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  1. The Teen Titans have disbanded and have gone their separate ways. Raven went to study with Dr. Fate, Cyborg joined the Justice League, Starfire returned to her home planet, and no one knows what happened to Beast boy. What about Robin you ask? Well he is no longer Robin. He is now known as Nightwing and he is forming a brand new Teen Titans team. What new adventures will arise, and of and old enemies return. Can Nightwing keep his cool and his new team alive?

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  2. Nightwing - Jump City

    Jump City. It was beautiful - Especially at night. The skyline was captivating, even breathtaking if seen from the right location. Even at the near approach of midnight, the streets were occupied by luminescent headlights and even the occasional night time pedestrian. Few would believe that such a pristine place could be infested with criminals and evil-doers.

    However, as they say, Ignorance is bliss.

    Dick Grayson, a young man who was well-aware of the underground happenings in Jump City, took careful steps as he sprinted towards the edge of the tall apartment building. With a strong jump, vaulted the length of the alleyway and landed on the next building. His earpiece buzzed and a female voice came through. "Nightwing I've tracked their phones via Batmans satellite: they're all in Jump city."

    "Thank you, Oracle." He said, his eyes locking on a warehouse at the end of the block. Three nights before, Dick Grayson had sent several messages to a group of teenagers with information, a time, and a meeting location.

    Said location was right under Nightwing's feet as he landed atop the warehouse. Courtesy of Wayne Corp., the warehouse contained several dozen large crates of bogus shipments to throw off anyone who might look inside. In the roof was a glass skylights, which Nightwing pulled open. He slid through the gap and landed on a high catwalk with a metallic clang. He fetched a touch screen phone from his belt and dialed a few numbers. "Alfred?"

    "Master Grayson, I’m waiting in the Diner, shall I pull the limousine around?” The old man asked.

    “No, I’ll signal you if- when I need you.”

    Shall I fetch you a coffee from the diner?” Alfred’s question almost prompted a laugh from Dick. It was typical Alfred - always looking out for him and Bruce.

    “No, thank you Alfred.” He said, and hung up. He glanced at the screen as the time changed - 11:50.

    Dick sat and patiently waited for the newcomers…assuming they would come at all… he shook his head, ridding himself of the thought. Of course they’ll come...

    Soon, they would be coming - Soon, the new Titans would arrive…

    Nightwing's Message (open)

    To the recipients of this message,

    If you are like few others, you have special traits that set you apart from most people. I understand what that is like. I understand what it is like to want justice. You have been selected for an elite team of young heroes - The Teen Titans, if you will.

    You have made an impression upon the people in your lives, you've striven to help people. This has not gone unnoticed. I believe that, in the future, the earth will face great dangers, something that a single person cannot vanquish themselves. That is why you are receiving this message. I can help you in your battle for justice, I can help you hone your skills.

    Please meet in Jump City on Dec. 10, at 12:00. A warehouse on the corner of Charleston Ave. If you accept this offer, you will be among friends - you are welcomed.

    For security reason, I will not disclose my name until we meet in person.

    A friend.

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  3. Sable took a deep drag from her cigarette as she trudged towards the building blinking on her cellphone's screen. Some might advise her against smoking, being so young and them being so dangerous, but she'd decided long ago that she couldn't be killed by something so small. Especially when she was mostly convinced her father was something like a god. She tugged her leather jacket closer around her and paused when she came to the building. She tilted her head back to get a good look at it. Subtly, towards the corner of the upper windows, was emblazoned Wayne Industries. She knew the name well from the news, and wondered what such a powerful man could want with whoever else had received the cryptic message she had. She let the cigarette fall to the ground and stubbed it out with her boot.

    The young woman circled the building a few times, locating a couple of different exits and entrances in case she needed to leave in a hurry. When she'd made a full circle she walked towards the main entrance. She reached for the handle but paused. "There is no death here." Sable smiled, the voices of the dead might have frightened many, but to a girl who straddled the worlds of living and dead, their voices were soft and kind as a mother's. With confidence, she turned the handle and strode inside.

    The warehouse was dim and mostly open save for a few large shipping containers here and there. She carefully let her backpack swing off of one shoulder so it would be easy to get it if she needed it. Her scythe was folded up inside, the blade carefully wrapped so it didn't tear through the fabric. Finding a collapsible scythe had been predictably impossible, but luckily her former mentor had the discreet access to certain purveyors of strange things, one of which had crafted the weapon for her.

    She walked into the center of the warehouse, not noticing the dark presence above her for several long moments. Her black eyes flicked up and recognized the figure of a very fit and rather attractive man up above her. She smirked at him and did nothing, content to wait until the other arrived.
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  4. ((Because it's Nightwing and Batman's style, I'm going to assume that 12:00 meant 12:00 midnight, not noon lol))

    Inoa wasn't quite used to being in such large, packed cities. While he was fine traveling alone, and had a decent sense of direction and an ability to read maps and use a gps, he hadn't often found himself so surrounded by activity by himself. It was an adjustment, and one he knew would have to happen, so when he received the strange message from "a friend" he'd made sure he had a day or so to himself just to wander and learn more about this Jump City. As promised, he did also call home to his guardian every day or two on his journey to let the man know he hadn't died.

    On his way to the admittedly strange and shady location of the meeting he'd been called to, Inoa kept his hands in his jacket pockets to keep them warm and made sure he paid attention to his surroundings as he went. He had stashed his belongings somewhere safe, with a small dragon left with them to warn him should anyone touch it, and knew that if things went wrong here he could flee, grab his things, and get out of the city. Despite his faith in the general kindness of humanity, he did like to be prepared should anything go wrong. He'd been too trusting before, once upon a time, and it hadn't gone well for him.

    A few buildings away from the warehouse, Inoa stopped and hid, sending ahead a small black dragon to scope out the outside, having to concentrate hard enough to hold eyesight for a trip around the outside of the building. He had to let it go, after that, and started off towards the building on his own feet. After a quick look of his own around the outside of the building, he settled the dragon in the hood of his jacket, in case he should need it again, and made his way inside.

    Curious as always, Inoa looked over the boxes and crates and equipment lying around as he walked inside, and could've smacked himself for not immediately seeing the girl already standing inside the building. She was waiting, it seemed, and with a sense of foreboding at the back of his mind he moved to join her. He kept a good distance between them, as they were strangers and he wasn't quite as good at social interaction as he would like to be, feeling awkward about the whole situation.

    ". . . Good evening." He said softly after a short stretch of silence, not wanting to feel loud in the quiet, and gave her a shy little smile from where he stood. "Do you think there will be many more of us?" Surely the two of them couldn't have been the only recipients of that message.
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  5. Gwen's eyes looked around carefully as walked through the streets of Jump City. Even if the city was the prettiest at night, there could still be someone lurking in the dark of the many ally ways. Not only was she watching for signs of danger but also for police men. She would be dead if she was caught out this late. She could definitely say goodbye to her room that was conveniently placed by the fire escape.

    She sighed as she looked down at her lit up phone screen as she put some coins into a vending machine. All of this did seem pretty sketchy, it was like one of things parent's told their children about to make sure they didn't go off with strangers. What could be so heroic about me? She thought as she gazed at her reflection. Half of her short dark hair was pulled up, and the hairs that couldn't reach were left to frame her face. If it hadn't have worn a baggy hoodie, then you would have been able to see her lightly toned mussels from her Karate and Judo classes. She had't bothered with finding a new class in the big city yet she wanted to get settled first. Maybe this would be the last time her family moved.

    She was taken away from her thoughts when a thunk came from the vending machine signaling that her soda had arrived. She bent down to retrieve the beverage and then adjusted the bag on her shoulder that held her bow and arrows. Drinking the fizzy liquid, she continued down the street until she was a few buildings away from the warehouse where they were to meet and then watched as someone slipped into the building.

    "Well, here goes nothing." she said to no one particular she she crushed the empty can and threw it into a bin. Going into the same door she saw the person before her go into, she was relieved that there were only two other people there. She let her bag fall to the floor as she sat down near the door and looked for exits. It had been a long walk to the location so she wanted to rest her feet a bit.
  6. Nightwing watched as the first person came in - a girl with black hair. He pinned the girl as Sable Wright. He'd observed each of them for several days, therefore kept and memorized a file for each member of the new Titans.

    She spotted him and lightly smirked, a gesture which he did not return. Rather, he remained silent, running over his file on her in his head. Sable Wright: 17 years old, grew up in a broken home. Her strength and stamina were far beyond any normal person - and she normally carried a Scythe, but Dick had no idea were it was currently, as it was not in her hands. He glanced her over quickly - she was rather pretty...

    The second person to come in was a boy, who addressed Sable - apparently unaware of Dick's presence. He labeled this one as Inoa Senn. The boy had sparked Nightwing's curiosity because of his unique powers. He could summon dragons, large and small. Dick had seen him use the ability three times while observing Senn. He reminded him of Green Lantern, even though Nightwing hated Lantern.

    Nightwing placed his feet on the rail of the catwalk and balanced himself with inhuman expertise - balancing was sorta his thing...

    The third person to enter was a young girl - the youngest of all the teens Dick had observed. Gwendolyn Oswin - Age 15, Military father. She was skilled in Karate and Judo, and her archery skills could rival that of Arsenal or Artemis. She had been the easiest and simplest to observe - as she was of the few of Nightwing's targets who lived with her family.

    Nightwing waited for almost 10 minutes - waiting for the fourth member-to-be to come. When they didn't show, he decided to continue anyways. "Evening, my friends." He said, alerting the other two to his presence.

    He dropped from the catwalk and landed on the concrete floor. "I see you got my messages." He mused. "My name is Nightwing."
  7. Gwendolyn was about to pull her headphones out of her bag when the man know as "Nightwing" made his presence known and dropped dramatically from the catwalk. Well this is going to be interesting. She thought as she got to her feet and moved next to the others, feeling a little small next to the two elder teens and young adult. "Hi." She said simply with a smile.
  8. The girl that walked in only to sit down on the ground was a bit startling, but Inoa had to admit he was nervous. He didn't like being in this situation, in the dark, in an empty warehouse with people he didn't know. But there were two other people here and they looked to be around his age so he supposed there was safety in numbers. The silence, though, was a bit disconcerting, and he found himself leaning against a large crate with one shoulder and trying not to fidget as he waited for . . . something. He really didn't know what they would wait for. For another message? For the person that sent them?

    When a man's voice came from above them Inoa nearly jumped out of his own skin. He was, thankfully, the kind of person that clammed up when startled that way, though, and didn't do anything embarrassing like scream - at that point he may as well give himself the horrid nicknames to follow so as to avoid teasing from others. Still, when the shadowy figure dropped down from above he did step back slightly, the dragon in his hood stirring as if to be ready to fly out. He kept it restrained at the back of his attention, focusing on the person in front of them.

    "You sent the message?" Inoa asked, confused and going through his mind for mentions of the name 'Nightwing'. It was familiar, but he had lived practically under a rock for a lot of his life and wasn't quite as in tune with the business of big cities like these and the heroes that lived in them. "You . . . You said you would help us?"

    As nice as it was to say hello and introduce themselves, he had a feeling it wasn't necessary when speaking to this person. There was something about him that suggested he knew already, and he had to or Inoa would never have gotten that message on his phone. It was disconcerting, but at the same time a little reassuring. If this man knew so much about them already, maybe he was truthful in saying he could help them sharpen whatever abilities they possessed. With as much as he could do now, Inoa knew there was always room for improvement, and not always in ways he could come about alone. If a more experienced hero was here to offer them training, he would take it.
  9. Himura Rika, purple Rika was notified of a message during her Judo lesson. Flipping her sparring partner onto their back with her leg, she ended the match quickly. Perhaps she had enough time to change and meet this mysterious person. She thanked her sensei and partner while quickly gathering her things. Now running outside to the place where the bus stops, she tapped her foot impaitently. Being 8:00pm, there shouldn't be too many stops. A minute passed by and the bus came. Sitting near the back exit of the long blue bus, Rika pulls out her headphones and starts listening to her music.

    While the bus driver is busy driving and two other people are minding their own business, the silver headed girl stretches her hand out to form the number five. She holds her iPod in her lap and crosses her legs to not attract attention. Then something strange happens. The speeds up time to get the bus to the stop she needs to get off. She puts her hand down and takes off her headset. No one seems to notice anything different. She quietly sighs to herself and leaves. Walking quickly, she makes it to her home.

    Arriving at the door, she reaches into her duffel bad and takes a key. She inserts it and slips inside to set her stuff down and quickly changes. Now glancing at her wall clock, she notices she is running behind schedule. Jo dan desho? (This is a joke right?) Rika exclaims in Japanese and to no one in particular. She rushes to get ready and leaves as quickly as she came.

    Glancing at the message that was sent to her, she speeds up time to five minutes, when she arrives. To others around her it feels like its only been 3 minutes. Sometimes, its difficult to gauge when others have been waiting...just like this person. She realizes right away, that its not just the person who sent the message, but others as well. She sees two males and one females. There must be a reason this "Nightwing" wants them here too. Rika steps forwards and says loudly, "I'm very sorry, I'm late. I've had a pile of things to do today..." She bows her head and looks at the floor.
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  10. Sable ignored the boy when he spoke to her, keeping her eyes on this character in the rafters as she had no idea who he was. The boy and the girl who showed up were around her age and though the girl got comfortable, Sable could tell neither of them were exactly sure what was going on. She lit up another smoke to fill the time, free hand still resting on her bag.

    Finally, when her cigarette had almost burned out, the sleek male figure dropped down in front of them, making the others aware of himself. He was better looking up close and she couldn't help how her smile quirked up. Nightwing? That sounded familiar, maybe her mentor had mentioned him? She thought for a moment and decided she knew of him. One of the powerless ones her mentor told her about. The sagely older gentleman warned her to never underestimate them, they had to be twice as smart as someone like herself and they were always prepared. Sable personally thought her master might have gotten his head knocked around by Batman at one point.

    Sable was about to join the othe two in greeting the slightly older guy when a third girl arrived. She did some kind of Japanese self-depreciating now and explained she'd been very busy. Must have been nice to have a normal schedule. Sable cocked a slim brow then returned her attention to Nightwing. "So, why are we here?" She withdrew a wrapped hard candy from her bag and popped it in her mouth.
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  11. Nightwing

    Nightwing observed them for a second, and looked at Sable. "You're here, because you've got gifts." He looked at Gwen - the only non-Meta-human in the warehouse beside himself. "Some of you have... special gifts that set you apart as Superhuman." He continued. "If you haven't observed, there's nothing special about me except for the fact that I run around in leather and kevlar. I'm not a Meta-Human, but I do have skills that set me apart from the norm. If any of you are like me, that means you want to help people that aren't specially skilled or empowered."

    He glanced at Inoa as he spoke. "I can try and help you. I've had plenty of experience doing things that the police can't. Ever heard of Batman? I'm his adopted son." He said. "Superman? Wonder Woman? The Green Lantern?" He rattled off other heroes in the Justice league. "I'm sure you've all heard of them. The reason you don't know me is because I'm not a member of the JLA." He shrugged.

    "There was a team of heroes like you guys - ones that wanted to help and protect; as I hope you guys want to do as well." He knew he was taking a risk - for all he knew, one of these teens could be an evil murderer. He could find records and things like that - he couldn't read minds and intentions. "I was a member of the Teen Titans. A group of teenage heroes. We've been gone for a while now... but I think that it's high time for a new team."

    "You guys." He said, looking at them all. "I'm offering you this right now, and if you think you might be interested, we'll take a little field trip. If you're not interested..." He paused. "The doors that way. This never happened?"
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  12. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern - of course they had heard of those people. They were famous, in the public eye all the time. Nightwing was someone new altogether, and Inoa was confused as to how he had escaped such notice if he'd been learning under Batman for seemingly a long amount of time. Maybe he had heard mention of the man before and just couldn't remember it. Inoa was, admittedly, not very good at keeping up with current events even when it came to superheroes. He'd lived in a place closer to countryside than city before, after all.

    There was a silence as Nightwing finished speaking, and Inoa looked around at the others with a big of nervousness and worry curling around his lungs. He didn't know any of these people, and he didn't really know this city, but . . . he wanted to help people, didn't he? It was why he'd tried so hard to learn how to use his powers and his own physical body. He was special, and he knew that he had to use his strengths for others. He and his guardian had always believed that.

    Inoa fidgeted a little, the dragon in his hood peeking out to look over his shoulder, and finally gave a little nod. ". . . I think I'm ready for a field trip." He could go and get his things later. They were stored away safely enough.
  13. Gwen's eyes found a sudden interest in the floor when Nightwing looked at her. She had always been kinda shy around new people, and while him looking at her wasn't exactly being put on the spot, it felt close to it at the moment. She listened to what he was saying and was thinking about it carefully. She had known about all of the superheroes he had named and had even lived in Gotham for a short time, however her parents didn't like the fact that it had a major problem with crime so they moved away after a little over a year.

    While being a superhero sounded cool and all, it also sounded like a huge responsibility. If she did this, then she would have to juggle school, homework, and crime fighting without her parents finding out. Maybe if she told them it was a Karate or Judo class... Oh well, she would figure that out later. Right now she would have to decide wether or not she was going to go on this field trip.

    There was an awkward silence, and then the guy with a dragon in his hood spoke up. After thinking about it one more time, she said the most she had the entire time, "When will we get back?" She scratched the back of her head as she tried to explain, "I, um, didn't exactly ask before coming here." She looked up at Nightwing with a nervous smile, hoping he would understand. Its not like they would have let me even if I had asked.
  14. Himura Rika, Purple
    Listening to him Nightwing talk about their choices and some people she had heard of over national tv... She wondered about this option. Could she really help others and find her parents? Perhaps this is the one thing she could do. She took two steps forward. "I'll do it."

    Saving people and getting closer to her family, the silver haired girl could do that. There's nothing worse than leaving the people you love. She was not about to do that. Rika will do whatever it takes to help anyone. Even if it meant she got hurt.
  15. Nightwing nodded at Inoa with a small smirk. He was pleased again by Rika's response. "Good - Very Good." He glanced at Gwen as she presented her question. "It's alright. I am well aware that..... others.... in your life may not be extremely fond this kind of business." He understood exactly what she meant. He'd never had problems dealing with his parents, but Tim had told him plenty of his experience with hiding his nightly dealings from his father.

    "It will take as long as you can give me. After we're done, I will see to it that you can get home." He said.

    A few minutes later, they were ready to leave. He'd given the signal to Alfred to bring the limousine to the back of the warehouse. He held Gwen back as the others went out to the car. "It's become a bad habit to collect information for those I come into contact with... What I mean to say is that I am fully aware of your situation."

    "I've made arrangements to provide a cover up if you can't find a way to keep this from your parents. That is - only if you're alright with hiding such a thing from your parents. Please understand, I am aware that your parents are good people, but I can't know how they'd react to these kind of dealings."

    "Your cover up could make or blow this entire thing. If you are unsure, I want to make sure you know that you can back out."
  16. Make or blow the entire thing? Well that wasn't nerve racking at all. She knew hiding all of this from her parents was a big deal, but she didn't know it could bring down the entire team. Never the less, she wanted to join this team he was forming. "You don't have to sound so formal," she smiled up at Nightwing, "If I wasn't okay with hiding things from my parents, do you think I would be in a warehouse in the middle of the night?" she joked "I just need to be back before they wake up, and as for cover-ups, I am more then happy to accept what ever one you've arranged, its probably way better then anything I can come up with on my own." she explained before offering up a fist bump to Nightwing, "I can't wait to get started."
  17. The Scarlett Soldier, AKA Nikolai Luzchezke sat outside the warehouse listening in on the conversation that the new Titans were having. He saw Dick in there, a few kids. He was using a high powered microphone to hear them and thermal vision binoculars to see them. They were discussing the terms of joining the little group, a group Nikolai had never saw fit to conduct real missions. Even before when it had just been the originals they werent soldiers, they were children. Nikolai's thoughts were disturbed by the sound of boots landing on the rooftop behind him. Nikolai drew a pistol and pulled back the hammer as he spun around.

    "Relax Nikolai," The Assassin said, "Its only me."

    "Slade, you're late." Nikolai said moving the hammer forward, he tucked his pistol into its holster under his arm and looked at the man, "You were always punctual when Waller called, then again she made sure that all of us were."

    "Try not to bring up the past, our targets are the future" Slade's voice was always cold, and scary. A sort of calm that struck fear into anyone who heard it, "Now to the plan. You are going to infiltrate that team, work with them and the League. Then after some time I will ask something of you, and you will carry out my orders. And if you do as I say Barbara will be all yours, and Dick will be out of the picture. Permanently."

    With that Slade began walking away from Nikolai, Nikolai turned towards the man and watched as he walked right off the rooftop. Nikolai jogged over to the side and looked down, vanished. Nikolai grumbled and looked back to those in the warehouse, tuning in to the conversation.
  18. Dick smiled as Gwen demonstrated that she was all-in. "We can discuss your cover-up afterwards, but for now, we should head to our next destination. I think you'll like it..." He gave her a fist-bump as she offered it. "C'mon." He said, and lead her to the limousine.

    Alfred stepped out and made himself revealed to the others. "Everyone, this is Alfred. Normally, we'll have our own means of transportation, but Alfred will be escorting us tonight." As everyone climbed in, he looked back at the warehouse.

    He felt almost weary - the task had gone so smoothly.... almost too smoothly. He had a small feeling - they were not alone. "Oracle. Scan for other heat signatures in the area..."
  19. Gwen followed Nightwing to the limousine after their talk. She was very excited to see where ever Nightwing was taking them. Maybe its some kind of super hero base, She mused, 'Super hero'... I'm going to be a super hero. She couldn't help but smile at the thought of going on missions similar to the Justice League. Well, maybe not on the scale of the Justice League considering there were only four of them, five including Nightwing, but one can dream. She was drawn out of her short day dream when Nightwing introduced Alfred, the man who was going to be driving them to their destination. She let the others climb in first since she wanted the window seat. Before climbing in she stuck out a hand to Alfred, "It's nice to meet you Mr.Alfred. Thank you for driving us." she said with a friendly smile.
  20. Nikolai smiled as the team entered the Limousine, they seemed to be an okay team. He spotted Alfred, the old man was still pushing the Bat Family's food carts and driving them around. It angered him a bit that they had the lavish life, but he liked that Batman took care of his children. And trained them damn well too. Nikolai heard over the microphone that Dick had ordered a thermal scan of the area. Nikolai smiled and recalled how cautious Dick had been in their younger years. He collapsed the microphone, stuffing it into one of his pockets, then folding the binoculars in half and sliding them into a pocket on his belt.

    "Clever little birdie," Nikolai uttered under his breath as he raised himself from his knee on the roof. He turned and sprinted off away from the rooftop, running to the selected spot he had stationed in an empty basketball court. He looked down at it and threw himself off the roof top. He tumbled through the air and landed on his feet, his knees bending slightly to decrease impact. He grumbled and readjusted his suit. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a communicator.

    "I'm here, requesting pick up immediately, get me to the island as soon as possible." Nikolai said into the communicator, he heard a vehicle approaching from the east. A helicopter flew low, it looked to be a news chopper, but as usual everything had to look nothing like what it was. As it flew over head a ladder dropped from its doors and Nikolai leaped up to grab its bottom rung, they began ascending while still moving forwards. Nikolai's feet barely missing the rooftops in their path, he began climbing the ladder as it was pulled up into the chopper. He looked inside and saw some of Slade's men, the mask's very similar to the one the assassin wore. Nikolai stood in the door of the chopper and watched as they flew away from the New Titans and towards the Jump City Base.
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