could sneak up on him or something... she had literally no way to even hurt him and she wasn't eager to leap behind his head and cover his eyes while everyone exploded stuff around him.

    Probably the wrong building anyway. However, she wasn't about to call the other Titans yet. Cinderblock was indeed a threat and wouldn't let them run away easily. Not to mention that she wasn't a fan of having that huge jerk move any closer to her. As she headed back up to the roof to leave the building, she thought she saw movement, but it turned out to be just a rat and someone fleeing from the battlefield.
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  15. Samuel had arrived with Hana just moments after the speedster Kid Flash slammed into the stone golem that was Cinderblock, sending the creature flying down into the cars that were parked in the street. However, Samuel noticed that this did little to nothing in the sense of harming the creature, instead it seemed to succeed in pissing him off even more. He began charging and Sam, perched on one of the lower building ledges, tensed up to join the fight, only to be stopped as he noticed Harlow, their resident heavy bruiser, take his turn on the behemoth. He was successful in taking down and even hurting Cinderblock, but the success was to not be celebrated as within that moment, Harlow was sent flying into a nearby wall. Luckily for the guy, his enhanced body meant he only came out bruised and bleeding, not broken.

    "Hmph, if anything, he'd make a good human wrecking ball" said Samuel to himself as he put on his hood and leaped down the building, opening his wings as he angled himself straight toward the enraged Cinderblock. He didnt give the beast any time to try a second retaliation at Harlow, because in that instant, he grabbed onto Cinderblocks head and swung himself around so he was looking into the monsters face. Before Cinderblock could realize what was happening, Sam pulled back his left arm, an overlay of intense dark energy covering his limb as his eyes glowed an intense white, his face in a sneer as he chanted the words taught to him by his mother;

    "Azarath Metrion Zynthos!" he yelled, slamming his palm into Cinderblocks eyes, a devastating blast of dark energy came from Sams arm, engulfing Cinderblocks face in it. Cinderblock screamed as the energy blinded him, causing him to swing wildly in an attempt to knock off Sam from his clinging point. With the beast unbalanced, Sam continued barraging him with even more dark energy blasts until Cinderblock lost his footing and fell back with a thundering crash, Sam leaping off and gliding over to the top of an unturned truck, waiting for whoever else wanted to make their move.
  16. Crow was a little perturbed by the destruction Kid Flash thought was necessary just to land the first hit on the villain. People had to work for those windows... and cars. Like sheesh! Crow sped his speed to arrive at the fight just after the speedy twins got there first and already started on their shenanigans. Others went in after the twins and put a beat down on big ol' Cindy. Harlow went at him tooth and nail only to be floored... err, walled. Then Samuel was... Samuel... Then...

    Crow arrived with a glare after having flown around up above looking for an opening and twisted in the air, throwing three blood red bolts from both his hands and one being one of the rings from his ankles. "WATCH OUT KIDDOS!" he yelled as all three blast connected with the now stumbling cinderblock and caused the air to crackle with a vibrant red energy. "Three strikers, yerrrrr outta here!~" he yelled, zipping to the side in a wide arc to look for another opening to rush in and blow things up... in a controlled manner as to not destroy any more personal property.

    The punny crowboy was known for his rather odd antics in a fight. It combined both his mother's powers and Nightwing's utility, with a twist of laughing idiot thrown in from himself. It was sort of strange how someone so disciplined could also be so... soo... knuckleheaded. It was a rather odd occurrence that people just had to get used to.
  17. Olivia, going as Black Luck when in fights, just stared at Crow like he had grown a second head. She could not believe his antics or the fact that he was the spawn of Nightwing and Starfire. Rolling her eyes she threw a few more blasts of her bad luck energy at Cinderblock to make sure he stayed down, but with a giant stone man that gave their parents a run for their money in their hay day you never know if he will stay down or not.
  18. Harlow walked out of the hole while holding his rib's, he knew at least two of them were fractured his earlier assumption that they were broken was proven wrong at least to him when he couldn't feel them moving freely in his torso but he would need to wait for an xray back at the tower to confirm it one way or another. His beard was partially reddened by his own blood coming from the most prominent wound on his head though it looked worse than it was, it was only a centimeter deep of so.

    He caught the sight of the last few strikes and hits cinderblock took eventually leaving him on the ground but knocked out was not something any of them could confirm from afar but Harlow was in bad shape and ti take another hit like the last one wouldn't be best for his health but if the giant creature was just playing opossum for one of them to get close then he knew he was still the bruiser here and him taking the hit would be better then one of the other titans. "Damned if I do damned if I don't." He thought knowing that someone else might take the hit so he got closer for a better look at cinderblock.
  19. Skoll was released from his prison and allowing the wolf to begin his hunt. Unspotted so far and time on his side.
    Skoll was doing well...a lot better than he expected all things considered. It appeared many of the forces of the confederacy where taking their job rather lightly as the canine predator tip toed his way through enemy lines without once being spotted...he was getting closer to the future industries building now...while some would of taken the main gate, Skoll simply stuck to the outskirts of the company as far away from the main guards as possible...staying to the shadows as he made his way to the checkpoint. It did not take long however for several soldiers to come looking around near his location...Skoll growled silently and lowered himself to the ground in a somewhat feral fashion...crawling off to the side to avoid them.

    "Who's there!" One of the men called, standing to his full height and running his fingers around a pistol that lied on his waist.

    Skoll narrowed his eyes underneath his mask and slowly backed away.

    "there is something on the thermal scanners...right in front of us...?" The man whispered confused. Skoll remained silent and very still...he could see several others begin to check what the man was talking about, shining their lights in the shadows near him. Suddenly, as he turned his head over his shoulder. He witnessed three other figures slowly approach from on top the overpass he had walked under. Three of them...in all there where six. Skoll scoffed as their apparent leader stood in front of him as his lackeys circled him. Damn...he had not heard them before...There was a long silence as they all stared at him...a growl erupting in Skolls chest. Apparently the general anticipated something may happen and thus stationed soldiers all around the school. All the soldiers pointed their weapons at him as the man suddenly began to speak again.

    "So what's this...white hair, a mask thats been all over the news...this job just got real interesting eh boys?" He asked...tilting his head as he walked over to Skoll calmly.

    "I will admit...I'm impressed you made it this far without getting caught. So what you got inside of the pack there?" He asked, turning his head in attempt to get a better look at Skolls backpack. The young boy simply remained silent and still.

    Slowly, he tilted his head to the side a bit. acting as if he had no use what he was talking about. The man sighed a laugh, taking a glance at Skolls weapon that was on his waist as well.

    "I see you gotta knife kid...bet ya dont know how to use it." He mocked, looking back at his buddies and laughing.

    "They never do..." he whispered...looking back at Skoll and continuing his smug boasting. Skoll found himself annoyed by this guys stupidity. Did he not realize who they were speaking too? He had been plastered all over the news for like a week and he honestly thought...he didn't know how to use a knife? The thought forced an annoyed growl from him.

    "Surrender and Empty the pack out on the grass nice and slow..."

    He demanded...Skoll grimaced at this request. He had far to many valuables to be submitting to the request of a petty soldier. His ears perked forward a bit, a deep growl erupted in his chest ...backing away slowly. The man snapped and moved forward.

    "Take off the damn pack...or DIE!" He shouted in frustration...Skoll then remained silent, pausing in his tracks. Just staring at the man with no emotion crossing that face as the mask glistened in the light...he did not understand why people always had to resort to yelling. He supposed it was simply in their nature...the man came closer. And moved his hand outward to shove him. "You listening to me?" He asked cockily...Skolls eyes flared up blue underneath his mask.

    His growl transformed into a snarl as he clenched his fist.

    "Good" he said. Skoll looking around at the other soldiers.
    Skoll lifted his hand and flicked them off, his facial expression becoming tight with seriousness under that mask. The man just shook his head and laughed. Turning his back on Skoll to face the other has he boasted.

    "Can you believe this kid!?" He laughed, turning back around and throwing his hand out to shove him again.

    "Alright you wanna do it the hard way-" He said Just as the mans fingers touched the fabric of Skolls outfit. In one swift move a blade shot out of his sleeve and move to the side at speeds the naked eye could not process. Slicing straight through the wrist between the joints and the palm of the soldiers hand. The limb simply fell onto the ground and Skoll held up his arm with the blade still in his hand, backing into the shadows underneath the overpass slowly.

    The man appeared to be dumbfounded as to what had happened. Gasping and staring at the stump where his hand use to be as his breath caught in his throat.

    "W-wh-why would you do that?" He asked in shock, falling back onto his bum and holding his arm in pain. "He just cut my hand off!! What are you idiots standing around for!? BLAST EM!" He shouted in a mixture of pain and rage. Skoll tilted his head as the men exchanged glances.

    "What did he say?" Another man asked confused. The White Wolf smirked and simply shrugged; backing away deeper into the shadows were darkness ruled. In sudden realization they all ran into the shadows to attack his silhouette. Wielding all kinds of blades and guns. Skoll quickly drew his knife, preparing for what was to come.

    As they all attacked him his eyes flared, ducking underneath the first blade he lifted his leg up and kicked the man in the jaw, landing on his feet and lifting his own sword to block the impact of another. The second soldier came from the other side, Skoll threw out his arm and delivered an arm to deflect the mans dagger, initializing several twist, spins and acrobatic maneuvers he dodged and weaved through most of their attacks and bullet shots. Cutting through their soft bellies and throats as if they where made of butter. The last man, who was far larger than him carried a shotgun...typical. As the large beast backed away and aimed, Skoll remained in a stationary position, narrowing his eyes as the man pulled the trigger. Skolls simply moved one inch out of its path at extremely high speeds and threw out his blade, chopping off both of the mans arms and then twirling around and slicing through his belly.

    With blood now drenching the shadows of the underpass. Skoll wasted little time, walking out from the shadows and putting his knife back and leaving the corpses he approached the man who's hand had been detached. Looking at the ground at the useless hunk of meat Skoll scooted it away with his foot. Then staring down at the soldier.

    "What are you?" He weakly asked. The warrior simply tilted his head, and moved the flat end of his knife to his cheek, smearing some of the blood onto him before moving it back down and wiping off his knife on the soldiers jacket. standing to his feet and snapping the mans neck in a awkward angle. Crouching and moving past the checkpoint, making his way to the Main building of the company...which was now right in front of him. Only one more obstacle to go through. Scoffing a bit, he leaned down and grabbed the hand he had chopped off, taking it with him to the side door of the building, he pressed the detached hand onto the scanner...it beeped and gave the greenlight. The door clicked unlocked, letting himself in, he tossed the hand to the side...just one more puzzle.
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  20. Zap was passively watching from the rooftop, desperate not to join the battle when she heard gunfire. It was fairly nearby, and with all the noise that Cinderblock had made earlier it would have gone unnoticed. Zap stood and looked for the source of the commotion, and it was a nearby technology facility of some sort. She couldn't be sure what it was, but it looked like it was set up to be impenetrable. Gunfire inside the building wasn't a good sign, and probably if she could get inside then she could stop whatever was going on, then maybe she'd not have to get the short end of the team's work. Zap moved quickly down the building using the stairs, deciding that whatever was going on probably warranted shoes.

    The facility was in chaos so it was easy to slip inside, because she didn't really want to deal with people when they were panicking. As she moved on through the building she stumbled across a pile of six bodies. It made her stomach reel back in disgust, but she carried on. She was the only one here, and thus was the best and smartest of the trained superheroes. Well, she really wasn't but it made her feel better as she stepped through the puddles of blood as she walked. She was glad she decided on boots here, and she took a moment to look around. If the thief was being stealthy to this point why change tactics?

    The hand by the door answered her question. She crouched down next to it, grabbing it carefully. Still warm, she realized and called on every television cop show ever to deduce that the mystery thief was inside somewhere. He'd probably -so gross- used the recently severed hand to enter the area. There would probably be an alarm set for anyone going in with that handprint now, since that would mean that he entered twice. A look back at the mess of bodies told Zap the unlikeliness of the man walking through that door again.

    Technomancer could probably just open the door with a few key swipes and Harlow could just bust through using force. Zap had another way, but it would be somewhat tricky. Touching the door revealed that it was indeed metal, so she could probably magnetize the door to pull open via force. However... Zap tried not to gag, but if she wasn't going to waste power she'd have to pull off the same trick as the thief. Nobody was here, so it looked like they were mostly focused inside. Her tail twitched with the various possibilities, and decided that the hand trick would be faster. Hopefully the team would understand. She walked to the nearest body, a guard with a nametag that read Samson.

    "Sorry about this," Zap said, "but you guys tend to die too easily for me to do this the right way."

    She took his arm and dragged him over to the door, pressing the still warm hand to the scanner. It took more time and would probably let the thief get what he came for, but that was how she was playing it. If she knew what he was after, then maybe she could stop him, and the added bonus would be that the guy would have to somehow carry the item. Please let it be too big for his pockets, she thought as the door slid open and she dropped the dead guy's arm. She walked slowly through the building, careful not to set off more alarms or attract too much attention.

    They make this job way more glorious in comic books. Zap thought bitterly as she continued on, listening for more yelling or gunfire. Not to mention less gross. I have blood on the underside of my boots now. The thought dawned on her. She wouldn't be the only one who had blood on their shoes. She quickly took hers off to not leave yet another trail and started to look for the one the thief had left.
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