Teen Titans: Gen II ((Open))

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  1. Years ago, Jump City was protected by a team of young heroes. Each member was searching for something. Robin, the team's leader, was hunting for a worth beyond Batman. Cyborg was searching for proof that he was more than his prosthetics. Beast Boy searched for a family after he'd been abandoned by his previous one: the Doom Patrol. Raven was searching frantically for a role other than the one forced upon her as the daughter of Trigon, lord of the underworld. Starfire searched for friends in a new and confusing world.

    This was years ago. Since then, the Titans have gone their separate ways. They still see one another, though not as often. Some have paired off, married, and had children. This is their story now. The children of the original Teen Titans have formed a team of their own, and now protect Jump City.

    Unbeknownst to all, a plot is brewing to destroy the Titans, old and new. There is also a mysterious figure watching the new team. Who is he? What are his intentions? Just how does he keep getting inside restricted areas, and how does he always disappear so quickly?


    Weaknesses: (One for every two powers)

    ((More will be added.))
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  2. How many people max? I only ask because there is only a certain number of teen titans right?
  3. I'm going to put it as an upward of ten. I just think that's the max amount of people I could keep engaged.

    Anyhow, a vote for shippings. I'll be setting up a series of polls.
  4. Haha, "the GOOD ONE." :P
    Oh I had no idea someone already claimed to be the child of Robin/Starfire, my bad. And I was just going along with the pairings that people seemed to have made. I didn't mean to jump to deciding it myself. ^^;

    Okay, in that case... I will either have my character be the daughter of Kid Flash/Jinx OR an OC. I'm not sure which one I want right now... Besides, the 4 spots for children of the first gen might already be filled? Just let me know what you would prefer me to do when you can, Eon.
  5. I would love to make a child of Strarfire and Robin, if you wouldn't mind having a sibling :) but as I tend to be indecisive, that depends on what I feel like
  6. Okay, so I can't actually make a poll retroactively, turns out. Here's how this is going to go down.

    First, who propeses amendments to the following pairings? A majority vote of players will prompt discussion about what they should be.

    Beast BoyxRaven
    Terra quit being a superhero, so lives happily with some civilian.
    Kid FlashxJinx
  7. I propose none
  8. I say that they all look good to me so I propose none as well.
  9. I don't have any desire to make amendments either.
  10. Four votes out of nine, one more and we keep these pairings.
  11. I like the pairings and was hoping to join this.
  12. Alright. Well now we've got an even number, and we're full. So...
  13. I can still do Ravager x red hood right?
  14. Yeah, of course. Do you have any amendments?
  15. I'm going to step away from this. Thank you for considering me.
  16. As you wish, Calliope.
  17. Just curious, had we started this rp at all or are we waiting for 1 more person?
  18. Good question
  19. I guess I can start it this weekend. I wanted to wait for the others, but...
  20. Well we could just start by making CS. And go from there. If you'd want or like of course.
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